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  1. I once again feel obligated to point out how the Halo 1 Pistol in Anniversary Throwback (or whatever they called it) crippled not just sprint, but all spartan abilities.
  2. Nobody wants to spend more time in the respawn screen than is absolutely necessary. People want to play, not stare at their death screen for an extra 5-10 seconds because somebody pulled an animation on them. I don't care if they 'deserve' the extra punishment, that's just going to piss people off and push them into some other game.
  3. > Still falling for IcePrincess trolling Also "AAA Player Investment Experience" imagine actually coming up with that phrase and publishing it with a straight face. I aspire to one day be that shameless.
  4. I'm against super-mega-huge-team Halo for a few reasons, not the least of which is the fact that such a mode encourages all sorts of excess and loopy ideas. I think the best way forward for Halo, if only for one title, is to strip it down and take a simple, minimalist approach. No sprint, no loadouts, no classes. Gut the weapons sandbox and rebuild it, only adding weapons that are absolutely necessary to make the game go and feel like Halo, or brand-new weapons that are something more than just riffs of previous deleted weapons. 14-16 weapons at the max. Same thing for vehicles. Nuke it back to the warthog, tank, ghost, and banshee (all from Halo 1), and only add *new* vehicles from there. That said Warzone is pretty decent for what it is (a big team roflcopter arcade mode that lets you spawn your own binary rifles and scorpion tanks, that can still be interesting if you get that one evenly matched lobby on one of the three acceptable maps). Certainly a lot better than I thought it would be when it was first announced or hinted at in that pastebin from way back.
  5. I'm expecting nothing out of Infinite. At this point we have to hope that mod support for PC MCC is good enough to where we can just make our own game. Use one of the games (Reach?) as a starting point, add weapons, refine weapons, add powerups (*new* powerups, not just lazy timed trait boosts), alter powerups, refine maps (maybe fixing Sword Base outside of the limitations of forge), create new maps with actual art assets instead of just forge stuff, add/mess with existing functionalities like the spawn system or aiming.
  6. Didn't The 4 have some important people leave during the home stretch of development? Ruh-roh
  7. I don't like dying. Dying's not fun. Take it out plz.
  8. How is TU "refined" over vanilla? Random bloom is still random bloom. Armor lock is still press-X-to-not-die and still blows up vehicles for no reason. Sprint and jetpack still break all the maps. Everything that makes the game undesirable for someone who doesn't enjoy a chaotic CoD ripoff is still there. The people who actually did enjoy that get less of what they want, since they can't use their AR as effectively or sit in armor lock for the full six seconds anymore.
  9. Gave the game new life? Don't tell the population numbers that. Reach having had more population before the TU was released, for starters (b-b-but muh natural death!). There's also the principle of respecting what actual fans of Reach want, instead of what people who vocally hated the game want. My Battlefield analogy is dead on. Yup. Yeah, I'm sure there have been tons of unique Reach players since summer 2014. Kind of like how you apparently don't even remember 85%/slightly nerfed armor lock being meme-tier back in the day? MFW they didn't improve the game at all. Random bloom is still random, armor lock is still press-X-to-not-die, armor abilities are still front and center. B-B-BUT LOOK AT THESE PATCH NOTES D00D!!!1 What makes these the "right" settings? What a pompous load of shit. Anyone who liked the original Halo 4 got screwed for nothing, since the supposed target audience of Halo 4 being Halo 3-ized couldn't possibly give less of a crap. B-B-BUT HURR DURR ANY1 WHO LIKED THE ORIGINAL HALO 4 DESERVES TO BE SLAPPED AND RE-EDUCATED HERPADERPADERPADERP
