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  1. At this point if they carbon copied H2 and gave it some nice modern bells and whistles it'd probably do better than H4/H5 but that's not a high bar. If 343 wants Halo to be the game to own again it's gonna need a lot more than gameplay that doesn't borrow from other franchises.
  2. If "bringing a new perspective" is making your franchise look more like another franchise, then you're now just going to deliver a worse version of either game that won't hold any real player base. See Halo 4 and Halo 5. To an extent Halo Reach as well, but it had better population retention than 4 or 5 (I assume).
  3. Point is 343 has never made a classic Halo game. They told someone else too and it's a watered down Halo 2 with a slow strafe, H4 bullet magnetism, hit markers, and grenade indicators.
  4. PvPvE is infinitely more entertaining than playing octagon halo
  5. But at least the guns shot straight because of the horrible bullet magnetism and gigantic hit box and there weren't weapons all over the map because you could call it in like a care package so it was all skill based
  6. So you want a game with focused on gunplay where you don't have to worry about teammates doing teammate things or any other halo type things in halo. I have a game for you...
  7. That's literally the best part. I need the entertainment.
  8. People betray for no reason in ranked. Ever met scaryotic?
  9. Instead of increasing a players abilityy to escape just make the shooting skillgap wider so there's always a chance to outshoot someone
  10. Controlling bloom isn't a skill please stop
  11. Boyo is trying to unite beyond into one family again by becoming the antagonist. I'm very impressed with him, especially if he posts his gamertag.
  12. If you like bloom you like bad game mechanics, punish them by them losing not with some b.s.
  13. I think that the future Halo games should have the match composer for social, with the option for SWAT and Snipers. Bringing them out ranked every so often would be pretty neat though
  14. I don't know, Snipers, SWAT, Squad Battles was the thing from H3 right, even a ranked BTB would be kinda neat as rotational.
  15. What if they did this crazy idea, have rotational playlists and double xp weekends? Or is that too logical?
  16. Teamshot is actually pretty important in CE, but okay
  17. Implying the reason 5 shots didn't happen constantly in default Halo 5 because of it being 'difficult' and not the ability to suddenly change position at the tap of a button, crouching that ruined hit boxes, and clamber that ruined hit boxes. And aiming in those evolved lobbies was a shit show, especially if you barely played default Halo 5, then jumped into that. I would be pumped about 4 TSK's in a row, it's not easy just possible. Ignoring the possibility that people weren't MLG 1337 GAM3RS even hitting 2 TSKs back to back is considered montage worthy in CE 2v2 montages. See: Image of the Invisible
  18. There is a reason why 4 TSKs in a row is worth mentioning.
  19. Decided to get XBL again if people want to play some Halo, or something
  20. I'd be willing to play more pistol only H5 if it didnt take up 100gbs on my xbox. I like my other games
  21. If you can't tell someone is shooting on the other side of the wall either the sound design is bad or you have no awareness
  22. He asked what it added, and what it took away. Jumping in CE is pretty bad if you don't play it enough to adapt to the system, as bad as it is.
  23. Sick af 2v2 slayer, decent jump mechanics

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