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  1. Can confirm. Can't wait till Trump takes his rightful throne!
  2. Recon would just be 5,000 HaloCoins™ nowadays.
  3. I let the owner and host of RebelFM on twitter know of the post and he said yeah that interview literally never happened. Why is easily provable facts so hard with you guys? I hate 343 too but damn.
  4. I already told you guys the interview never happened. It was 100% made up.
  5. I listen to every Rebel FM, that interview never happened. Corroborated by the host of Rebel FM. https://twitter.com/aegies/status/1323870430915031040?s=20
  6. One step running forward, two steps sprinting back.
  7. The wait is killing me! It's always the best shows that make you wait.
  8. You just know they're gonna have that skin in every single color along side 100s of other skins, that is gonna be their money maker.
  9. It's proper English you know, right? Better than "yous guys".
  10. They do but it doesn't have to be like other BR games where you spend the first bit of the game just scrambling to find loot. That's all I'm saying.
  11. A Halo BR game doesn't have to be a "scavenging" gametype, that's the point.
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