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  1. Ight I'll send you one later today
  2. I'm down Aztec PoWeRz I'm a little rusty on callouts but work can be done, what type of H2A tourneys?
  3. Im down like a clown GT Aztec Powerz
  4. The post was worded terribly mybad i mean i love halo ive been playing for 13 years now but topic was misinterpreted and i apologize.
  5. So everyone has their Likes and Dislikes about Halo what are they? Any Halo game
  6. Still looking? I'm wanting to go to UGC st. Louis XBL AzTeC PoWeRz
  7. Halo players in NWA. GT is AzTeC PoWeRz
  8. Might as well sell it EBay is a good place $35-$40 someone will buy it
  9. Ah ok we try to mix it up sometimes we aren't trying to go pro just yet lol
  10. Event History - haven't competed Events looking to attend - UMG Dallas, UGC St.Louis both within driving distance. Xbox - AzTeC PoWeRz Twitter - AzTeKPoWeRz I'm a Free Agent looking for a team that is wanting to go PRO and possibly having a little fun in the process I'm looking to play HALO maybe CoD but preferably Halo. I'm a decent player and I'll have my teammates backs so let me know if you all need a player.
  11. Customs and sometimes the community playlists
  12. what's going on everyone I'm Shane 23 and I wanted to introduce myself and well i love video games i mean who doesn't am i right? he...he I love pizza,women,$ and cars baseball, basketball and also I'm AzTeC PoWeRz on Xbox Live if any of you want to or something I am currently hosting a weekly #HaloTuesday session with friends but it would be cool to have more people partake in this

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