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  1. Yeah man it's all over the place. I REALLY really hope they make hit registration better. I am seriously crossing my fingers.
  2. Update: Playing on single screen on the 2v2 playlist ALMOST eliminates the problem entirely. It seems to be the same for every single game. My opponent's 3 shot us like no other. It absolutely frustrates the shit out of us. Especially on long range like hang em high.
  3. What's up guys, I have a quick and simple question. First off I have Spectrum 200mbps cable internet. Tested at 170mbps down 30ms And something like 20-30 upload on a WIRED connection using the network settings > test multiplayer connection function on my Xbox one. With that said, it seems like recently... Like in the past few months, the hit detection has gotten MUCH worse. Like it is very very difficult to make shots hit no matter how much you lead or don't lead etc... I know I'm not going crazy because 2 other people that play with me are experiencing the same thing on my Xbox. This is on split screen on CE playing the 2v2 playlist. Any ideas?
  4. So here's what I've figured out... After EVERY game you play, and when you return back to the lobby after your game is over, press the big X, return back to the Xbox dashboard, press start, quit, restart the game and then select your playlist. Doing this after EVERY game has allowed me to find a game CONSISTENTLY in 3-4 minutes, and that time INCLUDES the time it takes to reload up the game. It has become an art form for me and my brother and is super easy to do. Hopefully it works for others as well! Edit: we tried searching for a game many times WITHOUT rebooting the game and ZERO luck... Our NATS type is open and were searching under team slayer in case any one is wondering.
  5. I don't get it... Am I the only one? So basically I clicked the link, and then typed in my gamertag, then put 1 person in my party, looking for 4, and picked MLG and hit next. Then the next screen comes up... Then what?
  6. Oh! Yea but how does anyone (including you) know what exactly they are doing for there networking side of halo 1? Maybe they are doing what you are saying? Don't have ANY experience with what your talking about by the way but I'm just saying...
  7. Problem with this is the skill gap from the skill required from the aiming mechanics will be gone which will literally ruin the game.
  8. I REALLY hope the net code is spot on. I absolutely can't wait for some 2v2's. It's a shame about a few things like the hit markers but honestly I'm EXTREMELY surprised they actually fixed the FOV before launch. Me and my brother were almost dumb founded when we found out the patch fixed that. Good job 343! Now for the other fixes: *hit marker sounds *power up timers (possibly fixed) *starting with 4 grenades instead of 2 This game is almost perfect! Will definitely be the BEST game on MCC and maybe even Xbox live as a whole IMO. Me and my brother are being excited!
  9. As an experienced halo CE player that has been playing CE extremely competitively I'm going to have to say the hang em high CE footage I saw today makes me extremely happy and confirms that's halo CE MCC IS NOT hitscan and is indeed projectile. The game looks extremely solid and the netcode looks world's better than halo PC. It is a shame they used the PC maps but I can live with the small changes and I'm sure I'll get used to them. The game looks extremely solid and for the non believers out there, you should be throughout impressed and excited the game came out the way it did. I personally will get used to the CEA sounds rather quickly. I'm honestly very curious on CT's opinions about the now official full game gameplay.
  10. SUPER competitive 2v2 team here. love hang em high, Damnation, prisoner, and chill out. gamer tag MNIVET
  11. no halo CE 2v2's?!?! this is THE reason why I'm buying MCC! I'm not giving my hopes up 343 please help us!!!!
  12. Yes it does!!!! No halo CE footage yet though :'( these games are going to look badass.
  13. Game looks absolutely awesome!!! I REALLY wish the jumps were there BUT I'm sure we all will get used too them. This is absolutely the best halo game in a LONG time.
  14. Oops http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236302&cm_re=vs278q-p-_-24-236-302-_-Product

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