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  1. See? We told you guys Halo with no movement abilities is not fun and unpopular! - 343 Probably.
  2. People "fail up" in the corporate world ALL THE TIME. Work in an Office for even just a bit and you'll notice it. Some lazy terrible person has the same hobby as the boss? That person very well could get promoted to a very high position. It sucks but it's the reality.
  3. I've said that for every new Halo game. The only time it was ever true was basically H4 to H5, and H5 sucks ass so there's that.
  4. Have they ever gone this long from the first teaser trailer to the next info drop or anything? I just need to see a minute of gameplay to see if I should get a tiny bit excited for the game. Sprint? I move one No Sprint? You have my attention.
  5. They announced the aiming will be the same from Halo 5.
  6. Kinda reminds me of that South Park Guitar Hero episode. They finally score enough points, and are met with a less-than-nice message from the game.
  7. So all 100 players have options as to what to play. Wait times may vary.
  8. https://twitter.com/EDWSnip3down/status/1044380384807604225 That is just ridiculous. What is 343 thinking?
  9. How did that gametype work again? I can't go watch a Halo 4 video as my ears can't take another beating.
  10. They should do a version of what OW has now, a weekly rotating playlist with all those fun, but non-core gametypes. If a playlist is very popular, think about adding it to the regular gametype rotation in the Social playlists, and if a rotating playlist is not popular at all make it come around less frequently. I believe it would be best if the ranked playlists had the same-ish settings as Social, just tweak things. No radar, more time required for Obj games, etc.
  11. CTF, Oddball, & KoTH. Slayer and Bomb if they have time.
  12. Great post, agree with everything. You can say that once they actually show the game. It's too early for that talk. We don't even know when the game comes out yet. Is Bethesda playing it WAY to safe with The Elder Scrolls VI?
  13. Streaming will only take over gaming when the latency is JUST as good as having your device in the same room, until then you have nothing to worry about. The more realistic future is the cloud servers handling a lot of things like physics/raytracing/etc so the console in your room could be cheaper/less powerful but output amazing graphics only capable on much stronger hardware. This is and will happen in the next generation or two. There will likely be a Xbox One X type console that won't require the cloud but it'll be much more expensive. The cheaper option will need those cloud services to run the games properly. It's happening so just prepare for that. Don't listen to the people saying otherwise, it's basically same thing people have been saying for 15 years. "Desktop PCs are a thing of the past and will never make a comeback!" Yeah, no.

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