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  1. HOLY CRAP! IT JUST HIT ME. Okay. So think about this for a moment. SA's = Dual wielding/boarding vehicles. Okay. What is required to do both of these things? Press x. Now what if SA's are only available to the player when they're in the correct distance/position to use them? Kind of like boarding a warthog or banshee, ect. Like the thruster back smack from the Beta trailer? You can only do that by pressing x behind them at a certain distance? (Obviously if you're closer you will just melee.) What about the downward stomp? You have to have a player underneath you and press x when it says to or else it doesn't work. I think that is the best and most fair way to spice up classic Halo gameplay and keep it fair at the same time. I'm calling this right now. In 4 months ( or whenever we see gameplay ) I have a feeling this is what we will be seeing. If that's true, then Halo 5 has a lot going for it. I know this is just a guess, but this seems like the most balanced way to do it, and a skillful way to do it. You can't just spam. You have to position yourself to pull these tricks off.
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