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  1. Watched some doom beta footage and it was so enjoyable to watch it without sprint.
  2. How about we make things simple alright, lets just go with "TheSavery". Seems legit enough.
  3. Wait...If the top multiplayer designers of halo 5 leave, will 343 start hiring the beyond company to design halo 6's multiplayer?
  4. I'm just guessing they treated breakout as a fun concept of halo paintball and they probably didn't intend on making it very competitive in the first place. Which might be why the maps are so poorly designed for competitive play. Even though they included it in hcs or arena in halo 5, the gamemode may not have been entirely designed towards competitive play.
  5. What's wrong with liking the old halo music? And I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to imply in this post O_o
  6. Better than how team osiris charged into the covenant
  7. Plasma fuel can't melt uh...SHIELDED MEMES. Is that dank enough?
  8. Edgy enough to cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  9. Well, the fact that halo was so popular back then should be able to carry halo 5 up to halo 3 and halo 2 numbers. I believe the problem now is that the gamplay isn't as original (and fun?) as before. I have not played the game yet but if halo 5 was fun to play competitively and casually, it would easily rise up to halo 3 and halo 2 numbers despite the competition.
  10. Lol, it seems like that problem with the halo 3 map snowbound...
  11. But you might as well include two bosses each for one team. I think the bosses should be placed somewhere that can only be accessed by 1 or 2 passages. Something like a cave or base. That would prevent any easy steals and create an area go fight for.
  12. Lol, its just like in mobas, but much, much easier...I wonder how 343 didn't think about all these AI stealings when they included so many precision weapons...
  13. Why not we have a new map on a covenant spaceship? That would get rid of all that human architecture.
  14. I didn't think pistola was like going insane or something till he started talking about telling someone to shut up for saying gossip and making a halo movie lol.
  15. To be honest, the story and campaign of halo 4 and 5 have been pretty generic so far :/
  16. Wow...very surprised to hear him say that o_O
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