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  1. sorry for the wall of text before hand guys. I really enjoyed this game. Without a doubt you better be ready for Scufs to blow up in the Halo Community because for myself their are so many important buttons that you would either need to be able to claw all the time or be at a disadvantage and I don't play claw, I bought a scuf while I was competing in Call of Duty so I know I am about to order a brand new Scuf here soon. My only problem i had with this game is the not being able to Gandhi hop. I did so many times because i was frozen in the air while attempting to hop because its so natural. also here is a link for some highlights from last night i made with the upload studios xboxdvr.com/Nitttro/b49a04bb-f1c9-45c2-9004-c960cd431fa3
  2. sprint isn't cutting it. my main reason I dislike it is because of the placement sprint is located on bumper jumper need to buy a scuff to adapt in Halo 5 I guess. I would much rather have a faster movement speed.
  3. dose anyone remember how dead the old Halo GB ladders were? pgl is fine and honestly better. personally id like to see esn have there own ladders.
  4. That wasn't only in Halo 4 but I believe that logic looking at something blocking the spawn worked for Halo Reach as well and everyone loved Reach and Halo 4...
  5. or like something like the old open bracket section mlg had that isn't hidden on the sub forums less traveled by players.
  6. I could find games all morning and afternoon. but i haven't found a match in ranked mm for two hours now.
  7. that would be a good org as well. I simply didn't even think about them.
  8. Now we just need to see who picks up BtH. I feel they are get picked up by medium - large size Call of Duty organization, like Faze..
  9. i know this shouldn't go here but i am in disparate need of a ts before our match this afternoon someone that needs one message nitttro on xbl.
  10. I'm surpised this preseason cup is happening this update make fix the game.
  11. to be fair. i am so happy the updated the blue spawn on lockdown.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. I guess that will roll out in the next update.
  13. I didn't like you very much in tournament then. haha but we do this game type and map remade asap.
  14. who has the hcs rules because the officially hsc gamertag is offline i cant access the file share right now.
  15. its weird to say but you need to keep a playing on your home base near rock ramp to keep the other team from spawning on your side.
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