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  1. Maps are okay. Pretty run of the mill, nothing experimental with them so pretty run of the mill maps. Not great, not bad, just okay. Better than a lot of the maps in The past couple Halo games at least
  2. Pros and bad takes, name a better duo
  3. To be fair, he's not wrong If you can compete MnK vs Controller, ranked should reflect that
  4. The commando is so much worse when you scope in, like hipfire across the map is better
  5. Played about 2 hours today. Sprint feels basically worthless. Beyond the usual points as to why sprint sucks, this is the most pointless implementation of it. It's not too much faster than the base speed. The pistol feels like I'm hitting people with a wet noodle. I have no idea how they thought making the player feel like a 4 year old with a pool noodle was a good idea. Some positives, the sniper isn't piss easy, BR felt okay but slow TTK, commando is alright so far. The AR and Needler need to be reworked.
  6. Player takes damage but isn't kicked out of smart scope
  7. Confirmed tomorrow, most likely afternoon
  8. Let's go first Spartan Bot montage incoming
  9. I take it that you didn't play MCC on launch
  10. Haven extraction is severely underrated
  11. Plaza is the best halo 5 map
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