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  1. Lets be honest do you really have as much fun playing as you did when you where lets say 15?
  2. We all love halo right?So why do we looking at halos numbers and say what's wrong?Obviously we've seen improvement on our streams as of the last few months,but why have we all looked at our friends list and see the people we played with for years disappear.I think it's bigger then just(halo 4 sucks).I agree halo 4 for the first few months was painful to play(Im not going to get into all those things).I truly believe the number one thing halo struggles with is the age of the players.Im 22 and I've been playing since I was 13.But I haven't been into competitive halo till mid reach.Having join the scene late I've see a lot of people going to collage and pretty much just moving on with there lives.Its been discouraging when about 80% of my friends list is full of people who haven't played in months.Lets face it cod is where all the teens are these days.All the people I play with are my age or older.Im not saying this is the only problem with the scene,but it just seens like everyone wants to blame this or blame that.Too me it's just seems like most people overlook this issue.Frankly it's a tuff pill to swallow,but I just think halo simple isn't the shinny thing on the block anymore.I still love and enjoy halo and I'm not going to stop play or watching Gandhis thoughts or the AGLs.Its just something to think about.<3
  3. Well my cheap turtle beach broke after about 2 years.So I was looking to upgrade.A40s are way out of my price range.I really don't want to get another TB set.Im looking to send about 100.I was looking siberia v2s. Thoughts or Suggestions????
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