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  1. I think ill start reverting my money to a developer that actually gives their customers what they want.
  2. bump because nothing has lived up to h2 since h2
  3. This is reminding me of halo reach all over again lol. And NOBODY EVER AGREED all the way to the death of the game.
  4. There are a handful of ways to already have unlocks or req packs, so it would have been cool to actually see what people already have unlocked.
  5. "Post your spartan"... *Everyone posts their dream spartan, which they don't even have the armor for*
  6. Pretty badass, makes things extra convenient and accessible. Too bad i'll be at iron gaming daytona so i'll miss the first tournament, but i will be playing in these tournaments in the future for sure.
  7. I'm beyond frustrated. This game has been broken the entire time it's existed. They can't even properly release a working playlist. I was excited to play this 4v4 playlist, but guess what... It doesn't even work. I honestly think i still deserve a refund for this game and on top of that some sort of compensation for all the time i wasted trying to get it to work. /end rant
  8. Only way I'm not disabling assasinations is if they give me the stone cold stunner.
  9. You're point is invalid. Semi pro and pro are gonna mean zip on halo now.
  10. I doubt it, considering they are completely remaking the entire dashboard which should be released this month. I would imagine they took this problem into account when redesigning the entire dashboard from scratch. Maybe I'm being optimistic though.
  11. I finally got to green rep after being red for 3 weeks from trying to get a 50 in H2C (which I finally did). A few weeks after I got my 50 I got back up to green rep. Played 3 games of infection and I'm back to yellow rep -_- lol
  12. In the privacy of your own home nobody is gonna DQ you for failing a drug test. I would love it if competitive gaming was rid of adderall. It's just as stupid as people taking performance enhancing drugs in MMA and other professional sports.
  13. Does anybody know if there is a way to manually force a matchmaking game to end when there are no players on the other team? Aside from quitting out. I know there used to be a glitch you could do to get the game to end.
  14. So... TLDR; you don't like getting spawn killed, and you would rather be able to run around the map aimlessly without getting shot because it's easier than orchestrating team pushes and reversing momenting.
  15. When has competitive halo ever had a starting secondary weapon since halo1? The BR is as versatile as both weapons combined. No need for complicating things, having to swap to an AR when you pick up a power weapon so you can keep your pistol.
  16. I feel like watching a tournament with pistol/ar starts is gonna be similar to watching a level 50 stream default team slayer. It will be competitive but it won't be very entertainig for viewers to watch. Something about having the most versatile weapon in the game off the start just seems to help create more exciting gameplay. BR starts in the beta were a lot more fun, but again that's just my opinion.
  17. You can shoot while sliding? Sounds OP. Gonna be some funny moments doing that.
  18. 44, it's taking forever since everyone who get's butt hurt either blocks or reports and now my reputation is in the red.
  19. I love how you can pretty much get your gamertag banned because people report you for destroying them. AWESOME FEATURE.
  20. I'm sort of confused on both of your stances. I can't tell who thinks what..

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