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  1. E6 is hard to judge. They have the talent, and they have showed it online. They may have had a rough LAN tournament but the Pro League is online and thats where they excel.
  2. Money wise? Probably. Social Media/Popularity? Not close
  3. Thats not how it works, we decide who you scrim remember?
  4. My definition of life changing is well.. Life changing. If someone is in a bad financial situation and cant afford their bills or even have a place to live, 250k would definitely be life changing for them. But hey thats just me. Anyways, back on topic. Whatever happened to that supposed EG team house?
  5. I take ranks in Halo 2 with a grain of salt. Every time i reached the 30s in Hardcore I ran into a hacker every other game.
  6. I was always better at H2 then H3. Halo 2 was probably my best Halo. Maybe its just cause I spent a stupid amount of time learning the button combos, but I always found Halo 3 much harder at the top level. Atleast for me anyway.
  7. None of the players you mentioned made consistent youtube content. Thats the key. If they made consistent youtube content with others members of Optic they would of blown up. Maniac did what you are supposed to do. To reiterate: I dont think anyone who joins Optic Halo will be set for life by any means, but if you use the Optic brand right you can make a lot more money then by joining any other org in Halo.
  8. 2v2s are definitely way more entertaining without radar.
  9. I mean there are coaches in professional sports that know WAY more than some of the best players in the sport. But they just didnt have the skill to do it. Its not really uncommon. Some people just cant make the decisions they KNOW they can make in the heat of the moment. Some players have it, some dont.
  10. Im gonna gave to talk to her about dropping the intel to you first. She told me she wouldnt play favorites
  11. Respect for understanding some offers are just too good to pass up. Whatever happens im sure both of you will succeed in Season 2.
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