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  1. Regarding playlists - this is more of a general theory than speculative of what Infinite will/should do, but the only playlists that should be launched with any new Halo game are FFA, team slayer, team objective, and BTB, all of which should be ranked. Reason: if a customs browser is in the game at launch - and there is absolutely no valid reason to not have one - then social playlists are completely unnecessary. Give people the ability to set up their own servers, and the screeching about muh team snipers, muh action sack, muh (weapon) starts and whatever else can be a thing of the past. The only people who would still want a 'social slayer' playlist are the ones who just want to stat on randoms.
  2. Just give the plasma pistol overcharge the ability to wipe out equipment/armor abilities/other classes of stuff. For example, Reach. If you have a jetpack and get hit with the overcharge, you no longer have a jetpack. Bam, the plasma pistol now has a job, and you didn't have to neuter the starting weapon to try and encourage its use. Put hit stun back on the regular shots and you're good to go.
  3. Only I'm allowed to refer to people/things as pig vomit.
  4. Why does roasting 335 have to be some depressing, soul sucking experience? I think its funny, even if all the conversations have been had a million times over at this point. They and their products clearly deserve all the heat they get, minus the Hitler comparisons and death/violence threats. Then again I've just about quit vidya altogether and mostly only check this place between sets at the gym. I'm certainly out on Infinite.
  5. The laser just needs to have red reticule disabled. So do rockets for that matter, although for different reasons. And yeah screw learning curves, everyone should be spoonfed everything. Because that's such a proven way of keeping people engaged. Open up for the airplane/rocket spawn, Timmy!
  6. What the hell are you talking about? So the shitloads of former fans who were overtly driven out by Reach and never came back are now exempt from your hypothetical 'darrrrrff let's go poll a bunch of random people' experiment? And this is without even getting into the hilarity of thinking of the bot/shill/idiot farm known as Twitter as being indicative of anything at all, except maybe the need to build a giant tinfoil dome around San Francisco.
  7. I miss how Reach drove my entire friends list at the time to Black Ops before the first DLC pack even came out.
  8. Because Halo Twatter is such a representative sample of what 'a bunch of random people' would answer if you asked them their favorite Halo game.
  9. Lmao the only way you're getting Reach as a frequent response to 'best Halo game' is if you only polled active waypoint or r/halo users.
  10. The only way I'm buying this is if it comes with a full suite of dev tools that allow me to literally make my own CE-plus style game. Campaign, multiplayer, the whole thing. 340 (deducting another point for that paragraphs-of-absolute-nothing bulletin) couldn't be trusted to get such an endeavor right even if they tried, so fuck, I'll do it. I got such a game pretty much mapped out anyway. Otherwise I'm not interested.
  11. Lmao they're not even finding new ways to fuck up Halo anymore. These are just dumb(er) rehashes of drop shield and Promethean vision, plus the return of the tuberculosis pack. 341 Industries.
  12. I think I'd prefer a grenade launcher attachment/alt function on the AR instead of a railgun.
  13. Triple points if you drop off Rhonda in the hill using an eggmobile.
  14. All powerups should be able to have their duration, effect strength, etc able to be edited in forge on an individual basis, the same way can you change the amount of spare rounds that come with any given weapon. This OS has two extra layers and doesn't decay, that OS has one and does decay. Or whatever. I've pitched the double score power up before... when a player under its effects gets a kill, caps a flag, detonates a bomb, gets hill/ball time, etc, its worth double the points. I like this because it could make hill/ball a lot more fun, facilitate runs/comebacks in all game types, and because it doesn't affect any actual player attributes, it can be placed on the same map as an OS/camo without worrying about the game breaking if somebody scoops up both. Ideally there would be four 'default' powerups. OS, camo, and score would be the first three, for the fourth I think some sort of info-based power up would work best but I haven't been able to figure out a good enough angle on it. What I really want is a set of powerups that aren't mutually exclusive. You can't use camo and something like damage/speed boost on the same map, because if somebody manages to get both then it turns them into a juggernaut and breaks the game.
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