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  1. I mean that doesn't make the game sound much worse than what we already knew. Camo/OS being changed for the sake of change is dumb, but it doesn't sound god awful. I'm still going to play it cause #free but I'm more likely to skip out on the campaign or at least wait for reviews from people who actually play it and not IGN or some bull. 5-6sk sounds stupid as fuck, but if you can shoot 5-6 shots in 1 second or less, eh. I don't hold hope for this though. Sandbox is more than likely fucked.
  2. @S0UL FLAMEsend it to me in dm's. I'll then create 400 alt accounts starting with ReamisPrime and sneak potential info out through convoluted ideas like an AR that can shoot around corners but only the last half of the clip
  3. While 1v1s in CE are in my opinion the best in the series, playing them on MCC is a shit show because of host disadvantage and the PR not being as good against OS if people are using it.
  4. I comment towards you because you respond to dumb shit like "split like a banana before you get folded like an omelet gamer", purely for amusement on a forum devoid of much else honestly. Pretty sure your just acting like a toolbox but hey it gives me something to do once and a while so why not
  5. It must be hard having this much of an ego on an irrelevant game. I do not care if you could beat me in a 1v1, which is irrelevant to Halo's competitive scene so why bother? H3 is the worst of the original 3 halo games. It's arguably the best Halo game in the last 13 years, but the bar is pretty low. Watch infinite be received better in this forum than 3, it won't happen, but god it should
  6. Bold move for someone who's never played halo with me. But I also play rarely these days
  7. And I hold no emotion toward you either way
  8. Nice try pal, but I won't be your friend that easily
  9. Rivals to lovers arc in the span of a few hours, nice
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