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  1. Why is this the best thing 343 has added in a decade of working on the franchise
  2. This is a Hard Way checkpoint post. Upvote this post so we know you're catching up
  3. This is what bothers me more than anything. 6 years and nothing groundbreaking* with the battlepass also being insanely predatory I am pretty disappointed overall. *Forge could actually be nuts and maybe I will feel a little better. Assuming campaign is gonna suck
  4. Comp settings look fine. I could enjoy H2A I'll enjoy this. Maybe not the best experience or what I would want but it's at least better than the first H5 settings
  5. Imagine if Reamis learned this skill
  6. Saucey and Cyren pay him to keep these forums busy. Explains the posting problem
  7. I've also been posting since 2014, you average 5+ posts A DAY
  8. Holy shit you post so much what the fuck
  9. If you don't buy the battle pass you quite literally get nothing more often than anything
  10. "See, told you it was the best halo ever" - the thriving twitter Halo community
  11. You and your teammate just suck
  12. Looked over the battlepass leak and you basically get nothing for being on the free track lmao
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