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  1. That usually works for me, but not today apparently. I just uninstalled it and am reinstalling it now...
  2. Sorry to be off-topic, but I keep getting the "Multiplayer is not allowed" error when I try to go to the playlist selection in MCC. It says to "make sure you have the correct XBL account and your Family Settings are off", which they are. I know this was a big problem for a lot of people a while ago but idk how to fix it. Hard resets work sometimes, but is there a way to get rid of for good? Like will uninstalling and reinstalling help or anything? Thanks!
  3. I miss Puckett so much . ESPN MLG Top Ten Plays were :goat:
  4. H2A rank just got reset. Hopefully ranks are coming tonight!
  5. My first game after the patch was a 5v3 (where 2 50's quit before the game started) and we won 50 to -4. I'm sure it will get better but just thought that was funny
  6. Just matched a 2 Rank 1's and 2 50's as a level 26... Was this patch supposed to fix that? (Yes I installed the patch first.)
  7. Same. I honestly have no idea how to do it. It's not listed in the controls either.
  8. I tried to made outside sniper on Empire to me at the start of EVERY game I played. Never succeeded. Blew it off the map more than half the time. Maybe one day I'll learn the proper angles haha.
  9. Increasing thruster cool down time would've got you killed. Sprint wasn't the only problem there. However, I do think sprint needs to be limited to like 6 seconds per use.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sG7qo8VDqCs I really love the clamber + ground pound jumps, even though they might not have been put there on purpose. They definitely have the potential to replace skill jumps (though not completely because skill jumps were amazing in H3). Bottom mid to top mid on Truth (NOT shown in the video) would be a lot more useful if the bottom mid play was removed. Top blue/red to top mid (also not in the vid) is beneficial to get to the sword faster than the people who use window to get to it. I know people want skill jumps, but 343 could really use these jumps to work great competitively.
  11. I think the game will feel a lot less clunky with simple weapon improvements that you've all been talking about (Flinch, ADS/smartscope, sniper scope, etc.). The movement is fairly smooth, although most AA's need improvements to work more fluidly. I'm expecting Breakout, at least in crossfire and hopefully on the other map, to have smooth, controlled, and overall great gameplay!
  12. It finds all 8 people really fast but then just goes back to the menu screen. Probably still getting the servers and everything set up I guess
  13. 20% downloaded in 10 minutes! A lot faster than I thought!
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