  10. Reach before TU had hundreds of thousands. Whoops.
  11. 1) That's a whole lot of conjecture to try and explain away the post-TU population drop. Franklez would be proud. 2) There aren't millions, or thousands, or even hundreds of people longing to play 85% bloom with sprint and armor lock and nothing but 85% bloom with sprint and armor lock. It's being spoonfed to them and their attitude is whatever. 3) I never said anybody would be scared away (well they might, who knows), I said that the product they're looking forward to would be a compromised version of what they remember. For no good reason, since none of the TU advocates are actually going to searching Reach for more than a week or two. That's not fair to them. It's akin to me strolling into the Battlefield community (a game I have never played once and have no plans to) and demanding that it be remade into something that more resembles a game that I play, on the grounds that it's "objectively better." They would tell me go shit in a hat, and rightfully so. Or walking into a restaurant, ordering a Coke, and receiving a Diet Coke instead because the waiter thinks it's "objectively better." Be honest with yourselves for just one second - none, NONE, of you plan on playing any Reach at all (outside of ZBNS), but you insist that matchmaking should be all TU anyway, because... reasons (HURR DURR MUH OBJEKTIVLEE BETTR). Because you said so. That's a bit scummy. You guys are really no better than the kids who used to cry that MLG settings are offensive to humanity should be deleted from matchmaking. The lack of self-awareness on this forum just blows my mind. You'll post and mock the opinions of 343 and Waypoint Billy then turn around and do the exact same shit they're doing. Show me where the people longing for the TU are, that actually plan on playing the game. Really? Because I have. And the game is a ghost town, which kind of proves my point. It was overhauled and remade for no reason, and not a single soul enjoys or goes out of their way to play it. (At least half the remaining MCC playerbase probably uninstalled it).
  12. What are you talking about? I never once even suggested that ZB should be the standard across all of Reach matchmaking. I know there's no chance of that. It doesn't matter if TU is "objectively better" than vanilla by some meaningless, microscopic amount. Bloom and armor abilities, the two main culprits behind all the backlash Reach got in the first place, are still present and still every bit as much of a drag on the game as they were before the TU (again, go ahead and wave the patch notes in my face until your arm falls off - it's window dressing, the game itself plays no better with slightly nerfed versions of each). The difference is (again...), the people who actually liked Reach and played it extensively for the first year-plus of its life cycle, before TU settings were rolled out (which is a lot, many multiples more than Halo 4 was getting a year after launch), are now getting a watered down version of what they loved, because ticky tack concessions are being made to people like you and 90% of this board, who still won't fuck with Reach for more than a few days after it launches because the game still blows for the aforementioned reasons. Yet you insist on it anyway because TU IS OBJECTIVELY BETTER BRO! This reminds me of the stupid-ass conversation here from wayyy back where people insisted that Halo 4 should be Halo 2/Halo 3-ized for the MCC to "unify the experience" or some bullshit, even though a H4 that's been made to cheaply imitate H2 or H3 is still a cesspool and anyone who actually enjoyed the original H4 gets screwed, but fuck them, right?
  13. Implying that a mode that still fucking has bloom and armor abilities is "balanced and good." Stop. Like I've said probably a dozen times now, 85% plays no differently than vanilla. You can scream and wave the patch notes around all you want, but random bloom is still random, armor lock is still press-X-to-not-die, jetpack still breaks half the maps, sprint still breaks all the maps, camo is still an atrocity, and so on. The ONLY difference is that the people who actually had fun with default Reach (who according to you dorks need to be re-educated or something) now get less of what they liked, while the people who disliked Reach (and mocked these settings back in the day) are still going to dislike Reach and stop searching it within 2 weeks max, because bloom and armor abilities are still front and center. Compromise is lose-lose: example #8 trillion something
  14. What I meant was that bloom needs its own specific toggle in each gametype, it shouldn't be tied to whether the base mode is vanilla or TU.
  15. That's exactly how it works. Random bloom is random bloom. Armor lock is still a press X to not die button. This is like insisting that a stab wound is a good thing because at least it's not a gunshot wound.
  16. Bloom is bloom. Armor lock is armor lock. The game still plays like shit. Just quoting this in case it gets deleted.
  17. Could be better, could be a lot worse though. Putting invasion in the competitive playlist section is like opening a ski shop in Cameroon. The 85% bloom settings are just as useless as vanilla. Stockpile getting lumped in with flag and bomb isn't great. Bloom needs to have an on/off option in custom games, I didn't see that confirmed or denied anywhere in the bulletin. If you're talking about Reach poomagnum starts with 4% jump height, that shit can stay gone.
  18. Hang Em shouldn't be in 8v8. Even if it technically is big enough, people get enough of that map in the smaller lobbies. If you have a gametype filter on, that might be blocking the PC maps, since I think team slayer got removed for a lot of them and now they're CTF only.
  19. The sentinel beam shouldn't be included at all. It's a nothing weapon. 16 weapons max, preferably less than that.
  20. There is absolutely no reason to have four different autos. You are aware that Halo 4 exists in the MCC, right? No descope, no map control, no camo. It's the perfect game for you and your buddies. Go play it.

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