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  1. The sentinel beam shouldn't be included at all. It's a nothing weapon. 16 weapons max, preferably less than that.
  2. There is absolutely no reason to have four different autos. You are aware that Halo 4 exists in the MCC, right? No descope, no map control, no camo. It's the perfect game for you and your buddies. Go play it.
  3. What's that? 343 wrote another check that they couldn't cash? Well golly gee, ain't that something.
  4. Star Wars has always been garbage that people only like because everyone else seems to like it. Just like Avengers and everything else that comes out of Marvel Studios. Carry on.
  5. She is a political figure, therefore it is political. You have your own politics thread that's basically devoid of rules to get all this shit off your chest, and that's still not enough?
  6. Spawn with a DMR, plasma pistol, 3 sticky nades, and the ammo perk. Camp somewhere and cross map people until you run out of DMR ammo. Hope that a binary rifle doesn't spawn in the other team's base. What a fun time.
  7. The effect was weakened in Halo PC (which is what they ported for MCC).
  8. Here we go, reinventing wheels again.
  9. No, stick with the accelerating timer. Regardless of weapon cycles. Might make things interesting, as opposed to cutting the timer which just shaves time off a dead match.
  10. I don't mind button combos being in the game, but I don't like them being advertised with a flashing weapon or anything like that. This isn't a fighting game. Keep them "unofficial".
  11. The H2 campaign had the closest thing Halo will ever have to a decent story, and the gameplay was mediocre at best. Kind of proving my point. What was so good about Halo 3's narrative? Tying up the loose ends from Halo 2, plus MORE FLOOD, MOTHERFUCKERS! That's it. The highlights of the Halo 3 campaign - killing scarabs, going ham with the warthog against choppers and wraiths, clearing out the UNSC base in the second level - were all purely gameplay elements that had nothing to do with the greater story.
  12. Story quality has little, if any, bearing on how well a game actually plays. No Halo game has ever had a particularly good story. The best Halo campaigns (H1, H3, ODST) certainly haven't.
  13. I'm not over-exaggerating anything. Play the game on a difficulty higher than normal. You'll get your balls kicked in doing anything other than what I said - spamming with long range weapons. Why is Reach good? All you mentioned above was a generic comment "exciting moments" (such as?) and praised it for having a dark story (which totally matters in a fucking video game). Sounds to me like Reach was your first Halo game.

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