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  1. Just let me throw fusion coils at people in comp so I can make a montage with it and call it "100% HCS ONLY MONTAGE"
  2. I've never seen someone complain so much about free content that isnt necessary to play/complete the games. But there has to be the first time for everything.
  3. While I have opinions about the new armor put into mcc I still think that overall my view on the changes to mcc have been good for it in the long term. I say this because some people don't want anything new in mcc like this guy from pcmag who wants mcc to be H3A only it seems https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/i-wish-343-would-leave-halo-the-master-chief-collection-alone/
  4. Reddit complains about having to play ranked, of course they're going to complain about anything that makes the game more skill based
  5. Ah yes, ruin that emotional investment
  6. I believe in CE supremacy obviously. But it is true that teamshot is very important in CE and H2. While a wider minimum vs average TTK helps the game overall. The reason H3 is slow is because of FOV, spread, shit maps, shit weapon balance. H5 isn't "slow" because of the pistol. It feels slow because thrust allows people to back down from fights that would've gotten them killed in CE or 2, the H3 BR not withstanding. I used to be on the H3 bad always train, but with the hit reg I'm getting in MCC now, it's fun. Would I prefer CE? Absolutely. I think the individual is still the strongest in CE. The real debate for me is H2 or H3. It's harder to shoot in H3, not because of spread, it just is. The sniper is less forgiving. But button combos in H2 make you much more deadly up close, even if they create this weird style of gameplay where you're punished for shooting first in some situations. Halo 5's biggest issue for me is the aiming, and the pacing. The aiming is self explanitory and been talked about a lot. But as a 4v4 game H5 has the most unique pacing of all the Halo games. It's either everyone flying everywhere to the point it feels just like chaos with callouts to slow and steady setup for flag caps. I kinda rambled but basically Killmachine is right. Teamshot has always been king and 2v1s are always going to be heavily favored to the majority. Just the way the world works.
  7. Walked around the new map Waterfall and man the ice textures are so ass
  8. We hope. There's a lot of redditors who think bloom is good
  9. Infinite is going to be dead like the dozens of free to play battle royale games before it.
  10. It would've been better if it faded the video to black and had the audio also fade on one last note But hey my degree isn't in marketing
  11. Has anyone elses MCC just closed on you but you can still hear game sound of the game you were playing? I was in an H3 game and MCC just died lol
  12. So I have a few questions about MCC on PC Does the CE pistol still fuck up above 60fps? Do I need the new map files to play with someone on downrush for example? Did they ever fix that thing with the backpacks you can unlock blocking head models?
  13. If you replace a map it makes sense to me. But then I think matchmaking wouldn't be playable until you undid the changes
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