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  1. Bu then who will be here to tell me how much power weapons don't belong in Halo because of peoples skill levels?
  2. Unga bunga power weapon bad power up no skill unga bunga
  3. Something about "Xbox Live" just makes it seem like it won't get off the ground for long
  4. I wouldn't mind remakes if they weren't the same 5 maps every time. Make a new 2 base 2 tower map (midship), but give me a remake of boarding action or chiron for some really fun party games
  5. Would be shocked if they don't get a C&D from MS honestly
  6. Remember when the Didact died was teleported to some other place where he killed multiple characters off screen then got stored on a USB Main villain of Halo 4 by the way, and players aren't even the ones to stop him. EDIT: At least it was better than 5s story
  7. H4 story gets so much shit because a lot of it doesn't really make any sense without at least some knowledge outside of the games. That and suddenly there's knock off force users and the chosen one story that happens.
  8. Even the infinity gauntlet cant make halo games with sprint remain relevant
  9. rea(rlong)mis is proof Thanos was right.
  10. Best part of Halo 4's campaign was the trench run even if it was just the warthog runs of CE and 3 but in a space ship it was fun. The rest was pretty forgettable overall.
  11. Literally cannot set the bar lower for 343 and they still struggle to meet it
  12. I told you all not to get MCC on PC cause it was going to be a broken mess
  13. Because real soldier can sprint, and we took out the speed bonus from holding a knife because that isn't realistic and ruins immersion - 343

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