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  1. The real problem lying underneath a lot of these petty matchmaking complaints is lack of customs browsers/servers. I think a lot of people are just over the matchmaking format in general and only put up with it because the legwork for getting customs lobbies together is too much of a hassle.
  2. 343 doesn't respect the franchise, so why should I, as a fan of the franchise, have any respect for them?
  3. People want a good game that, if its one installment in a larger series, stays faithful to the name on the banner. That's it. Trying to divide everyone into factions and then asking how to please one specific faction is how you end up with The 4.
  4. Fuck it let's search Reach team slayer, how bad could it be. > First game ARs on Sword Base O LAWD
  5. > Updating. Completes in about 11 hours, 14 minutes
  6. Default Condemned is a dumpster fire. Just too big around the perimeter and the zero grav is right in the middle of the map. Uplink (the dev-made cut up) was alright for just dicking around in squad slayer or something but it's still not great. It's like a Halo 4 or Halo 5 map, just a bunch of random shit strewn about with no real order or reason to it.
  7. I don't have 14 gametypes. I don't see any good reason to commit to a certain gametypes split before we even know what the best gametypes are. If three minute rockets and two minute powerups are going to continue to be the norm then this shit is going nowhere anyway. Pick a map. Figure out a fair, but entertaining weapon configuration for it. Identify any and all gametypes that could possibly play well on it with the settings you have established. Test them with in a variety of scenarios (equally matched teams, but also test unbalanced teams to see how much of a shitshow it's going to be under suboptimal conditions). Anything that comes up as a winner, that's a gametype. Why limit yourself to Zealot CTF or Zealot Bomb as an "official" gametype, if you know that both will work? Powerhouse and Dammy/Penance are two of the most engaging, entertaining maps in Reach. There's no reason they can't work. Anchor 9 has some hurdles it needs to get past, and also some dumb H3 kid biases (WTF I can sit at flag and not be shot from the 50 yard line, broken!!) going against it, but it's worth exhausting all options to make that one work too. If one flag/asymm flag has to be held out of a playlist due to lack of a tiebreak I sort of get that, but what's the problem in customs or at a tournament? Just set up a tiebreak gametype and play that.
  8. If Midship could be modded/rebuilt in Reach using legit covenant assets, and some of the housekeeping stuff like flinch and strafe and OS charge got addressed, fuck it we don't even need Halo 2 anymore. But that's outside the scope of this thread, which as far as I can tell is about spiking any new angles or possible improvements to the settings - within the options already available to us, no less - for fear that they'll alienate an audience that isn't gonna give a shit anyway, while some people campaign to bring back some of the vanilla symmetrical forge maps that their buddies made back in the day, and only use those plus Zealot and Countdown. Killa KC and Tak are smiling in their graves.
  9. In this case I would break out the lift cheese, since standard player traits are completely unsuitable for navigating that part of the map without the gravity gimmick. I'd put man cannons in the middle elevated area that sent you over to the red and blue plat areas (plasma pistol spawns in default). I'm not so sure I'd set up return man cannons back to the middle, just because there's so little real estate to work with on those plats - one man cannon takes up like half of the ledge area, and you need landing space for the people coming in. Maybe align the man cannons with that behind-the-glass area that Basu is worried about so they don't interfere with combat, and then put soft-kills back there to cover the rest of it. Then I'd put standard grav lifts or small jump-ups at the base of the middle area, to replace the act of simply jumping up there in zero grav. And that's probably it.
  10. Sounds to me like they disliked Reach and just weren't vocal about it.

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