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  1. Anecdotal but I think the H2 hit reg at long range is definitely worse than CE, but consistently better in close to mid.
  2. The editing in that was actually somehow more annoying than the lens flare on everything Halo 3 montages.
  3. So you're blaming the H2 community for it being broken still? Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially at fault for the harm that befell them
  4. The difference between this H2V thing and NHE is people who play CE 2v2 MCC know there is a better version people still play, not a lot of people but people in the vein of the original. Even playing MCC I knew the best version was the original, same for H2, but I knew people still played CE. Props to whoever on the H2V mod, but it's really niche. And I was never arguing that there aren't good players that don't call out, I am arguing that the idea of there being no teams of 4 with skilled H2 players calling out is like saying 343 didn't screw over the Halo community with MCC.
  5. You can't honestly believe "every single strong H2 Player" is on something I only heard of because I'm on TB and from no one else can you? And yes they do call out, maybe not every group of 4 searching does but certainly some do. If you honestly think there are no good H2 players that call out in the social playlist with other at least decent people then you are delusional at best, in denial at worst. The point isn't even that good people play social, it's that people play social like it's ranked even when a ranked playlist for that game exists (H2/H3 mainly).
  6. I can guarantee you there are teams of 4 searching H2 in social. Maybe not a dozen of them, but there's usually a couple. Then there are people "going for clips" but never get over a double. I can also guarantee there a teams of 4 searching H2/CE that get slapped in CE cause they suck. You act like I don't play this game.
  7. If you roll into social and callout like your on mainstage you may have a problem. The H2 ones are the weirdest because the ranked playlist is actually dead, but there's always a bunch of H2 kids trying their hardest in social. K/D matters I guess.
  8. Even if they did make the utility like that we all know they'd make it so easy to use everyone would be hitting 3 shots every fight. Remember the H5 "Halo One Pistol" I think they'd do that and say something like "empowering each spartan"
  9. Seeing as your the first person I've seen so adamant the H3 sniper is easy can you show how it's easy? It's not the hardest thing to do well in an Fps, not by a long shot, but it's still harder than most.
  10. There is a difference between clips on those players and the people who struggle to move and shoot at the same time. Also if the H3 sniper is easy enough not to hype at least some of those shots at least go hit a jaro on 4 players.
  11. Those kids were shooting back well enough, and sometimes you need an alt just to get games in ranked MCC.
  12. > Needs to be in MLG to matter >Clip from MLG playlist >Clip is a joke >The clip didn't have players who couldn't move and shoot in it >?????? C'mon
  13. Weren't you also the guy who wasn't impressed at Frosty making CoD proleague when the rest your boy Eco and crew got last?

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