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  1. Well you could spawn with a weapon that shot straight so therefore it was the best. Thank you for coming to my alternative facts TED talk
  2. Penance slayer is actually shit though. Like in general the map is not well designed for anything outside CE, and even in CE Damnation games take forever.
  3. “We saw Reach become one of if not the most popular game on steam for some time when it was released on pc. Halo players showed their love for the franchise and to honor them we have an announcement for Infinite! We brought back armor lock, the most in demand way to out play your opponents!” - Bonie Ross e3 2020
  4. The issue here isn't really skill, it's the fact of the players being uninformed/uneducated. They believe/think that the DMR is op because the maps are shit, usually. They don't think in the mentality of someone being better, but in how it is "unfair" that they can't sprint around the map all the time. That an "Well actually a DMR shouldn't hurt the falcon because it as armor!" when it is entirely possible for a pilot to get shot in any sort of flying vehicle. Plus, space bullets.
  5. "Remove DMR's from social, they're too strong" "They're power weapons!"
  6. 343 decided to make social 75% AR starts for Reach because they are dumb smart
  7. I think you all forgot this gem from @Ramirez77 because it sums up in a hyperbolic way what exactly is being asked for
  8. Remember when they killed Bionicles for Hero Factor? Dark times
  9. I’ve got og Tahu Lewa Pohatu Onua and Gali with gold mask still
  10. H2A adding the weapon outlines for weapons on the ground like H5 would make the art extra nice.
  11. Trump threatened civilian sites, so that's neat.
  12. Talking about art? Finally something new. H2A art style is probably my favorite overall. Minus the sun.

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