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  1. To be honest I'm just over matchmaking. The next title needs a functional customs browser at launch.
  2. No, the concept is completely flawed. "Got a faster trigger finger and better aim? Too bad." That's bullshit.
  3. Someone on leddit actually asked "why shouldn't you be punished for firing fast?" I don't know why I'm still surprised at the shit these people come up with.
  4. Halo 1 pistol checkmates sprint. Just saying.
  5. Well that Reach nostalgia wave sure fizzled out quick.
  6. That boneappletea sub is pretty pathetic. Somebody botched a phrase, who cares? Gotta get those sweet, sweet upvotes however you can, I suppose.
  7. Halo 5 footsteps sound like Lars Ulrich's snare drum on St. Anger.
  8. Invasion was awful. Spawning with a plasma repeater and having to sprint halfway across fucking Boneyard just to fight some stupid AR moshpit battle around the generators made me ask myself out loud, "what am I even doing here?" Actually did elites even have sprint in invasion? Were they offense on Boneyard? I don't even remember, that's how forgettable that shit was.
  9. "Qualitative difference" I grew a neckbeard just typing that.
  10. Pretty sure Penance had that piece. But yeah it wasn't in Zealot's forge items originally.
  11. Lore shouldn't dictate gameplay but it's not bad to use it as a jumping off point for new ideas. That's how Hardy LeBel brought plasma stun, overcharge, and quick camo into the mix, by imagining how elites/the covenant would fight and what their needs would be as an alien race. Are they only for fucking?
  12. Re: PC maps - I played a bunch of Danger Canyon CTF games back in the day that lasted probably 45 minutes, and I don't regret a second of it.

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