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  1. Man Halo used to be so awesome. Brings back greats memories of Halo! Damn those were good times. I think I just cried a little. Thanks for the video!
  2. That would imply logic from the studio... I don't that happening.
  3. Yeah, but Bungie gets a pass in my book. They did bring us Halo regardless if you liked it less after each release. 343 hasn't expanded the series in any meaningful "for me", and they turned their heads in dealing with MCC. Simply unprofessional. Reach BC eventually got fix and I'm guessing hasn't cannibalized any of H5 sales. Do the same for MCC or individually release previous versions of Halo.
  4. Yep that was good stuff. 343 please reference Halo's from the good old days when trying to figure out how to make a fun Halo game. Seriously, the rec system ins't the answer. Oh well I'm old, I miss Halo like I like it, and I just need to realize it's never going to be that fun again. Shit. Off topic, Inside was creepy and fun if you're looking for a change of pace while waiting on Halo to be more fun.
  5. Me too, but all guests we be screened and polled to make sure they wont ask about MCC and why the F Dan is sitting on this panel. I'm just kidding. On a positive note, campaign score attack and firefight seem like a nice add and enough to get me interested in playing Halo again. Daily challenges we would be another nice addition. All stuff that you'd think would have been there from launch.
  6. For a game that had similar troubles as MCC it's amazing what continued support and release of previous DLC content has done for the Battlefield community. Would have been nice to see similar support for MCC as well.
  7. I never understood all the hate for Reach, but I didn't play it competitively only for fun. It just seems like the most complete Halo in series when it comes to game types and game activities. It was a time when I had friends playing Halo. I fired up Halo 5 last night and played a couple of games of swat and it was okay, but I was good with a couple of games as I was out. That wouldn't have been the case with Reach. If I got tired of swat I'd play snipers, mulitteam, big team, slayer, ffirefight, campaign chasing challenges or creating maps in forge with buddies to race one. Honestly, I don't really recall either of those titles being unplayable at launch as a casual player anyway. You guys will think I'm out of my tree, but I enjoyed Halo 4 much more than I have Halo 5. All this rambling is just my opinion of course! I know it'll never happen, but I'd like to see all previous Halo's as standalone backward compatible releases. Now that's be sweet.
  8. That sentiment fits perfectly with the company currently working on this franchise. I'm thinking this guy a little sensitive over player feedback. Amazing and yep, I'm definitely playing something other than Halo these days.
  9. I think its just frustration. 343 doesn't seems to care or take into account community feedback or whining or whatever you want to call it. They're going to develop Halo in a way that appeals to them, trends to similar current gen games, and delivers them the most dollars to operate as a business. If they gave a shit, MCC would have been completely functional by now. Unfortunately for us as gamers it's just boils down to the return on investment for 343. It's business. It'd be nice to see them adopt the Bungie motto of "we build games we like to play" as opposed to how can we make more money with micro transactions. I think you either like 343's take on Halo or you don't. It's that simple. Right now I don't.
  10. You think it's new and improved or exact same game we have on the console now? I'd take another $60 chance if they told us at e3 "this time it'll be exactly like you remember it!". Just saying.
  11. Really? 343 is trending upwards and Bungie is getting worse. That's certainly bold statement. Can you point me to the numbers/trends that indicate there's some truth to this statement? I'm not saying you are wrong, just have a hard time believing that anywhere close to true. I'd say Bungie is stronger on just about aspect of game development including art, game play, UI (this one isn't even up for debate), and certainly community involvement. To that add, Bunige would have never let MCC leave the building is the state it was at launch. 343 not only released it, but tried to say they couldn't have foreseen all the issues that were present until launch. And, then they just gave up on trying to fix the mess and moved on to Halo 5. I'd say the reverse of your statement is more true, and I'm still at a loss why anyone would give 343 any more money via REQs to use for who know's what beside paying for tourney's. In my opinion, Halo's and Destiny that Bungie brought us are much complete, entertaining and fun games that anything I've played developed by 343. May your statement is true, but not in my opinion.
  12. Can we get an E3 announcement that the biggest patch yet is coming to MCC and it fixes everything? Damn I miss Bungie Halo's.
  13. Exactly! I'd think MCC's low population has more to do with the game being broken than lack of interest. And as far as buying Halo 5 REQ Packs, I'll buy several if the funds went fixing MCC. On population, is MCC's population that much lower than Halo 5's? Seriously.
  14. Good point. Honestly, it really doesn't matter if you enjoy Halo 5. I don't. I'm not into this gen Halo, which is odd since I don't mind progression in other games. But, Halo, I like it classic style and still holding out hope the MCC will be fully operational someday. Ha!
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