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  1. People who say "lowkey" should be banned from the internet.
  2. Because xbox people are the only ones who didn't move on from this franchise a looooong time ago. You want somebody to buy Halo 3 in 2019, you better have something else to offer besides mouse/keyboard controls.
  3. Who is going to buy these games for a second, third, or even fourth time without a damn good reason, like official mod support or something else they haven't experienced in any other Halo title? PC alone isn't gonna do it, especially when H1 and H2 already had a PC release.
  4. An upvote/retweet costs absolutely nothing and is useless for gauging true interest. Especially on a fucking ADD hive like reddit where they'll give 20,000 upvotes and several rounds of gold to some turd who makes a well-timed Seinfeld reference.
  5. Knighty Knight's in charge of the Three Stooges and Tom & Jerry sound drops.
  6. I'll donate $200 for Hard Way and Fixaimingsorry to cast the next Halo 1 event together.
  7. Coliseum is just another Simplex riff, and a really really bad one at that. I'd rather play Stasis or Riptide.
  8. Every arena map in Halo 5 plays terrible and looks terrible. Truth and Coliseum included.
  9. I thought orientation on Pit was horrible. Any time I spawned in the corners of the map it took me some time to get my bearings, way more than what I find acceptable. Unless the map is brand new to me I should always know where I am on the map the instant that I spawn in, especially on a remake. Way too often that just didn't happen on Reach Pit. Maybe I'm the only one, I don't know. Nexus wasn't great either in that regard, especially with all the random shit strewn about. 343 gets so obsessed with making their maps look "next-gen" and realistic within the context of the Halo universe (because lore totally matters in a fucking multiplayer map), and it comes at the expense of things like functionality and orientation. Sure, 343, Truth looks like a convincing covenant ship and Coliseum looks like a convincing forerunner whatever-the-fuck set on some distant planet. Have a cookie. They're still dogshit on the eyes. Team Thrusters takes skill, it's just a bad game and a worthless experience. Anyway, assuming zero bloom comes with Reach MCC (which I'm not sure it will, it would be just like 343 to release vanilla Reach and omit the TU), I think the v7 gametypes could use a second look or at least a touching up. Damnation/Penance v7 was so fucking stupid. Rockets on lilypads every three minutes? Camo at old rocket spawn? Random grav lifts everywhere that do nothing to move the game along? Of course team slayer is gonna take 15 minutes on that if people are actually serious. Anchor 9 should be looked at since everyone will have it. Maybe Tempest as well? I have no idea why Powerhouse was never used for anything, it was one of only two maps (besides Zealot) that was somewhat enjoyable in default modes, and I remember several test games that I had fun with as well. Would have much rather seen Powerhouse back in the day than the litany of plain, inoffensive four-base maps MLG kept trotting out.
  10. > Halo 5 > reduced sandbox clutter I'm sorry what
  11. No, I legitimately have no idea how creating three functionally identical weapons is supposed to eliminate redundancy. Your words.
  12. There are no benefits to loadouts. Creating three identical weapons eliminates redundancy? I beg your pardon?
  13. And again, that issue could just as easily be solved by the people calling the shots not setting it as a default starting weapon.

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