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  1. Alright, I've played 25 games so far and have basically tired everything and tested everything as much as I could. I'm gonna try to be as detailed as possible to give the best feedback I can because I want this game to be great more than anything. This game as it stands right now is better than Halo 4 even if nothing changed, but with the right changes it could be a really good game albeit in a different way from the original trilogy. The feedback I'm about to give is my opinion as it currently stands, I think some of this could change once we get to use the full weapon set and get to play on more maps but nonetheless. Sorry in advance for how long this will be. So here we go... Weapons Overall I feel the gun play is really good. The amount of auto aim is perfect and shooting just feels great. The really great thing about the lessened auto aim is that it is really rewarding to get kills with something like the pistol because it takes a good amount of skills to hit your shots even when you are taking your time and trying to be precise. With that being said I'm gonna break it down by each weapon. AR - The biggest problem is that using the smart scope gives you a tighter spread which in turn makes it easy to melt people at mid range. An AR should not be able to win a straight up fight against a BR at mid range. There are 3 options to fix this problem. One is have no smart scope for the AR and let it be hip fire only. Two is have the same spread as when hip firing while in smart scope that way you can't just roll over people at mid range. Three is keep the tightened spread while in smart scope but reduce the damage while using smart scope. I think no matter what change is made the AR needs to have reduced damage at mid range. I don't mind that it's so powerful at close range as long as the spread is wide and you can't just spray and pray. SMG - Alot of the same problems the AR has the SMG has. If the SMG is gonna be the best close range weapon like it is now then it needs to not stand any chance whatsoever of killing at midrange. As it stands it doesn't quite have the range of the AR but it isn't that far behind. So the change I would like to see is have the bullet range be reduced quite a bit. And like the AR either smart scope needs to be removed or the spread needs to stay the same while smart scoped as it is when hip firing. BR - I feel like the BR is the most balanced weapon honestly. I really don't know if anything needs to change. Since the auto aim is so low hitting long range shots isn't has easy as it is in say H4 or H2A. Midrange it feels great which is what its made for. Close range it can be beat by both the AR and SMG especially if you miss a shot. There is a weird thing though where it seems to be really hard to finish a kill with it sometimes. I can get a person one shot and then get what looks like a head shot but then it take 2 or 3 more shots to kill them, I don't know if that's a hit box thing or a connection thing or what but it might need to be looked into more. The smart scope is fine on the BR to me but I understand why people wouldn't like it. DMR - The DMR is really good. It fits its long range roll well. The only issue I have with it is its rate of fire is so fast that if you have taken any damage what so ever it feels like the DMR can kill you incredible quick even if you are in a midrange battle using the BR or a close range battle using the SMG/AR. So maybe the rate of fire could be reduced a tiny tiny bit. I do feel though that there should only be a few DMRs on the map. I feel if a whole team has DMRs they could sit back and kill everything fairly easily. I know alot of people have a problem with the smart scope on it and how small it is but I don't have that big of an issue with it. Pistol - I really love the pistol. It's like a cross between the H1 and Reach pistol. Getting a kill with it especially at range is so rewarding. If you don't miss a shot it can kill very quick which I like because it adds alot of skill to the gun. I don't really have any issues with it. Sniper - Rate of fire is wayyyyyyyyy too slow. In a game where people can sprint and thrust away you cannot finish a kill if you don't hit a headshot the first time. I also don't know if this is another possible hitbox issue like I talked about with the BR or if it has to do with auto aim but I have seen many times where it looks like I didn't hit a person but I do somehow and many times where I have a shot right on their head and somehow it doesn't hit. Another major issue is the smartscope which makes it extremely hard, if not almost impossible, to quick scope someone because of the delay when zooming in. And to add to that flinching when getting hit makes no sense since we are already being punished by getting knocked out of scope. I feel like if you have both descope and flinch you are punishing the player too much. Flinching I think would be best served by being removed. Also this really isn't a balanced thing but I really dislike the design of the sniper. It is identical to the H4 one and the scope design on both seems bulky and weird. Prophet's Bane - I like the sword turning more into more of a power weapon like in H2 and H2A. I think the sword always made more sense as being a power weapon. I think two changes need to be made though. One the thing is way too bright and you can't see a damn thing because of it. Second I think it probably wouldn't hurt to reduce the speed a little while using it. I don't think the speed is a major issue but I only have a problem with it because the person using it can run from a battle so quickly which slows down the game. Grenades - I like that there is