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  1. i guess the real question comes down to would we rather have all 4 games on one disc? or would we rather have had 343 focus all efforts on a H2A anniversary game with modern esports features added. From what i remember they originally started out with just h2a and then decided to add in the other 3 games. off topic: what happened to clans? is it confirmed for h2a? also i thought the original h2 allowed you to go into a game as a spectator? or am i just imagining things in my old age?
  2. um why is everyone getting all hyped for lan tourneys. with the xbone allowing you to stream, and the MCC having dedicated servers I see online tourneys being how we initially generate hype. as bad as that sounds its probably the most cost effective way for our community to initially run tourneys. I too am wondering about spectator mode(i mean come on, we have been banging our heads against the wall on this issue for how many months and they still dont include it in MCC? :trash: )
  3. any talk of a spectator mode? or do we wait until after their post-launch vacation to get that patched in? :maven:
  4. Can the title of this topic be edited. Definitely makes it sound as if ogre 1/2 really ARE willing to come back. At least add a question mark at the end of that statement. As of now its just click bait. OT: I highly doubt Ogre 1 comes back. He had a kid.
  5. this is 2014 not 2007. Games are going to be much closer to the cgi trailers today then they used to be. plus each little clip had a purpose from showing the ground pound, to the slide. it was meant to show what every spartan will be capable of in H5. im open to the possibility im wrong but with Quinn confirming the existence of Spartan abilities the trailer seems more like an unveiling of 343's take on Arena combat.
  6. food for thought: we never saw the spartans not sprinting. we saw them slide, sprint, and crysis punch the ground. we never saw them move slow except going into cover. what if you're always sprinting in guardians? fast paced consistent arena action, weapon only gets raised when you fire.
  7. definitely looked like i was watching crysis mp.
  8. here's my question: they stated that mp engines for all 4 games would be included. on top of that when searching matchmaking you get 3 choices, which could come from any game...so is there a way to just play h2A mp? or will I run the risk getting a h3, h4 or hCE gametype? BTW im just asking for clarification, at work so i could not listen to the announcement
  9. well...im just gonna (see how easy that is @@PROVERB ? now then, who else hopes they put turf in h2a just so people have something to bitch about??
  10. Ill be there, was going to compete, put the money towards a kegerator with my roommates instead :maven:
  11. @@Saucey this should be your response to that tweet
  12. "what is your opinion on halo 5?" Saucey: well i have not seen gameplay so i have no opinion yet. @@Saucey you sir are a god
  13. if they try to cram all of the multiplayer experiences into one game then gg im buying a ps4.
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