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  1. zLlama I'm 23. I live in Atlanta and am going to the tournament. I've been playing since 05.
  2. I've been playing halo for quite some time now, since 2005, but I have yet to go to an event. I live in Atlanta so I really want to try to put something together for this event. My gt is zLlama. Lets run some games and see how things go.
  3. Hey. I live in Atlanta and am looking for a team to play with. Lets run some games and see how things work. GT: zLlama
  4. Im gonna be in Wilmington for a couple of weeks. Anything going on?
  5. Anyone running lans yet? I'm from Conyers, but I'm living in Kennesaw now. I went to one of Jittery's lans a few years back, and I've played with a few of the local players. gt is zLlama. Add me.
  6. I think we used to play quite a bit together. It was some time ago so I don't remember it too well.
  7. Jittery joe! I was having the hardest time remembering his name. Ya, he is a pretty nice guy. His mom can make some killer cheese dip.
  8. I played with jr and blaze a ton towards the end of h3. I had no idea they were going to events then. I just remember seeing their name show up when I happened to watch a reach event. Jr and I posted on the ga thread trying to come to a LAN, but you guys were pretty exclusive then. Only reason I got invited to one was because I started to play with that guy that had a speech problem and he hosted a LAN at his house. Deten is the only guy who was there that I remember.
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