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  1. So what, you can play a bunch of shit games for about 45 minutes each and then delete them?

    Sounds like a thoroughly excellent use of time and money.

    I feel sorry for people that do this. Must be extremely unfulfilling.


    I have like 13 Steam games, and the one I play most is Total War: Rome 2. And yes, I can play it as max graphics 60fps on my 1440p screen.


    But I would trade that in a heartbeat for the chance to play Halo 2 online again. Fortunately I don't have to as I can play both.


    Sitting on my beanbag in front of my TV > Sitting at my desk playing my PC.

    Ripping heads with good aim > flailing around helplessly and/or slowly and having the game aim for you because you've handicapped yourself with with a bad input device.

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  2. Trying to get into CS been watching a good few streams recently. New to FPS with a kb and mouse in general.


    Does your mouse make much of a difference? I realize at my shit level it wont make much of a difference, it is more about practice. But i was just wondering in general is there a noticeable improvement? Just have a regular dell laser mouse.

    A decent mouse does make a huge difference regardless of skill level. It's far from just a matter of preference. The main problem with shit mice is their max speed is too low and they get accelleration problems, which means you're forced to either play on ridiculous sensitivities or simply restrain yourself to turning extremely slowly to keep the mouse from spazzing out completely. There are some other noticable factors such as angular correction and prediction, but they're not as inherently limiting.


    There's no noteworthy objective difference between any two decent mice though.


    I recommend a Zowie Am, Zowie EC, Zowie FK, MS intellimouse explorer 3.0, Razer deathadder 2013 or a Steelseries Sensei raw, which are all comparable decent mice with fast max speeds, good tracking and side buttons which free up some binds and come in quite handy very often.


    I use the side buttons for slot1 and slot2, which allows me to quickswitch with just the mouse hand as well as using number keys 1-4 for individual grenade equip binds.


    Most pros play on a sensitivity around 45cm/360degrees without accelleration.




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  3. A concern to me is map control becoming less important with double jump. Similar to why no one likes jetpack


    It shouldn't be a concern for two reasons: 1) The game is shit regardless 2) They should be making the maps more vertical to make up for it, which is a good thing

  4. they're a more accurate design of a single modern thumbstick and two triggers, a fraction of what's on a gamepad.  a keyboard is a less intuitive design of everything else on a gamepad but with more inputs.


    both setups have limitations, and if people just ignore that and proclaim their setup of choice to be the absolute best things can be, nothing will move forward.


    Valve's steambox controller shows that there's still new things to experiment with, and ways to bridge the pros of the two different types of inputs.


    but regardless, games that are designed to account for the strengths and limitations of whatever their method of control is will continue to work fine.


    I'm done.

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  5. Tactical arena shooter is a term I've been using for very long. It's descriptive and logical.


    The neccessity of such a term only arises when we get a game like Halo made by people who don't own the rights to simply call their game Halo. Like fucking Makeshift, if that's still being developed.y


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