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  1. I think so, I removed my profile and readded it and hard resetted my xbox. It didn't work right away though Think it took like another hour after I did that and then it let me all of a sudden search for matches.
  2. Yes I actually just purchased it a while ago. I been reading in the support forum and apparently sometimes gold doesn't activate right away and it takes some time :/. They recommend removing the profile and readding it and hard resetting the xbox. I'm gonna try that and see if it works.
  3. Is anyone able to play online? I keep getting this "Some gamer profiles do not have permission to play on Xbox live. Choose a valid gamer profile or play local to this xbox 360 console"
  4. So is Halo 2 classic shot registration still a issue or did that get fixed too? Didn't see anything about that in the patch notes .
  5. Wow really nothing about halo 2's shot registration issue?, that was a big one that I was really hoping and expecting to be in this patch, there's really nothing big in this patch, just the same old crap of "improvements", wtf... can't believe they had almost a month and this is all they could do
  6. Highly doubt this is what they release for the next update. I wish it was but Bravo has already stated many times and more specifically replying to one of my tweets saying ranks would be implemented across the board once matchmaking/ranking issues were resolved. He says the team is working on "future content updates" meaning there are still more patches to roll out which is depressing :/ because as long as there are more updates/patches to go, we won't be getting ranks.
  7. Your Player Name: Rated R Inferno Winner: Rated R Inferno Round Number: Round 2 Score: No show/Forfeit
  8. So who am I supposed to be facing in round 2? I'm supposed to face the winner between MerkizM and nick hobbes but the bracket doesn't a winner between them. I have a lobby set up ready to play.
  9. Sweet mother of jesus! now next up, bring all them RANKS!, I feel like we are getting closer and closer to truly being back!
  10. Sweet mother of god, big team battle is 16 players! Edit: WTF! last resort slayer just beat out bomb on containment! 8v8!
  11. I know dan ayoub had said some xbox code would be in h2c too. I'm sure the shot registration will be improved in due time though. They did some improving for halo ce with one of the the last patches so don't see why they can't do the same for halo 2.
  12. Had a badass 4v4 br game on turf, now I can't find a game anywhere :/
  13. Still can't figure out to embed tweets but looks like uneven teams will be address with this patch afterall, bravo just responded to someone about that on twitter. This is awesome news, really looking to this patch even more, were on the fast track to truly being back
  14. *sigh* so frustrating, it;s crazy how the master chief collection is out but it doesn't really FEEL like its out..., I swear if this weeks patch doesn't at least fix the matchmaking searching times, shits gonna hit the fan so bad
  15. Same here, was going faster earlier when I started at 6 but now it's slow as hell, currently at 41% . It probably is because of that service status :/
  16. You said in the bulletin "we’ll be rolling out ranking for each playlist post-launch". Does that mean rankings will be added separately? Like will ranks for Halo 2 classic be added one week and then for Halo 3 another week? Or will they be added all together?
  17. THIS 100% I'm so worried we might have to wait months until all playlists or even one playlists has ranking. I hope to god The "rolling out of playlists" is weekly at least or something. I don't want to wait so long to play Halo 2 classic competitively with ranks.
  18. So bummed H2A will be the only ranked playlist at launch, this had to be a calculated decision. I can see them stalling the hell out of adding it to the other playlists just so they can get more people to play H2A.
  19. When is matchmaking streaming going to begin? Is that bulletin about ranks still dropping tonight?
  20. Wait so why is split screen fov so important? Do people still invite friends over to play split screen multiplayer or what? How exactly does this ruin the entire game of Halo CE?
  21. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!, ALL HAIL CONNOR FOR finally putting this to REST

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