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  1. They do but it doesn't have to be like other BR games where you spend the first bit of the game just scrambling to find loot. That's all I'm saying.
  2. A Halo BR game doesn't have to be a "scavenging" gametype, that's the point.
  3. People are just too narrow-minded that they think a Halo BR would have to play out like any other BR game. It doesn't have to, it could be quickly paced with classic Halo arena gameplay with FFA rules or multi-team. Hell, it could start out like a 2 team BTB game and end in a multi-team or FFA. It doesn't have to have a closing zone either, it could be map sectors where a covenant ship glasses each section. There could be static map pickups, respawn timers, and Octagon for the gulag FFS! So many people here think a BR game and immediately close off any other ideas and think of Fortnite and other BR games they didn't care for. Guess what though, it would make Halo way more popular and if you wanted to just play ranked, that will be unaffected. Maybe you'll have less undesirable people in your arena games?
  4. A Halo Battle Royal could actually work well if they stray from all the classic BR tropes. No one has really made a successful Arena BR game, Halo could do it. There are way too many things needed to make it work to write out and I don't think it's worth talking about unless we knew it was happening.
  5. Depressed. What a shitty reveal.
  6. You need a better sitting situation. At the very least it sounds like you need a wrist rest. Something is wrong on your end if you're getting pain when using KB.
  7. Projectile is really the way to go. It can balance out the different weapons easily. The DMR has faster bullet speed, BAM!, now it's better at range than the BR. Magnum has slower bullet speed but slightly faster TTK, BAM!, better up close weapon without being too good at long range. These are just examples of how easy projectile based weapons make everything.
  8. H5 is a chore to watch. It's an eye strain and there's more thrusting and sliding than actual shooting.
  9. I'd rather play H3 for the rest of time than ever play H5 again. H5 is a total shit-show. At least H3 is manageable and the PC MCC version is the best it's ever been.
  10. The H5 sandbox is just utter shit. The pistol is a sidearm and I think people have forgotten what's it's like to be able to kill more than 2 people without reloading. The ease of use too, just awful. Then thrust is still a terrible excuse to not have a decent strafe in the game. Don't forget about clamber etc etc etc. H5 should be the last thing we strive for.
  11. https://viewsync.net/watch?v=CiRQFPw-VK0&t=5&v=KNQ25B30lJk&t=29&mode=solo Let's see what game is more "exciting" moment to moment.
  12. Anything is better to fight than the Promethean. Fuck those guys are just not fun to play against.
  13. If the H3 BR was harder to use but had a quicker perfect ttk it would be SO much better.

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