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  1. Great Doc, great quality, thank you for sharing this heart warming and nostalgic video.
  2. I am hesitant now to the fact that it is not H2A :/ We could of had a Halo 2 tournament years ago.
  3. Thank you as well, it happens to seem like they changed it half way through.
  4. So I am still confizzled... Is this for Halo 2 (Original) or the Halo 2 Anniversary edition? Really need to know haha sorry everyone!
  5. I had that problem earlier this week I fixed it by downloading the proper MF.dll file. The file can be found in the forum here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2218-halo-2-vista-comprehensive-installation-guide-by-roosterru/
  6. I love the XLT's they are amazing!
  7. This may be true but there is no game to play but halo......
  8. You are not supposed to enter the key before you enter the game. Once you enter the game you enter the code next time you start up the game click activate later and you should be golden!
  9. Took me about a week to get use to it in H3 so just keep at it
  10. Welcome Back! How's that PC? I am excited about the final map to be announced please be soon <3 I know for a fact it will be a good one though and not colossus
  11. I agree to disagree. I have played Halo 2 Anniversary, and my god is it great! Halo 4 Engine? Meh give or take, but man this is Halo and this game is amazing. When I say Halo I say Halo 2 looking sharp as John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. As you said "H3-H4 have had their time, well H2 had its time as well and is still being played through XBC and Vista today. I feel like the game that will be played the most is H2A. Gandhi pointed out a really good point when he said "the new shiny stuff is what people want to play". I agree here with him and mostly everything he said in the video. The shiny stuff is what a large amount of the community wants to play. Halo 1 on Xbox Live was never a thing, so I really could see this going forward more than the other games on the MCC besides H2A. Reason being is because their are some die hard Halo fans who love to death Halo 1 but is the competitive community that play Halo 1 going to out reach the causal community + the competitive community that play Halo 2 Anniversary? Anyways what I am trying to say is that the competitive community won't out beat the causal community and the competitive players who will be playing H2A. Just my two cents.
  12. I feel like it is all preference, graphics are not everything, a lot of gamers like the way things look if they look more realistic, Halo 3 has a small cartoon effect to it, while if you look at Destiny or Halo 4 it feels like you are playing a sports game in 1080p, while Halo 3. I think Halo 3 is much more eye appealing to me, but I love the realism in a lot of games.
  13. I feel like it is all to opinion, but in the end Halo 2 will win because it is were it shinned on live allowing those old school Halo 2 players to come back to the game they love exactly the same online, while Halo 1 will be something new and amazing we will just have to see those Halo 1 LANs are going to be a thing to look for from the past and the present.
  14. Bumper jumper is great in H2A, the only complaint I have with it is that the Xbox One controllers have an interesting LB and RB and pressing that RB button is difficult as it is kind of sticky. (Just from experience) It could be the Xbox controller itself, but other than that I am in love with Bumper Jumper!
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