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  1. Ripping heads with good aim > flailing around helplessly and/or slowly and having the game aim for you because you've handicapped yourself with with a bad input device.
  2. And fuck precise and unrestrictive controls, right? Casual.
  3. 5 hours of effective game time is how much time I find is required to get fully accustomed to a radically different control scheme or mouse sensitivity.
  4. A decent mouse does make a huge difference regardless of skill level. It's far from just a matter of preference. The main problem with shit mice is their max speed is too low and they get accelleration problems, which means you're forced to either play on ridiculous sensitivities or simply restrain yourself to turning extremely slowly to keep the mouse from spazzing out completely. There are some other noticable factors such as angular correction and prediction, but they're not as inherently limiting. There's no noteworthy objective difference between any two decent mice though. I recommend a Zowie Am, Zowie EC, Zowie FK, MS intellimouse explorer 3.0, Razer deathadder 2013 or a Steelseries Sensei raw, which are all comparable decent mice with fast max speeds, good tracking and side buttons which free up some binds and come in quite handy very often. I use the side buttons for slot1 and slot2, which allows me to quickswitch with just the mouse hand as well as using number keys 1-4 for individual grenade equip binds. Most pros play on a sensitivity around 45cm/360degrees without accelleration. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12PSHqb8Vwg8rSCOkGjbbsj8iBsm8p52jOLffDc88iy8/pubhtml
  5. Apparently? More like supposedly. apEX Happy KennyS Shox NBK Would be omnipotent KQLY Kioshima Fxyo Smithz Allu (Maikelele coach) Would still beat NiP.
  6. Murder miners is being released on Steam any time now. You lot coming along? It's already been released, but it's got vsync and they haven't fixed the slow movement and double melees, sprint is still in the game and there's a fucking BR for whatever reason.
  7. Is B.net not the place to go for rambling fools anymore?
  8. Unreal Tournament 4 is in development. It will be completely free of charge as well as from microtransactions, and it will be developed for and with the community, say Epic games. Fatal1ty playing the current alpha build. https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/the-future-of-unreal-tournament-begins-today The game files can be accessed here: https://ut.rushbase.net/raxxy/Builds/
  9. It shouldn't be a concern for two reasons: 1) The game is shit regardless 2) They should be making the maps more vertical to make up for it, which is a good thing
  10. Drastic melee nerf. 4 hits to kill unless backsmack and no autoaim or lunge.
  11. I'd like something like a gamepad where you use your entire arm, wrist and hand for the aim input. AKA a mouse. Mice are "a better and more accurate design of gamepads".
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