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  1. Lmao they're not even finding new ways to fuck up Halo anymore. These are just dumb(er) rehashes of drop shield and Promethean vision, plus the return of the tuberculosis pack. 341 Industries.
  2. I think I'd prefer a grenade launcher attachment/alt function on the AR instead of a railgun.
  3. Triple points if you drop off Rhonda in the hill using an eggmobile.
  4. All powerups should be able to have their duration, effect strength, etc able to be edited in forge on an individual basis, the same way can you change the amount of spare rounds that come with any given weapon. This OS has two extra layers and doesn't decay, that OS has one and does decay. Or whatever. I've pitched the double score power up before... when a player under its effects gets a kill, caps a flag, detonates a bomb, gets hill/ball time, etc, its worth double the points. I like this because it could make hill/ball a lot more fun, facilitate runs/comebacks in all game types, and because it doesn't affect any actual player attributes, it can be placed on the same map as an OS/camo without worrying about the game breaking if somebody scoops up both. Ideally there would be four 'default' powerups. OS, camo, and score would be the first three, for the fourth I think some sort of info-based power up would work best but I haven't been able to figure out a good enough angle on it. What I really want is a set of powerups that aren't mutually exclusive. You can't use camo and something like damage/speed boost on the same map, because if somebody manages to get both then it turns them into a juggernaut and breaks the game.
  5. Every applicable weapon should be reverted to its Halo 1 state, if only as a starting point.
  6. Who's Pierre Whatshisface? I take it Quinn's not around anymore?
  7. I love it when Boyo switches gears from eccentric brainstormer to shit talker.
  8. The weapon kill challenges are fucked up and don't count correctly. Why am I surprised, and more importantly, why do I even care?
  9. Reveries is good. Wish they let some of the vocal sections linger for a bit instead of going right back to strings or piano, but I'm nitpicking.
  10. The funny thing is, if Bungie had given the plasma pistol overcharge the ability to wipe out active equipment, it probably would have been fine. No more bubble shield camping, no more regen turtling, and it would have made the plasma pistol relevant in non-vehicle game types.
  11. Wowwww duuude... they just don't caaaaare maaaaan. *vocal fry melts your headset*
  12. Now people on this forum are insisting on a Halo BR mode? Am I being trolled or did I accidentally huff my own shit earlier?
  13. Warzone was the most enjoyable corner of H5 matchmaking. It had its moments, but arena was just that bad.
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