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  1. Hey guess what, Icebox drops frames like a bastard too. RIP, V9 Turf Territories.
  2. Unprompted opinions regarding the new H3 maps and #settingz Waterfall: Liquefied dog shit, completely unsalvageable. Edge: Pudgy with a lot of extra, unnecessary real estate, but I think there's potential here. Gotta condense the action; with the exception of the flag rooms, delete all weapons and respawn points from the map's outer perimeter. The only reason to ever venture out there should be when trying for a long flank a la lily pads in Dammy or needles in HEH, and the likelihood of getting sniped while doing so should be an obvious deterrent. Since this map doesn't have any established meta and needs the help, go ahead and add skill jumps across the red/blue chasms and I think teleporters in each flag room going to/from one of the big rooms (indoor would probably be better) would be good. Camo theoretically should be very valuable on this map considering how open it is, put that dead center. Snipers must be moved out of those upper cubby things, maybe stick them where the sentinel beams are now. Drop the rockets, the map is too open and horizontal for them to be all that useful. Turf: We can finally forge Turf... I think there's some fun to be had on here with rockets. Obviously anyone down on the street will be toast, but I'm also imagining pegging people from below if they're up on those inner rooftops. Game types, though... the map was built for territories, might it work for KOTH?
  3. No, because CE wouldn't have been as well liked if shit like this had been part of it.
  4. No it doesn't. This shit is needless and stupid and accomplishes absolutely nothing relative to just putting regular goddamn powerups on the map. But I guess it's fun to watch 343 scrape up their deck by constantly moving all the chairs around.
  5. No grown adult consumes jelly, do they?
  6. BTB might be good for some yucks but 4v4/"competitive" looks like a joke. So basically Halo 5 all over again in that regard.
  7. Regarding playlists - this is more of a general theory than speculative of what Infinite will/should do, but the only playlists that should be launched with any new Halo game are FFA, team slayer, team objective, and BTB, all of which should be ranked. Reason: if a customs browser is in the game at launch - and there is absolutely no valid reason to not have one - then social playlists are completely unnecessary. Give people the ability to set up their own servers, and the screeching about muh team snipers, muh action sack, muh (weapon) starts and whatever else can be a thing of the past. The only people who would still want a 'social slayer' playlist are the ones who just want to stat on randoms.
  8. Just give the plasma pistol overcharge the ability to wipe out equipment/armor abilities/other classes of stuff. For example, Reach. If you have a jetpack and get hit with the overcharge, you no longer have a jetpack. Bam, the plasma pistol now has a job, and you didn't have to neuter the starting weapon to try and encourage its use. Put hit stun back on the regular shots and you're good to go.
  9. Only I'm allowed to refer to people/things as pig vomit.
  10. Why does roasting 335 have to be some depressing, soul sucking experience? I think its funny, even if all the conversations have been had a million times over at this point. They and their products clearly deserve all the heat they get, minus the Hitler comparisons and death/violence threats. Then again I've just about quit vidya altogether and mostly only check this place between sets at the gym. I'm certainly out on Infinite.
  11. The laser just needs to have red reticule disabled. So do rockets for that matter, although for different reasons. And yeah screw learning curves, everyone should be spoonfed everything. Because that's such a proven way of keeping people engaged. Open up for the airplane/rocket spawn, Timmy!
  12. What the hell are you talking about? So the shitloads of former fans who were overtly driven out by Reach and never came back are now exempt from your hypothetical 'darrrrrff let's go poll a bunch of random people' experiment? And this is without even getting into the hilarity of thinking of the bot/shill/idiot farm known as Twitter as being indicative of anything at all, except maybe the need to build a giant tinfoil dome around San Francisco.
  13. I miss how Reach drove my entire friends list at the time to Black Ops before the first DLC pack even came out.
  14. Because Halo Twatter is such a representative sample of what 'a bunch of random people' would answer if you asked them their favorite Halo game.
  15. Lmao the only way you're getting Reach as a frequent response to 'best Halo game' is if you only polled active waypoint or r/halo users.
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