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  1. I think it's really weird how they're not including the Halo reach maps. Especially considering the anniversary map pack contains a bunch of the one's you'd like to see. They've got Beaver creek and Headlong for free for Halo 2. Why not use it? It's funny as well, how I'd rather not play with the new aesthetics simply because of that toaster scope.
  2. Things will change, alright. People will develop more efficient methods to slow the game down and camp the opponent endlessly, hoping for a single hit since combos and approaching is impossible without sufficient movement options. I'll rather stick to Project M, thank you vey much.
  3. Doesn't say very much, does it?
  4. You're missing the point. Smash 4 is shit and won't ever become popular in the competitive scene.
  5. He thinks it looks good and that it will outlive Project M, which is funny considering the striking resemblance to Brawl Smash 4 has, the consistent long lasting decline in attendance at Brawl tournaments and the positive trend for the Project M population.
  6. Why the fuck would PM die off but Smash 4 get popular? One's a good game that people enjoy, the other is Brawl 2. Mayday, mate. You sound like the smash equivalent of Waypoint.
  7. That's what I'm saying though. They're absolutely clueless about forge improvements because all they see is 11 year olds on Waypoint and their suggestions.
  8. Not in the same they have with general approach to the game and good mechanics. You need to remember that the portion of the forge community that takes it seriously, in relation to the portion of simply competitive players, is miniscule. They'll have mostly received requests for boats and Elephants being introduced into forge, rather than sincere, sensible, useful and plausible suggestions.
  9. Although this would of course not be a problem if we just had mouse and keyboard input. http://bit.ly/1lrVsxH
  10. Hello. Do you remember me? It's a rethorical question. Don't answer it.
  11. Just these few honestly, seeing as redundancy is bad and these Reach 4shot DMR 1.0 second kill time Reach Propipe CE Sniper H2 Rockets CE PP CE PR CE Shotgun CE AR Railgun as seen in H4 except balanced and difficult to use. No dualwielding

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