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  1. Those are must haves that this country has had since the beginning of time and shouldn't be used as a gateway towards full-on socialism. Law enforcement is needed, especially in this day and age of low morals and values.
  2. I don't want to subsidize other people's health issues or be forced into paying for healthcare that I don't want and don't use. I also don't want to pay for other's college tuition. Trump 2020.
  3. Reach multiplayer is actually free. It's the campaign that is $10.
  4. For me, Jordan is not only the GOAT in basketball, but in all of sports history.
  5. Only way to solve climate change is human depopulation. Ironically, climate change might actually help us do that. World is way, way too overpopulated with humans, while we have killed off 50% of wildlife in the past 40 years.
  6. I evaluate every day. Trump doesn't even work out and he is in great health for his age, despite being a little overweight. Also key is that he doesn't drink, smoke, or do any drugs/opioids. And lol he doesn't have dementia. If he did, no way in hell could he perform those hour-plus long rally speeches...all without a teleprompter.
  7. I won't be. I'll never get cancer or any of that bullshit. That's for unhealthy and reckless living folks. I take care of myself a million times better than 99% out there. Everyone is crying about the cost of health care and how they're so victimized. I'm laughing all the way to the bank in perfect health while paying $0 for health insurance. Maybe if old ass Bernie Sanders would start hitting the gym instead of constantly screaming "Trump is racist!", he could lower his blood pressure and avoid those heart attacks. Not if you're a genius like me who is in total control of their health. The idiots are the ones who don't take care of themselves and are wasting thousands each year on health insurance. Health insurance, what a scam, what a joke.
  8. Government is at fault for allowing this country to be inundated with 3rd world immigrants. They are also at fault for signing trade deals which allowed millions of jobs to leave this country. Millions of uneducated, unskilled labor in. Millions of jobs out. What could possibly go wrong? Those two things are the biggest reasons I support Trump. One thing I do agree with you is that greedy billionaires share a huge part of blame in this. They are the ones who bought and paid the crooked politicians to sign the trade deals which enabled them to take advantage of cheap labor in 3rd world countries. And if these greedy billionaires aren't shipping the jobs overseas, they are brining in H1/H2 Visa Indians in to replace jobs once held by real Americans. I remember a few years ago when Disney replaced their IT workers with Visa immigrants and forced the Americans to train their replacements in order to receive a severance package. That was eye opening and from that point on, I would never give one penny to Disney and never even watched their fake Star Wars movies. So, yes, in that sense, I do blame billionaires for replacing American jobs with foreign labor. In the big picture, it has been absolutely devastating for this country. My self interest is making and saving as much money as possible. My self interest definitely is not paying higher taxes to subsidize diabetes, poor life choices, and 3rd world immigrants. Socialism is terrible. I work hard to make progress in my own life, not to subsidize other human beings. I have zero fault in other human beings problems, so why should I be taxed to support them? People need to be held accountable and responsible for their lives and their decisions, just as I am for mine. Bernie's politics would not help me at all. I don't have healthcare and I don't want or need it. I am fine with being responsible for myself. I don't want to be fleeced out of hundreds each month so that I can subsidize diabetes and other people's poor health choices. They won't have to. I don't need it. I workout every day and have a healthy/balanced diet. I'm in control of my own health, not some doctor and not some health insurance company.
  9. lol, higher taxes will not benefit me one iota. Screw Bernie Sanders and his socialist bullshit.
  10. You didn't have to. I know what you were thinking. My point is, who gives a fuck?
  11. What's wrong with that? You dumb leftists/liberals/democrats blow every little thing way out of proportion.
  12. Good. With 50% of wildlife being destroyed over the past 40 years, human over population has ravaged the planet and humans will reap what they have sown. The world will be a much better place minus a few billion people.
  13. Human overpopulation is the root cause. However, like every other problem, nothing will be done until the SHTF.
  14. He has. He's fighting against bad free trade deals and illegal immigration every day. What is going on now is the fruition of decades of terrible policies that Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama enacted. Not so easy to undo in 3 years.
  15. Millions of foreigners flooding in and millions of jobs flooding out. What could possibly go wrong?
  16. Human overpopulation. Hyper inflation. Lower standard of living.
  17. I know. It has always sucked. Liberals/leftists/anarchists are dummies. No logic. No common sense. No brain.
  18. Don't worry about what leftists and anarchists think. They are illogical, which renders their opinions as meritless. Conservatism and minimalism are the righteous ways.
