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  1. If they think we want it they'll do something else shhhh
  2. Original Halo 2 multiplayer is added. But it's $20 dlc and you can only play it on the xbone using a razer keyboard
  3. Wow look at this shit that doesn't matter. The pistol as the utility feels good to me cause it feels more powerful. Who cares what the gun looks like, give the game character instead of worrying what everyone else is doing.
  4. He didn't place dead last like Splyce Halo so it can't be impressive
  5. CE hit reg against bad connections isn't any better. Still 12 shots on a guy walking in a straight line.
  6. The CE stream had Pirate themed trap music https://clips.twitch.tv/InventiveMotionlessLettuceVoHiYo
  7. Just try to look diagonally accurately in Halo 3 in a gunfight and tell me it doesn't suck ass.
  8. Other than the team from WB has to lost twice compared to the once by the team from the LB
  9. One day I will play a full series of CE MCC without getting pissed off on how shit the registration is. Today was not that day. It's not worth the effort to try to play seriously without a near perfect host. God I wish I could get the equipment and start my own CE LAN group.

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