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  1. I've had an account here ever since the site launched but have never been active due to being out of the Halo loop, but i've come back and would like to say hey to you all! A lot of you might notice my name from my Halo 4 Montage OUTBREAK, which Barker edited back when he was a part of the Beyond team, or from a lot of much appreciated exposure over on SingleHaloClips, and I want to thank you all so much for watching the vids if so! I run a small Youtube channel where I showcase some of my gameplay and funny moments, so feel free to drop by and check it out! http://Youtube.com/WretchedMedia Thanks for reading dudes! Ryan
  2. Might as well..! GT: MURFREEEE Feel free to DM me if you'd be interested in teaming
  3. Sup dudes! First off, so happy that there is finally an Atlanta event, I live about 30 minutes from the venue and i'm currently an F/A looking for a solid team, anyone interested just let me know!
  4. Good montage, only issue for me was the CC. Made it pretty hard to see at times, but other than that, clean edit!
  5. I was trying to put together what just happened and didn't realize I ran out of Beam ammo! B)
  6. Let me know what you dudes think of this clip I just got. Also thinking of making another Montage pretty soon.
  7. I've only played Destro in MoP so I don't know much about affliction, but they've added a few cool Glyphs for affliction warlocks spell appearances, even shadowbolt, so it looks even better Though to be fair, if you go Destruction you lose shadowbolt, but it's still there in all its glory for Aff/Demo
  8. That was sick, reminded me of when I got this clip back in Halo 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3uM3ca0WaU
  9. Mists is a lot better now with patch 5.3. I recommend you atleast give it a try if you're considering it!
  10. Currently a Destro Lock on Tichondrius horde, trying to push 2200 rating. The PvP is so imbalanced and bursty atm that it's hardly even fun though.
  11. Wow really? I love it, it's a decent sized school that actually feels like a real college campus. I dig it haha
  12. It's your time to shine! Post your best clips here! I'll start with a nice Jaro I got the other night! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD51DWuvD7M Edit - Just got this absolutely disgusting 2 for 1 Killionaire
  13. Post new, old, favorites, let the world see them!
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