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  1. The weapon kill challenges are fucked up and don't count correctly. Why am I surprised, and more importantly, why do I even care?
  2. Reveries is good. Wish they let some of the vocal sections linger for a bit instead of going right back to strings or piano, but I'm nitpicking.
  3. The funny thing is, if Bungie had given the plasma pistol overcharge the ability to wipe out active equipment, it probably would have been fine. No more bubble shield camping, no more regen turtling, and it would have made the plasma pistol relevant in non-vehicle game types.
  4. Wowwww duuude... they just don't caaaaare maaaaan. *vocal fry melts your headset*
  5. Now people on this forum are insisting on a Halo BR mode? Am I being trolled or did I accidentally huff my own shit earlier?
  6. Warzone was the most enjoyable corner of H5 matchmaking. It had its moments, but arena was just that bad.
  7. Would rather look at one of my grandmother's stool samples.
  8. >still believing in the casual vs competitive meme A good game is a good game. A bad game is a bad game.
  9. >bad game is now completely free to play unless you want to buy a watermelon skin for the AR Oh well I'm sold. AND I see we're conflating muh lore with campaign quality again.
  10. Sprint can work, if the starting weapon(s) are powerful enough. If balanced intelligently, you don't even need to blow maps up to accommodate it.
  11. I want this thing to bomb, spectacularly. I want 343 dissolved and Infinite having a catastrophic launch and/or embarassing sales numbers would be the surest way for that to happen.
  12. >iJustine >Halo Because there's so much overlap between those two fanbases.
  13. I promise you there is a game in those settings (three shot pistol + sprint).
  14. I'm so glad that this OLD BUILD!!! dick-fencing parade is starting up again. It's been a long five years.

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