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  1. I'm back, squad. Any updates on the status of the Astros? XClicked took down my address and stuff a while back, but no news yet. Just curious to see when I could expect them Thanks!
  2. Hi! I recently won the Astro Clip Off (Lady Siegecorn) was wondering who I had to give my contact info/mailing address to in order to get my prize as I haven't been contacted at all. Thanks
  3. Good luck to everyone! The H1 one is my personal favorite. Shit was dank.
  4. Also, the list should now be as follows due to a recent disband Reign Ambush - Heinz, Formal, Snip3down, Pistola - Coach Diesel Warriors - Legit, Goofy, Ninja, aPG - Coach Kalvin Severance - Gabriel, MuNoZ, Aptitude,Sargoth - Coach Sixten Status Quo - Flamesword, enable, Ace, DeRsKy Reality Check - Suddoth1, Suddoth2, Monster, Absolutely G4C Crowd Pleasers - Nemassist, Cratos, Shooter, LifeStyle Pulse Classic - Chig, Mikwen, Russo, Ryanoob - Coach Spikemouth Believe The Hype - Cloud, LethuL, Blaze, MaNiaC - Coach Phil Slaughterhouse - Regi21, Neighbor, Aries, BesT MaN Hydra - Krazy, Exhale, Capitol, Chaser Hold Your Applause - Spartan, Sir Siege, Showtime, SickStory New Breed - Tie, Gonna, Carefreecito, SpindlyMike
  5. What the hell did we ever do to you?
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