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  1. Naded reporting live from 343 studios with an update on heavy aim https://clips.twitch.tv/FamousSparklingEchidnaAMPEnergy
  2. Very happy to see that all Pro League teams will get shot at the season finals championship. Top 6 will be seeded in champ bracket, 7th 8th get top seeds in open bracket, and open bracket teams will compete for spots in champ bracket. 100k + crowd funding. Awesome stuff. Should be the best season yet!
  3. Does this look like a man who knew about the render glitch?
  4. This kills me. In the post-finals interviews with OpTic, they were asked things like, "What's next for you? What's next for Halo?" and they gave faces like, "...um, you tell me." This is a business that's most successful when there's a carefully crafted, constant tantalization for what's next. In the MLG days, after every finals the reaction was always man, I can't wait until the next event! and we knew when and where that event was and what was at stake. 343/ESL refuses to dangle the carrot; they opt instead for the balloon, and it's just so sad, seeing it float away.
  5. I wonder if that no scope would have connected pre-update. What a game! Thought they were going to win for sure when they got the last OS.
  6. What? The context is he looks latino/hispanic so let's cosign one of our pro players posting in the chat a racist rallying cry? So hilarious.
  7. It's no different on the MNF pregame show I compared it to. It's one professional broadcaster, Suzy Kolber, with retired players in Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, and Charles Woodson. It's really just a production direction issue. Axel Toss needs to be directed to steer the conversation toward analysis rather than just, "Ghost, what are your predictions?" If Ray Lewis was left to his own devices he would ramble on about nothing just the way our broadcast does now. There just needs to be a more intentional effort to guide where our analysis conversation goes.
  8. I wish our broadcast team focused less on their personal predictions and more on pure analysis of team's and their gameplay. It seems that all pre-game analysis is done as a means to justifying their predictions. Look at MNF (NFL) pre-game—the cover interesting storylines leading up to the game, cover how the team's and players have performed recently, matchups to look out for, what's at stake, etc. They eventually give their very brief predictions, but the vast majority of their coverage is not about those predictions. This has bothered me for a while. It's lazy broadcasting.
  9. I want to be able to see those stats on screen at all times rather than hope the casters show it. Even when they do hold back button, it blocks the gameplay.
  10. We need observer mode to show K, D, A or K, D, spree like CoD. We shouldn't have to rely on casters to tell us that Snipedown had 0 deaths there. And casters themselves were surprised when they saw it. The majority of space on observer mode is taken up by primary and secondary weapon and grenades. That's much less interesting info. Get rid of that, put in K/D/A/spree, then figure out a way to highlight when someone has a power weapon/up. We also don't need the eyeball thing that I think just shows when someone is not currently seeing an enemy. Hell, we don't really need emblems there either. So much to be worked on with functionality of observer mode (esp. reticule accuracy), but the presentation alone leaves much to be desired too.
  11. I wish they wouldn't take it off the listen in when the team is streaking and the hype is building. I would have LOVED to hear STR8's comms throughout the end of the match.
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