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  1. I don't think console csgo has been updated ever, and yet nobody cares.
  2. No Halo 3 < Halo 4 It's not a matter of one being better, but of one being worse. At least people never pretended Halo 4 was a good game.
  3. There's nothing under his avatar because I'm on phone.
  4. Fuck it. None of the Halo games are good. When is Makeshift coming out?
  5. No it's not. All the maps in CE are poop for 4v4.
  6. I'll play if it's v7 or Gold pro Reach on Cella, Downrush, Zealot, Damnation, Beaver creek, Archon and Cartographer.
  7. What? Turning invisible faster? Spread pattern á la CS would be nice.
  8. Well, yes, but there are no maps to play on to begin with.
  9. Imagine that happening in the finals with the one team behind 21-24.
  10. I think 4 kills per mag is perfectly fine. Like, look at CE where the pistol has 12 shots, which makes for 4 kills. You don't hear people saying that's too much. It only starts to get ridiculous when you need more than 3 bullets to kill and thus need more bullets in the mag, because 16 or even 20 bullets feels like a massive amount when continuously firing.
  11. I've used no such argument. I've merely mentioned CS to refute your argument that short killtimes are inherently bad because CoD is bad. The primary reason CE was mainly good for 2v2 was the map pool. There's nothing about the mechanics stopping it from playing well in 4v4. Emphasis on teamshooting is increased with longer killtimes, not reduced, as is observable in Halo 3. Lack of map movement is not a problem as long as you have proper map control incentives, which CoD doesn't have and which Halo is indeed supposed to have on account of it being an arena shooter. Like I've said: CE has already proven these short killtimes to work wonderfully. The burden of proof is on you and your peers.
  12. What are you trying to say? That the ice hockey simulator gone wrong called Halo 3 is better than Halo 2 and in turn CE? Just what? just to get back on topic, the issue is about how long the killtime should be, and what these Halo 2 kids don't seem to understand is that a killtime like 1.4 would make every kill take for ever in an actually difficult game and would be horrible. 0.6 has already been proven to be a perfectly suitably long kill time for a Halo game, in CE. There's no reason to make it longer, and arguing about whether Halo 2 is a scrub game or not or saying shorter killtimes are bad by a reasoning based on guilt by association with CoD (but ignoring the skillgap of CS) is futile as long as you don't have any arguments for longer kill times in a good Halo game. Why is it necessary? Why should it be any longer than 0.6-0.8?
  13. It's not my job to explain why CE is the only good (or at least the best) Halo game. Halo 2 is easy. Go have a look at one of the numerous threads on the subject. CT, amongst others, explains it very well. I don't know what's hipster about preferring good games over bad ones.
  14. Fast paced indeed, though at the cost of skillgap. The average and the minimum killtime in H2 are virtually the same. Halo 2 sucks.
  15. Lol uwotm8 So what we've concluded: bad games that fon't rweard skill are bad and don't reward skill. How this is an argument against a reasonable killtime, between 0.6 and 0.8, in a hypothetical good Halo game that were to reward skill however, I do not understand. And yes CS is on the same level as quake. Don't even pretend you know what you're talking about.
  16. NBK (Titan) and Devilwalk (Fnatic).
  17. Project M: 39 viable charactersSSB64: Pikachu Also a hundred times the tech skill in PM I didn't know Murderminers had a comp scene.
  18. SS tier: CSGO Warsow Project M Starbow Quake 3 UT2k4 S tier: Broodwar SC2 Melee A tier: UT99 Dota 2 TF2 Halo CE B tier: Halo 2 ZBNS Reach C tier: My little pony Lego Starwars D tier: CoD 4 Blops 2 LoL E tier: Halo 4 Brawl F tier: Halo 3
  19. What does it matter? The point was to point out that your hypothesis is wrong. CS has instant killtimes and is on the same competitive level as Quake, and well beyond Halo. There is no strict correlation between killtime and quality of a game. Your hypothesis is wrong and bollocks. CoD is bad because it's overall designed for five year olds.
  20. Selfexplanatory, what you're saying. I think the sniper is far too easy though a somewhat OP. A bit too powerful.
  21. Well apparently it's not strictly so, case in point the question in the poll.

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