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  1. Epitaph is such an awkward map. Giant doorways combined with skinny catwalks and those outdoor ramps that circled most of the level, plus that random lift that launched you halfway across the room... I never got comfortable with it. Hell if I know what Bungie was thinking with that one because I don't think it worked for doubles, FFA, or anything else.
  2. My only issue with Halo 2 is maps. Everyone (myself included) tends to glorify the Midships and Lockouts when the nostalgia train is rolling, and it's easy to forget just how many awful maps like Gemini, Ivory Tower, Foundation, the Longest remake, etc. are running around. Plus I never liked Sanctuary.
  3. I'm way late to the party here, but did this guy also do the art for the Halo 4 DLC maps (I think CA handled Majestic and Castle)? The maps themselves were awful but I remember being impressed by how well done the art was on some of them. Monolith, Landfall, and Outcast in particular I thought looked incredible.
  4. Please god, let the Nikus attempt to mobilize on something. The world can't handle the comedy.
  5. Yay, leftism bingo! I love how you downvote every single post I make too. Because you're just that butthurt. That'll show me!
  6. Can you imagine an army of Nikus coming after you? Half of them would run out of breath after one third of a mile and the other half would probably shoot themselves in the leg mid-march like Plaxico Burress.
  7. Guns for me but not for thee! I'd be afraid, if every single one of you wasn't a spindly, brain-damaged, genderfluid cuck who can't even boil an egg.
  8. oh no no no no no no... I award you a perfect score of 10 oofs out of 10.
  9. Said while beating off to some inner fantasy of confiscating all weapons and putting people with dissenting beliefs FASCISTS in camps.
  10. The rub, of course, being everyone to the right of Che Guevara is an authoritarian fascisthitlernazi police state fetishist. Niku News Now told me that.
  11. High IQ = literally Hitler! But also, according to Adult Sesame Street, conservatives are dumber than liberals! LMAO authoritarian Blormpftards!
  12. Imagine having zero self-awareness, like this guy. Anyway, which religion do I convert to if I want to pray for every lying sack-of-shit enemy of the state self-appointed noble guardian in the "war on truth" JOURNALIST that recently lost their job from Buzzfeed/Huffpost/wherever else to waste away from starvation and die while lying in a pile of their own shit?
  13. While I agree, there's no law saying that maps *have* to be blown to up to twice their size to accommodate those shoehorned abilities.

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