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  1. Did you finish your move yet? Hoping to see you stream and grind warzone again soon bud.
  2. Fair enough, I hadn't heard any complaints about team colors.
  3. Odd that they would change that, just because I guess? 343 things lol
  4. I'm hoping the clunky melee system is going to be patched in this update, though I doubt it. That's the only thing I dont like about H5, so inconsistent. Also, to anyone that watched that London qualifier did you notice that blue team seemed like a lighter blue color?
  5. Haven't played yet today but I was having a weird issue with my elite, switched back to scuf 2 nights ago and instantly felt better. are you on an elite?
  6. Posted right above this, have you heard of any others having this issue?
  7. Loving the controller since launch day but having an issue with it not charging the rechargeable battery as well as receiving notifications saying battery is low when plugged in. Anyone having this issue?
  8. Amazon guarantees delivery on the 27th.
  9. Cool thanks, I assume the elite controller will feature the same?
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