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  1. Just started playing halo again recently for shits n gigs and I don't know if it's just me but is this game 90% assault rifles now? I'm not the greatest at the game but I'm mid tier onyx and In the recent games i've played nobody uses pistol at all anymore and it's already turning me off to the game once again.
  2. The question for me at the moment is did they remove riptide,overgrowth, and torque from team arena yet? Haven't had time to play since the update yet.
  3. Randomly search grifball for shits and gigs and my teammate is taking it so serious it was insane. The only thing I heard was "throw the fucking ball" or "what the fuck are you guys doing" when he was doing the 2nd worst on the team. Can you even throw the ball in this game?
  4. Is it normal to play riptide for 9/10 placement matches in ffa or do I just have bad luck?
  5. I've done the same. I only play it with at least a party of three now. Going in alone consists of me playing two or three games and getting either quitters on my team or getting matched against a team of 4 nearly every game.
  6. Doubles is slayer only it seems like. I would just like to know exactly how placements work.
  7. Playing my placement games in doubles. Me and my partner win 8 or 9 games and he does significantly better than me in KD and yet I get placed in onyx and he gets diamond. Placement games really don't make much sense to me.
  8. Anyone else randomly get booted from a game for no reason and then get banned from matchmaking?
  9. Coliseum is by far my favorite map. My friend and I successfully pulled off a flag run from window to window the other day
  10. So 343's reasoning for not including more game types and playlists at launch is because they want to sustain a population, have consistent content, and not segregate community. I personally believe that just having a game that functions properly and ranks that work would do just fine to accomplish those tasks. I don't know what they would have to lose by including at least a couple more playlists/gametypes such as snipers, doubles, koth, oddball, etc. wouldn't it only add to the game in a positive way? After all, snipers/doubles could just be a variant of slayer and they are most likely going to be permanent playlists in the future anyway. Yeah no halo has launched with doubles before but is that really an excuse not to have it at launch this time? just seems like unnecessary limitations to me but what do I know. Either way I'll be happy with the game and im excited to play it, I just don't understand the logic.
  11. This is really a minor thing. Personally, if we are going to roll with pistol/Ar, I would rather spawn with pistol as my primary and AR as my secondary. Coming off spawns I would rather have my precision weapon ready rather than an AR. Not a big deal but something I would personally prefer. Would that work? Or would that somehow ruin it for the casual audience because they don't see an AR present?
  12. It definitely has made my games more competitive and fun. Other than that, not really. The ranks are pretty broken still.
  13. Does anybody else rank down when they win sometimes? Lol
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