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  1. The perfect TTK might be .6, but the avg is probably around 1.2
  2. 2 versions means they're 2 times more likely do mess it up
  3. What Shotzzy could do was impressive because of what he did without clamber.
  4. The giant hill in the center of the map that spawns the best weapon on the map to counter all the vehicles. The lack of real threat to the enemy sniper posted top mid blaining your team besides your sniper. Aesthetically it's pretty average for Halo.
  5. Wait nothing about the next event for over a month? That's ridiculous
  6. I more or less don't really care if the map is shown with whatever, an overhead, a paragraph, etc, but the average player just wants a picture of the map they recognize because people like to pick maps like they're ordering from a menu.
  7. Almost as if you made a point of having a description of the map and an overhead view that most people could care less about. Almost as if people complained about ugly gray maps were constantly bitched about in Reach so having maps look good from forge is a good thing. I'd rather the map look good than be a gray blob that uses tiny ass lights for decoration.
  8. This is going to sound crazy, but most people would rather judge by a picture than read about the map and make sense of it. Obviously make it good before it's pretty, but pretty gets people interested.
  9. Ah ha that's where you're wrong me matey. You are not penalized for hip firing, you are rewarded for zooming! Big brain language right there
  10. Sprinty boi better than weapon spray boi

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