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  1. The CE stream had Pirate themed trap music https://clips.twitch.tv/InventiveMotionlessLettuceVoHiYo
  2. Just try to look diagonally accurately in Halo 3 in a gunfight and tell me it doesn't suck ass.
  3. Other than the team from WB has to lost twice compared to the once by the team from the LB
  4. One day I will play a full series of CE MCC without getting pissed off on how shit the registration is. Today was not that day. It's not worth the effort to try to play seriously without a near perfect host. God I wish I could get the equipment and start my own CE LAN group.
  5. Ah yes Roybox two of the best players to play the game ever, who have also played a good amount of CE in their time had 'close' games on a busted version of H1 that nerfs hosts pistol into the ground.
  6. Chances we get other Halo tournaments for CE/H2? Even alongside H3 would be sweet.
  7. Fear does things to people, cut him some slack
  8. Hahahahahahaha Competitive Halo is so far in the minority is doesn't even matter.
  9. H2 Classic also has a host who becomes near unstoppable.
  10. My post was more on the fact that Ryanoob was really cocky about becoming really good at CE very fast. While I'm sure the guy is better than me, some of that is because he LANs it more than I do and has much higher quality opponents than I could imagine getting. Also you could put Me on Legends team against Hard Way and McDick and the series would be good, I assume I have no real basis beyond getting slapped at Beach LAN and playing CE with Hard Way a good amount. It's all relative.
  11. I get a kick out of this. Ryanoob, an H3 kid, said he could master CE in a week and still gets obliterated by McDick and company at local LANs

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