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  1. And that is why we put up with the shit support and "technical difficulties" (incompetence.) Because of games like that.
  2. I just can't wait until stream numbers are down as a whole with the settings update, and they blame the competitive community and say that no one likes the new settings. Instead of people tuning in multiple times to dead air and vamping.
  3. This is one of the greatest Halo photo's ever taken. Right up there with FB in the camo jackets.
  4. This was the worst 10+ page catch up I've done in a while. Literally zero Halo information about scrims or streams. How the fuck did @@Towey get roasted for posting a video? By the admins/creators of the site no less? Seeing you guys come out and flame a prominent/active member of the Halo community, not just this niche sub section of the community just kinda made me sad to be a long time member of this site. And seriously what is your reasoning? That he doesn't use your guys website to argue with people about team change decisions and combat people bitching about the twins arguing, but instead posts content? It is obviously something that the people with red names on this site have been talking about privately for a long time, and for some reason irks you to no end. In my opinion you guys should feel lucky people come to your site to post their content, not acting all high and mighty that you provide a small platform for them to do so. One of the hypest days of my life involves this website, and that is the day MCC was announced. I remember coming here and just basking in the memes of the back of Nintendo Wii consoles and the hype that was surging through the community. But as we all know how MCC ended, and h2a ending, everyone just went right back to saying h5 isn't h2, and that it sucks overall as a game. I personally think the game is fun, not amazing, but still the best shooter on Xbox in my opinion. We get the best update to the game we've gotten since it came out, and the majority of talk about the game is how the servers are fucked (I agree, doesn't affect HCS that much) and the heavy aim (been there since day1) I respect the fact that the teambeyond staff were there for the Halo community when not many other places were, but when the fuck was @@Towey not down with the Halo community 100%? Calling him out on sponsorship requirements or saying its a joke that he posts his vids here without mixing in some shitposting/memeing/complaining about how h5 isn't h2 is laughable to me. I'd rather him post nothing but video links that are relevant TO AN HCS PRO LEAGUE SEEDED TEAM (LIKE AM I NUTS? THATS THE THREAD WE ARE IN RIGHT?) than 90% of the other posts in this thread. Sad day to be a longtime TB member.
  5. take some of that champs money and get you a lease on a nice kia soul or some shit so you aren't whippin that 98 explorer back and forth from Mich to Chi. On the real tho, psyched you are gonna be staying at the house. Love to see how it is when you are a little more comfortable and not in full blown guest mode. I need the real TJ in Hectors vids, not the sellout, yes man TJ.
  6. I just have to formally apologize to Pistola. When he seemed to be falling apart mentally a while back I was convinced he was washed and would never be back to his godlike previous form. He has proven me wrong in every way and appears to once again be the wizard that we all knew from the past. Congrats man, I'm happy for you, and sorry for doubting you.
  7. T2 is maybe one of the best to bless the mic we have ever had in Halo. Wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions either. Very, very good.
  8. I haven't been this hype since the Million dollar tourney announcement. When TJ sat down I legit lost it. Lets fuckin go.
  9. maaan, that hurts. I really found OpTic through Halo, not the other way around. For them to be gone hurt, and will definitely make me stop watching their content as much.
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