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  1. Halo has this great built in Master Chief story armor, all they have to do is have him go into cryofreeze again, have us play some games as our MP Spartan or whatever, and unfreeze him once they need to sell more copies of the SP again.
  2. I've never been zooked because if I see someone jump out going straight up I bank hard and just loop around and shoot them while they are parachuting. It's way more rare than you are making it out to be.
  3. I just want to see some variety in biomes etc. Where are the snow levels? How can weapons be upgraded and will they make it to MP? Same with equipment.
  4. Yup. I could do the one they showed 10 out of 10 times, to do that in BF is CRAZY hard though.
  5. I am very interested in seeing what types of ray tracing they are adding post launch though. Hopefully it's some type of global illumination and not just shadows or AO.
  6. Content creators: OMG LOOK HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 343: That's actually not even in-engine. Content creators: STILL THOUGH, LOOK HOW GOOD THIS GAME LOOKS GUYS!
  7. I will play it without a doubt, I mean it's a Halo game. But yes, we do complain about things here, if I wanted to praise it I'd do so on reddit or twitter and get 1,000 upvotes. I think the game looks overall fun but I'm not blown away by anything about it, especially not after how long they have been working on it. Where are the different biomes? Graphics are truly not anything to be that excited for. No co-op sucks. Performance is also still not a guarantee, it didn't run great on my beast PC in a 4v4 match, how will an open world fare?
  8. People don't make videos for fun anymore, it's all about that ad revenue. So to answer the question, no, they are not genuine reactions. Imagine being "blown away" by that video... Give me a break.
  9. Hard to say the pve looked fun when the AI stood still and waited for your shield to be up to shoot it with a rocket. Also, when the banshees fly strait up without turning or shooting at you.
  10. 100% me too. I don't have the time or patience anymore to explore every nook and cranny like I used to. That's why I loved the latest DOOM games so much. I can play certain open world games but only if I force myself to stick to the main quest.
  11. Health bars on boss fights? Can we roll like in Dark Souls too?
  12. Watch the campaign have this great fully upgraded Sidekick that we never get to use in MP.
  13. iTz TheWeapon iZ bAcK New GT, I called it.
  14. Dude, same. Here's your new vehicle Chief. SMASH
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