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  1. I've always hated the whole argument. Just define the terms and then discuss the issues. No point in arguing about the terms themselves.
  2. I bet it'll be a new build of the game and they'll switch between casual AR/Sk and comp BR/Sk like they did with Halo 5 beta. Hopefully all proper PVP with Objective modes.
  3. Well, you just gotta buy the "Classic Medal Pack" for only 1200 Infinity Points.
  4. it's a "Read me" with the thanks message. Man, I hope they actually make some changes and don't just listen to the Twitter kids who said it's the best game ever made.
  5. They just updated the flight and removed the exe and put in a "Thanks for Playing" text file. RIP 1st flight.
  6. Going to try that now, brb Edit: You can, they explode.
  7. Not really, medals are tiny and I don't even notice them most of the time. I've been okay with the amount of medals at the end of a match too. The look of them will be something I just have to get used to. They are color coded based on rarity/difficulty. Edit: I just noticed my medals are not close to the middle of the screen like other people complain about because I'm on an Ultrawide so the medals are out to the side.
  8. Nice write-up @Pyroteq, I didn't get to play any PVP matches, bummer. I really hope we get a proper PVP flight with comp settings though.
  9. Sidekick medium to long range: No data available
  10. Hot take: I want to see Ground Pound as equipment. Not in comp obviously.
  11. Custom games are going to be btw. Fucking unlimited grapple shot CTF, rockets, shotty snipes, etc. Can't wait for all that tbh. Also, I hope they bring back a ton of weapons from past Halo games and make them work how they did, no H5 CE Magnum bullshit. Bring back the M6D, projectile and all, same with H3 BR. Even if just for customs or competitive.
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