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  1. I saw one specific clip he got on Hang'em High where he got a double, lined up the afk triple that was next to him and then got the killtac "Yo that was sick, someone clip it"
  2. Mint Blitz the kinda guy to hit a overkill because of an afk guy and yell "CLIP IIIIITTTT"
  3. If you make a game that has to be played "at a high level" to be fun your game isn't good
  4. OS and Camo aren't inherently offensive power ups. You can play passively with them, and often times should. The only thing that encourages playing aggressive is MAYBE damage boost.
  5. Being anonymous really makes people brave.
  6. Can we go back to arguing over posting gamertags?
  7. Where do people get these massive egos? You do know fun is subjective right? Chiron TL-34 Invis Shotties is one of my favorite gametypes. I still prefer 2v2s, but sometimes you gotta sit back and relax. Some people like vanilla H4, and can kick your ass in CE. Not me, but I'm positive there are some.
  8. The answer is for everyone to build their ideal game then sell it. Most popular game wins.
  9. I was expecting more debates, got drama. Not disappointed.
  10. Whenever @My Namez BEAST , @TheIcePrincess , or really anyone gets into it with people on the forum, it's better than cable
  11. You can land shots consistently across Hang'em High on LAN.
  12. I went to Beach LAN. H2 is silly and everyone who talks like an elitest about h2 got clapped on CE. I went to an event so therefore real world halo experience(lol) says it's true.
  13. Does it count if I never play CE 2v2 MM cause I hate CE MM like Wargod hates posting his gamertag
  14. i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about @WARGOD. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
  15. Just cause someone is newer to the game doesn't mean they can't understand it, or you somehow know more.
  16. By the way it's not just camouflage, it's active camouflage. In every mention of it in the entire series of Halo, the Active Camo has been actually invisible. If memory serves in the books something using active camo could get spotted if they were moving or standing still if the person looking was observant enough. Oh and night vision made it possible to see camo cause it generated heat or something. Idk Halo lore can be weird.

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