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  1. Great Doc, great quality, thank you for sharing this heart warming and nostalgic video.
  2. I am hesitant now to the fact that it is not H2A :/ We could of had a Halo 2 tournament years ago.
  3. Thank you as well, it happens to seem like they changed it half way through.
  4. So I am still confizzled... Is this for Halo 2 (Original) or the Halo 2 Anniversary edition? Really need to know haha sorry everyone!
  5. I had that problem earlier this week I fixed it by downloading the proper MF.dll file. The file can be found in the forum here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2218-halo-2-vista-comprehensive-installation-guide-by-roosterru/
  6. I love the XLT's they are amazing!
  7. This may be true but there is no game to play but halo......
  8. You are not supposed to enter the key before you enter the game. Once you enter the game you enter the code next time you start up the game click activate later and you should be golden!
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