no grenade indicators anymore. I hate that nades knock you back 5 feet, I think that is completely unnecessary. Nades are pretty powerful so getting hit with one does enough damage, no need to get knocked back. I could be wrong but it seems like its super easy to shoot nades in this game. Other than that I think both frags and plasmas are fine. Bouncing is still weird but I feel like that's more because of the map design's than how the nades work. I also wouldn't mind if when nades bounced or are close to you made a little more noise becauseIIi have a hard time hearing them when they get thrown at me or around me. Maps Both maps seem okay and I hope 343 are the ones that design all the maps instead of most of them being designed by Certain Affinity like H4 (no offense to CA). Truth - I like Truth and I think it is designed pretty well and it plays pretty well. Some sections like Bottom Mid and the new jump ups at the bottom of the bases are a little over designed but I don't think it hurts the map too much. Still I think the jump up/clamber spots at the bottom of the bases are pointless and add nothing to the map. There are 4 options to get out of the bottom of the bases (lift, left door, right door, front door), adding another only slows the game down when it comes to engaging enemies. I like what they did with top mid and adding the destructible shields. This map is much much bigger than Midship thanks to sprint but even if sprint gets taken out (please take it out) I think the map will still play well at its size with a upped movement speed. Empire - This map is weird because of the weapon placement. Outside and the inside base are the only real places to set up because of the snipers, The middle of the map offers nothing. Alot of the inside is way too clustered as well and seems over designed. I think either the snipers need to be moved and some of the cluster inside taken out and adding more weapons to the middle of the map would help. Or add something like an over shield to bottom mid so people have a reason to move and have engagements in the middle instead of camping on both sides of the map looking for crack shots with the snipe. Movement This is the big thing for me. Alot of what they've added is either completely broken, overpowered, or useless. The only new movement option I find to be good and enjoyable is Thrusters. Lets start off with the thing everybody is talking about, sprint. Sprint - What can I say here that hasn't been said a thousand times since Halo Reach? Sprint does not work in Halo and it does not work in Halo 5. The no recharge while sprinting is a nice change but it doesn't change the fact that you can still run away or bum rush somebody with a sword or charge a person with an SMG or run half way across the map right off spawn. Finishing a kill in this game is still a challenge (and not a good one) because of sprint. And to add too it, the things that are unbalanced or unfair in this game are made worse by sprint because of the fact that you can run away from gun fights and then run right back and use whatever broken or unbalanced thing you were using. Take out sprint and up the basement and this game will play even better and be even more competitive and fun. PLEASE 343 TAKE SPRINT OUT! Ground and pound - I'm completely indifferent about it other than the fact that I think there should be a stepper penalty for missing with it. It is too easy to use it and then be right back up shooting. Thruster - I love the thruster. I think that without sprint, thruster by itself would be a awesome new movement ability and it really adds to the game. Mastering it adds another skill gap. Alot of people think it shouldn't thrust you as far but I'm fine with how it is right now. Maybe a longer delay between when you can use it might help though. Shoulder Charge - This drives me in-freaking-sane... This is one of the things that is a byproduct of sprint that is completely dumb and adds to why sprint needs to be removed. Running around a corner sprinting at someone and then charging and killing them is not only frustrating but so overpowered. Add to the fact that there is almost no consequence for missing with it and it makes it even more terrible. Like sprint this is best if it is just removed. Interface The UI is pretty good even at this stage but could use some additions and changes. So here is a list of general things that I like and dislike or think need to change. I like the pregame stuff. I hate the post game Spartan celebration, very lame and cheesy. The high fives and stuff don't really work. Just have them looking badass or something instead of broing out. Love the shield and health bar LOVE LOVE LOVE the ranking system, makes me want to play even more. It is very addicting. I like that win/loss and performance matter. Post game carnage screen is good but the only thing I would like to see is it show what your highest spree was like in past Halo games and the ability to view the medals you earned that game. In closing I think the game is fun as it is but that could change once we see and get to play more. This game has promise but I think alot of changes that I talked about and others have talked about need to be made if this game is gonna succeed. From what I've played sprint is the major thing to me that has to go and I think everybody agrees on that. I truly believe this game would be so much better without it. I love Halo but 343 has yet to deliver on a Halo game, if this game is another failure then I don't ever see myself coming back to Halo. As long as 343 listens and makes changes I will continue to play and give my feedback. I've done my part 343, time to do yours.
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