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  1. Saying that it incentives not moving is so hyperbolic no one should respond, but someone will.
  2. Y'all nuts thinking that bloom isn't garbage bananas when zooming does nothing to fix it. Vanilla reach had the hipfire penalty like Cod but no ads. Default 4 > Default Reach
  3. DBZ and Naruto never got mentioned. Projecting much?
  4. If you read the post, which it really seems you didn't, it was advocating for the BR/DMR/LR/Pistol to be the exact same outside of how the weapon looks.
  5. It should be free since it hasn't worked right in the 5 years I've owned it For those who own it already I mean
  6. For Reach. I am not paying for the rest of the collection in any way. Unless the console and pc versions are exactly like the originals from a gameplay standpoint. If you buy it before that happens you're part of the issue
  7. They expect me to buy the games again. Nice try 343, I was almost hyped.
  8. Imagine never getting MCC CE or H2 to play like the originals and now you can buy it again in pieces and it still doesn't work
  9. Wait I don't get MCC on pc if I already own it?
  10. Ready for a pc port to console back to pc game?

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