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  1. They want the BR skin because it's more iconic aesthetically.
  2. I know it's never been that way, but that doesn't stop it being ideal. I'm not saying the sniper would be even with the DMR. It's still a power weapon that is better than the utility weapon situationally. The AWP is still worth buying in CS despite costing twice as much (as an M4), and you don't even have any utility weapon for a secondary (closest you get is a 5-7). The sniper would still be well worth getting and a good powerweapon all the same albeit more situational. If you look at fragvids, you'll see all the sniper multikills with all blains are quite slowly paced anyway. All you'd do away with is the easy double bodyshot.
  3. Ideally the sniper's fire rate should be slower than the minimum kill time in order to make double body shots punishable and thus less viable, as should it be because it requires very little skill. If the kill time was 0.8 and the sniper could fire every 0.9 seconds it be actually fair. And yes, there's still a point to using the sniper that way even though it technically kills several players slower than the DMR because you have the opportunity to take cover and strike instantly, exposibg yourself less. It would make the sniper a more situational weapon anf less of a utility weapon, as power weapons should be. This is basically the same role the AWP fills in Counterstrike. Repeated peeking for onstant kills and it's hard to get out if you're overrun. As for my ideal utility weapon: *3sk with all headshots, 4sk with one missed headshot. *0.8 kill time with 3 headshots *1.2 kill time with one missed headshot *single fire *projectile on good netcode *DMR viewmodel with the option to disable it
  4. Abd because the CE magnum in Reach was bollicks abd had spray.
  5. BLARGHFLURGHLUGLGARGLEWEE It killed in 0.6 seconds and it was brilliant. The reason you think it's slower is the game has a skillgap and a minimum killtime faster than the average, unlike all other Halo games.
  6. 1)This isn't waypoint and Machinima isn't an important part of Halo. Lore based video content I've only seen done with Halo and SC2, and in neither case has it been something the majority of the fanbase has seen, let alone cared about. I frankly couldn't give any fewer shits about the opportunity for 13 year olds to voice some silly character with a pitch range about 3 octaves lower than they can actually speak, and yell about some fucking dino invasion or whatever it is that they like to do in machinimas. Like dyb. It's not like they can't do their stuff without armorabilities anyway. Give me one important instance where an AA allows an effect otherwise unachievable. 2) What minigames have been made that actually benefit from armor abilities, let alone relied on it completely? The armor lock maze blocking infection thing where you can't jump and are supposed to block entrances for the others or whatever? That one where you evade to stop yourself getting splattered by vehicles on some ramp? Those are all shit anyway and the AAs were never well implemented. On the other hand, there's infection, race, dodgeball, grifball, tornado moshpit and all that shit that still works perfectly fine without it. Actually give me one example of a custom gametype that utilised AAs well? Actually I've sort of got one. The MKG Forge forum extermination objective gametype with classes, even though it ended up just being a poor imitation of Shadowrun without headshot capability. And all that effort for something so peripheral and unpopular to begin with. I say make a good game instead. A dumb mini game can be fun for a few hours. A good Halo game can be fun for 20 years. Edit: I just remembered SaltyKoalaBears's various low grav gametypes, which were kind of fun and indeed relied on the jetpack, but they suffered from the lack of depth in aerial movement because the jet pack was never built to simulate amazing aerial fast paced superhero battles. You have little control and poor mobility, and this is what all the AA minigames suffered from. Armor abilities that only roughly fit the function envisioned by the gametyoe creator and it never really works as well as you'd like it.
  7. cl_drawviewmodels 0 because 1.5 is just objectively too long.
  8. Upon its release? How so? I thought everone was aware it was going to be shit half a year ahead.
  9. What does it matter, though? The game's out, isn't browser based and plays better than QL.
  10. Frame linked 18 button combo to spawn a grav lift.
  11. All the Dacus, B-reversing and AGT in the world won't save a shit game.
  12. What? Wasn't it 2012 it was closed down?
  13. I brought my xbox out to the countryside, so I might forge a new 1v1 map on Reach. If I get an awful lot of rain at least, that is.
  14. Did someone say that? And where do I faintly remember you from? I recognize your avatar.
  15. Arcade shooter would be a highly inapt label for counterstrike. Arcade shooters is what CoD, Titanfall, recent BF games, Halo 4 and other games without any strategic depth and with mechanics intended for 5-year-olds are.
  16. No. Arena shooters revolve around weapons and pickups spawning on the map in order to provide incentives for map movement and control. Counterstrike however is a tactical shooter with a money system for the purpose of providing different options of weapons and equipment, and with a focus strictly on objective based gameplay. You only have one life, there are no weapon spawns on the map and you even need to stand still while shooting. Nowhere near being an arena shooter.
  17. Nag about the CE fov on Bravo's twitter til he answers it.
  18. Pretty sure it's 15, and it's innate with twitch.

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