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  1. There's a rang of ages at LANs. I was 20 when I went to Beach LAN and there were a few people under 30 , roughly 10-15 if I had to guess, not that playing a game with a predominantly 25+ population should be a reason to not play a game.
  2. Moderators influenced by Russian bots, more at 11
  3. Give everyone the soldier 76 ult from overwatch. Get rid of randomness, emphasize teamshot, emphasize positioning, it's perfect
  4. Just saying, the who "leading is random" makes it sound like you have to lead a massive amount. Which you don't. And if that was your argument people use slow moving projectiles against fast moving targets a lot. Imagine a fast moving projectile hitting a slow moving target ala CE.
  5. The CE clip is funny cause it's be said before that the magnetism on the magnums reticule is stronger at the edge and not dead center.
  6. CE magnum with no spread. So, the NHE one.
  7. Ease of use is always important when talking 1v2's. If the average TTK is too close to the perfect TTK 1v2's just become more difficult, unless the TTK is really low. I never said it was impossible so stop bringing up the 1 clip anyone ever uses when talking about Reach DMR 1v(whatever number).
  8. Being more empowered does make catching people off guard more powerful though. The stronger one person is the more likely they are to put together multikills and strings of kills. If everyone has that potential yes, empowerment doesn't matter, but if the average and perfect TTK are wide enough then you increase the effectiveness of catching people off guard because if you hit your shots, etc. the other players can't react. H5's longer kill times, coupled with how close the average and perfect TTK is makes catching 2 people off guard still a very difficult fight to win in a vacuum. Yes nades exist, and one of them could be weak etc, but in a situation where you caught two full shielded opponents not looking at you with full shield and all you could do is shoot them, CE magnum gives you the best chance.
  9. You linked yourself using one of the easiest guns to get a perfect 4 shot with in an argument about being empowered as an individual. If someone on the other team had the H2 BR I highly doubt you'd have done that well cause the gun is piss easy to 4 shot with. It's not uncommon in CE to see people miss a lot in 2v1s and wind up losing. Sure it happens in other Halo games, but it happens more often in CE because people do miss more. Also look at that "free" rocket kill that kid got, oh wait he missed and died before he could shoot another. One of the risks of using rockets.
  10. Holy cow. Someone really hates when games make you explore to unlock things huh? P.S. 'Open World' games like Witcher 3 shit on Halo campaigns.
  11. I've replayed Doom 2016 campaign several times because it's fun. RPG games I just sink hours into because there's just stuff to explore, but it's not always the most fun experience.
  12. Sucks I won't be playing Halo on PC because 343 is probably going to expect me to rebuy a broken game. Not to mention launching Reach incomplete is hilarious, and is just a repeat of H5
  13. If the Halo squad system had been a better Republic Commando squad system it would've actually been awesome.
  14. Didn't say you couldn't just that it would be nice

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