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  1. I've been playing it to bide my time until MCC gets fixed. I'd say it's worth it. I know some people have been having lag issues, but most of my games are pretty smooth, especially in comparison to some janky H2A games I've played.Matchmaking, parties etc all work quickly on the first try. It's a pretty fun game to just kick back to. There was also a recent gun patch so there's a good amount of decent guns to try out. Also lots of game types, some better than others. I play casually just to get my shooter fix and it's been pretty good to me so far.
  2. I'd say check it out. Halo will always be my go to shooter, but CoD is a nice change of pace when I just want to goof around or get a little drunk and play something. This one is way better than Ghosts in my opinion. There's also a gun balance patch coming soon which will hopefully fix my only current gripe with the game (lack of viable weapon variety).
  3. Were you getting disconnected last night? Xbox Live was experiencing issues around the same time the patch went live. I couldn't send or receive party or game invites across all games.
  4. Ehh, might not be worth streaming at this point. I'm sure 343i is aware by now.
  5. Here's Jake's POV on that one: xboxdvr.com/Jacoby1987/1fe7469d-54fc-42f1-a701-62600b63665e Looks like it's related to the whip he got off on you. You immediately disappear after he connects with it.
  6. Tommy Kost got his 50 by doing this last night. I got in to his stream late, and was wondering why the hell he had 1,500 viewers when he's usually around 40 or 50. Chat was going nuts calling him a cheater and shitlord, and he just had the camera zoomed in on his 50 logo next to his name bragging about how he's the best Halo player ever. It was actually pretty funny.
  7. Halo CE customs. I usually have a bud with me most nights for 2v2's GT: The Hitmeng NY state play from 7 til 11 on weeknights, on and off on weekends
  8. I died from it jumping down the tiny ramp from bottom mid in Derelict towards the portal. Had full health & shields, and didn't crouch for the landing. It's literally like a 4 foot drop. I'm at work righ now, so I'll post the video of it later. @@Teapot makes a quick cameo in it as well. Edit: here it is: xboxdvr.com/THE+HITMENG/844c5f53-276b-4765-87ed-b894b516cf6c
  9. Teacher/Student: Student Gamertag: THE HITMENG Games to Learn: Halo CE/Halo 2A Specifics: Controlling Halo CE spawns, weapon timers & map control; Halo 2A - same things for MLG gametypes Timezone/Location: NY, EST; usually play from around 7-10 EST on weeknights; anytime on weekends Looking to improve in all ascpects of the game. Have been playing Halo since CE (aside from 3) so a lot of this stuff I know intuitively, but want to get a better understanding of it all. I'm laid back, 28 and have a mic. Would also be looking to play some custom games of people of any skill since matchmaking is still currently broken for me. Anyone that wants to run some CE or H2/2A customs with an average/decent player, shoot me a friend request and we'll get this going.
  10. Yep, they're all similar enough, and they all look pretty mean/don't take up too much screen realestate.
  11. Try out Classic mode where exosuit movement is disabled.
  12. The people that actually care about the outcome of something like this are the same people that you probably don't want to interact with online anyways. Don't sweat it.
  13. Yeah, bunnyhopping used to be a way of getting around faster than the base movement would typically allow. Phoon became god tier at it with some really funny results. One of my favorite montages just because you can hear the insane amount of grief he's causing his opponents.
  14. You might not care what my opinion of you is, but that doesn't change the fact that you're a cheater and a scrub.
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