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  1. Goatrope made a video showing off a glitch in classic graphics and based on what I saw it looks like the PC version still, not original. In the PC version and (every version since) those big opening doors all over AOTCR are just shiny metal, but in the original/2001 version there is no shine and they're a dull light gray with a hint of texture on them. You can actually see it toward the beginning of that Late Night Gaming video.
  2. How many missions are available in this flight? If I see some AOTCR or Two Betrayals room clearing footage I know some details to look for.
  3. Clamber needlessly expands maps and therefore should not return.
  4. You said that far more people prefer objective, which isn't true. Anything else?
  5. But I thought "far prefer objective and always will"?
  6. Nobody voted objective in games where map voting was featured, and anything that wasn't slayer or CTF almost always got vetoed away in Halo 3.
  7. I've said this before but I have no problem with the lack of content/info so far. Way too much of Halo 5 was revealed before release, to the point that it felt like old news by the time it launched.
  8. Who gives a shit? It's a game, not a movie.
  9. Fuck Master Chief already. Mercy kill him. "Hooman or macheen??!!" nobody cares. Halo wasn't "his" story until those hacks at 343 decided to insist that it was "his" story. Halo was the story of humanity - 500 years in the future - getting decimated by pissed-off religious aliens, then turning the tables on them after stumbling on an ancient world of unknown origin. Master Chief was the husk through which you, the player, viewed this world and did a lot of the killing that your AR kid marines couldn't do. That's it.
  10. > Wow, this thread was just dust n' semen for about a solid week, now I got 3 pages to catch up on! Something must have happened. But of course it's only more Ice Princess crap. I'm glad that he hit on the fact that all most people - even involved community members, as opposed to just random Timmys making their one thread and then leaving - seem to do when pitching solutions for where their favorite game/franchise is going wrong is cry for nerfs and put absolutely no additional thought into it. Blanket nerfing solves nothing. Ill-advised nerfing over the years (damage, range, rate of fire, clip size) turned the shotgun from a close-quarters offensive beast into a defense-only weapon that can only be used effectively while corner camping, and thus encourages that behavior.
  11. Select is awful, Synapse is another bland Midship riff, Nexus is solid, I've never heard of Unconquered.

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