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  1. Imagine thinking Halo weapons have ever taken skill to aim /s
  2. The arbiter questions his faith gradually. There's no internal monologue to explicitly state this. I asked several not so versed in the lore people about the story of H4, and they agreed it was more confusing than anything in H2.
  3. I have 0 faith in the new engine doing much in terms of hit reg. 343 hasn't proven they can make hit reg not cheeks
  4. Reach launching with mouse aiming being bad is already a dumpster fire. If there are essentially issues outside of that (crashes, people getting kicked by anitcheat for being good, severe frame drops), it just compounds how bad it is. The approach of "waiting till it's ready" obviously meant "wait till it's ready, unless we miss the holidays" Also Halo 2 story was better than Halo 4 or 5's
  5. Projectile is better than hitscan. It literally nerfs the primary weapon at long ranges. You know so people can't sit way back and cross map easily
  6. Definition of living long enough to go from the hero to the villain
  7. Jokes on 343. I wasn't expecting anything so I'm not disappointed
  8. I forgot there was supposed to be an announcement tomorrow
  9. 4 & 5 have some pretty trash stories. Wanna talk about not knowing the antagonists reason for doing the thing I had 0 idea why the Didact wanted to murder the human race. 5 is just not good. CE at least makes some mention of the covenants religion even if it isn't a deep dive into the reason for the war.
  10. The integrity of the league isn't hurt by advertising that much. If anything incentives to tune in for 5 minutes does more harm because it inflates numbers.
  11. Putting ads everywhere for the esports doesn't hurt it's integerity lmao.
  12. H4 and H2A aiming also feel good because every gun in those games are piss easy in comparison
  13. DH is in a couple weeks and I've never been less excited for an event
  14. H5 was not a good quality triple A launch. Source: All the other triple A games

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