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  1. I'm almost 32 and play FPS more than any other 5 genres combined. I have 257 Steam games alone, the majority being FPS by a wide margin. So don't even try with that. Halo 4 is flat out a terribly made game. It might not be THE worst FPS obviously, but it is up there. The audio in H4 on the other hand is 100% the worst I've ever experienced. In any game, in any genre.
  2. Halo 4 might very well be the worst FPS I've ever played, let alone Halo game.
  3. I think a two fire mode is fine, three might be too much and get confusing to players to be honest. What about instead of a different zoom level dictating dmg there is an option between firing a semi-auto shot when zoomed and charging that shot up a bit to make it the 1sk capable shot you describe? Could be a quick tap v hold of the trigger.
  4. Wait, I haven't been following this thread, are there people saying the H5 pistol is more skillful than CE's? Just, wow. If that's the case. The premier competitive Halo forums sure have fallen.
  5. CE frags as a "power-weapon". Vote Yes or Yes and explain why or why.
  6. Some people have obviously never played 16 player BTB CTF on Boarding Action. Good fucking times right there.
  7. Other than bug fixes, which isn't really "adding" to CE, I'd add Forge or a full blown Map Maker.
  8. That's a hefty list. We talking top 10, or top 50 dumbest?
  9. Haha! Remember when no one said anything about the aiming during the beta because it felt great? So glad they changed it in time for release!
  10. Default Reach was rough as hell, but I could at least have fun playing with friends, which I did. Halo 4 was the first Halo game that flat out made me quit Halo. I couldn't have fun in H4 no matter the settings. Not to mention the ear rape.
  11. Jelly School might have an opening, I'll call and check for you.
  12. Totally agree! Just imagine Ninja and Summit playing Halo Infinite on Twitch for months. Would make the game explode in popularity and population. It just HAS to be good out of the gate or people will forget about the game in no time.
  13. See? We told you guys Halo with no movement abilities is not fun and unpopular! - 343 Probably.

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