  19. Top comment on a Yahoo article I read earlier: More than 325 million people live in the United States. By 2065, that figure is expected to grow to 441 million says Pew Research with 88% of the growth being new immigrants. That number was projected by Pew Research BEFORE the massive invasion we are experiencing on our border. Maybe double it. We'll have to bulldoze millions of acres of open spaces to build housing for new arrivals. To feed a larger population, we'll have to convert more forests and grasslands to farms. Further ecosystem destruction will occur, more species will be threatened, and U.S. greenhouse gas emissions will rise. Environmentalists can prevent this ecological catastrophe by supporting humane reductions in future immigration levels. Sensible limits on immigration were once the mainstream environmentalist position. The Sierra Club's first executive director, David Brower, remarked, "Overpopulation is perhaps the biggest problem facing us, and immigration is part of the problem." The founder of Earth Day, Sen. Gaylord Nelson, commented that "it's phony to say 'I'm for the environment but not for limiting immigration.'" A growing population would also overtax fresh water sources. Consider California, which has suffered horrific droughts. Due to immigration, California's population is set to grow from roughly 40 million today to 44 million by 2030. That means more pressure on limited water resources, more sprawl, and less space for nonhuman inhabitants. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife states unequivocally, "Habitat loss due to human population growth presents the single biggest problem facing native plants and animals in California." A growing population also means that the nation's total emissions could increase. Population growth was responsible for nearly 30 percent of the increase in U.S. emissions between 1997 and 2007. President Trump's elimination of "chain migration", the lottery system, birth tourism, anchor babies, and ILLEGAL immigration would prevent such emissions and sprawl. Having LIMITED and LEGAL immigration would curb population growth in the U.S. Do we want to grow to a billion people this century and have the overcrowding and pollution problems China and India have? Look at California cities for a peek at the future of overpopulation and environmental devastation: rising homeless population, tent cities, skyrocketing housing prices, housing shortages, 3 hour commutes, overcrowded schools, congested freeways, gated communities for the rich and high income inequality, overbuilding in flood and fire zones which produce more floods, fires and deaths, and lower quality of life for all. Can we AFFORD to support hundreds of millions of third world immigrants coming here who are unskilled and will earn minimum wage - about $400 a week or $1200 a month - which won't cover food, housing, medical care and education for their large families? Silicon Valley geniuses say with more high tech jobs, automation and robotization, we won't have enough jobs for American citizens here now. They predict we will have to give our current citizens universal basic income or money for NOT working. Then working Americans will also have to support the hundreds of millions of unskilled illegals pouring into our country, too? That's not rational. We have $22 TRILLION in debt, and $124 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities which includes Vets' pensions, yours and my Social Security, Medicare etc. We are the largest debtor nation right now in the history of the world! We need to put our inner-city youth first giving them great educations to prepare for high tech jobs, pay down our debt, help our vets and homeless, repair our infrastructure and clean up our environment.
  20. I feel the same about all the damn Sandbox variants in Big Team. Especially Utah Mambo and Vindictive. God these maps suck and yet I get them all the damn time along with Longshore. It's like they have the weightings backwards in Big Team. Seems so difficult to get Valhalla, Avalanche, and Standoff.
  21. The big picture is that we don't need anymore people in this country, especially those who are uneducated and can't speak English. They are lowering our standard of living by increasing the cost of housing, education, healthcare, and taxes for real Americans, who are already pinched as it is. Their lack of education means most likely their best case scenario is landing a job that pays minimum wage, in which case, they won't be able to survive without government handouts or living with like 10+ other illegals in a small apartment. Our country is tapped out. The bigger picture is that we are way, way over populated with humans. We need population control in America. We need to stop constantly expanding and killing off all the wildlife. America should start now instead of waiting until the SHTF. Why is it that with every single major issue, nothing gets done until the SHTF? Do most people just have zero foresight or what? "Let's keep pumping out more and more humans while simultaneously killing off all wildlife. What could possibly go wrong?"
  22. Minimum wage hikes are an illusion as companies will just raise prices to cover them. Prior Presidents have been bought and paid for by lobbyists and special interests. They passed free trade agreements so that huge corporations could outsource jobs overseas allowing them to make huge profits off cheap labor since they wouldn't have to pay the tariffs that used to be in place. At the same time, these previous Presidents turned a blind eye to millions upon millions of illegal aliens flooding into our country. The same leftists who complain about expensive healthcare are the same people who advocate for illegals and giving them health care. Well guess what, somebody is going to have to eat the cost and that somebody are real Americans. Trump is the first politician (that I have seen) and first President to really go after the bad trade deals and illegal immigration. I don't like the tax benefits for the 1%, but at the same time he is hitting them with the tariffs. I mean, he isn't perfect, like I don't agree with him wanting to lower interest rates, but compared to every President that I have seen...Obama, Bush, and Clinton, he is a dream.
  23. Millions of 3rd worlders flooded in and millions of jobs flooded out. It's been a one-two knockout punch. Millions of real Americans fleeced by huge corporations and corrupt, bought & paid for politicians. Trump is here to clean up the mess.
  24. Trump would have destroyed Bernie in 2016 and he will destroy Bernie in 2020, if Bernie is nominated. Think about it. Crooked Hillary beat Bernie in 2016, and then went on to get destroyed by Trump. Only dummies want socialism. Only dummies want to pay for free college and free healthcare. Only dummies want open borders and to pay healthcare for illegals. Logical Americans don't want that crap. Logical Americans will elect Trump again in 2020.

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