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  1. Whats up everyone? I'm back to posting on here more often. I recently just released a new Halo montage on the Myth Gaming team channel. Which is the team I play for. Now since I uploaded it on my channel I thought I would post here. This montage really shows my improvement from switching over from competitive Halo to Montaging. These aren't anywhere near my best clips though considering they are all 6 months old. I still think you guys will enjoy! I will link the editors information below. Thanks to anyone who watches it! Myth Goji: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjL9nWqjru9SDwbS7LoiSw
  2. Whats up guys!? Its been awhile since I posted on here but I decided to share a video I uploaded. The video has a clip for each multi-kill ranging from Double Kill all the way to a Killionaire. I hope anyone who watches enjoys!
  3. Still so happy I hit this. Enjoy guys!
  4. 25-0, 2 Minutes, 6 Seconds. Anyone seen or gotten a faster game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgSHhHCS4_4
  5. I really only want arena maps, for us younger players who didnt get to truly experience H2, We want arena maps and that classic feel. You have to think that we are the future.
  6. So im a sophomore in Highschool, so hears the plan. I get home from school on monday and immediately take a nap till around 7. then me and my bud go out to 711 and buy as much junk food as possible.Then well leave at exactly 8:47 P.M to go the the midnight launch. RACE home quicker then the sudds can say top 8 dont h8. Then play till my thumbs die in a car crash.Then mi momi calls me in sick for the next 2 days and I shit on kids in h2. PeRfEcT.
  7. Yea I hope the comp community will just ignore H2A and ride out H2 Classic with MLG
  8. Yea the reason I dont want H2A is beacause it will be easy for H4 Kids to Pick up and rape. I want there to be a big skill gap with button combos and such.
  9. What I Dont Like: -H4 Announcer -H4 Medals/New Medals -Hitmarkers -Weapon Indicators -All Dyanmic Elements -Added Parts to Maps -Sniper Bloom -Br Sound/Sniper Sound -Overshield Pickup Sound What im really scared of though is if 343 will support the competitive scene when we just use H2 Classic because none of us want to use H2A
  10. If there removable like Halo Reach sprint was, then were fine. Whoever makes the settings can just remove them because from the looks of it now, there trash :gandhi:
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