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  1. Reach multiplayer is actually free. It's the campaign that is $10.
  2. I feel the same about all the damn Sandbox variants in Big Team. Especially Utah Mambo and Vindictive. God these maps suck and yet I get them all the damn time along with Longshore. It's like they have the weightings backwards in Big Team. Seems so difficult to get Valhalla, Avalanche, and Standoff.
  3. I don't care for custom games. I want jetpack nerfed or removed for Big Team.
  4. They need to nerf jetpack or better yet, remove it entirely.
  5. If 343 wants to sell less than a million copies, then make Halo Infinite like Halo 5. If 343 wants to sell many millions, make Halo Infinite with original formula(no thruster, no sprint, no bullshit). It's really that simple.
  6. Sorry Hard Way, but the H5 wraith is absolute ass. As far as physics and aesthetics, that thing is the worst vehicle 343 has made(they haven't made a good one yet). Reach wraith is God-tier, believe me, I know:) Also, I still think Reach has the best ghost, by far. And that scorpion, 80+ kills here we go:)
  7. I don't want sprint in Big Team or in Halo period.
  8. He was shown the same "respect" that he gave. They straight up ruined Halo with garbage ass Halo 4, Halo 5, and a broken MCC. They are finally gaining some respect from me with their updates to MCC. What I really like is that it wasn't a one and done update for optics. It's a work in progress and those working on it seem passionate about wanting to improve the game. Actually gives me some hope for Infinite. But if they dare give us another sprint Halo, or any kind of armor/spartan abilities, I refuse to buy it. Original formula or I'll just stick with MCC.
  9. One of your Halo 5 boys. I know the game is dead, but doesn't mean y'all need to come troll the MCC forum. Our game is better than ever and Halo 5 is already in a coffin.
  10. Rarely happens in Halo 3, but happens all the time in Halo 5. The hate is coming from Halo 5 lovers, a game that isn't 1/10th as good as Halo 3.
  11. If you want settings to feel like the original 360 version: Axial Dead Zone: 20 Radial Dead Zone: 8 for Halo 3. 9 for Halo 2/CE Sensitivity: I used 3 on the original and 2.5 for MCC Look Acceleration: I use 5, but go to 6 or 7 if turning is too slow for you.
  12. Optimum controller settings for the latest update: Sensitivity: If your OG sensitivity was below 5, drop it by 0.5. If it was above 5, drop it by 1. So if you used to play at 3, try 2.5. Look Axial Dead Zone: 20 Look Radial Dead Zone: 9 for CE and Halo 2. 8 for Halo 3. Look Acceleration: 5
  13. I never knew people complained about Halo 3's aiming until I joined this forum.
  14. Good, I hope you do chug a cactus you Halo 4, H2A, Halo 5 loving noob.
  15. https://www.amazon.com/Brook-Super-Converter-Controller-Adapter/dp/B00VY4MMGG/ref=pd_ybh_a_22?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=WFATC2EJRP5MYPXEK4Y3 That's the one I use and I have 0 complaints. The only limitation is that you can't use a mic, which is fine for me cause I mostly just search H3 BTB solo. I highly recommend this for anyone who plays a lot of Halo 3 on MCC. For me, it made a world of a difference. Going from wind milling against guests on the Xbox One controller to out-BRing tryhards on the 360 controller. The reason MCC Halo 3 aiming sucks on the Xbox One controller is that the thumb sticks are a lot looser than the 360 controller, which the game was designed for. 343 didn't take that into consideration and left the aiming the same.
  16. If you guys want better aim on MCC Halo 3, get a controller converter and a wired Xbox 360 controller. It's many times better than Xbox One controller.
  17. Only cause multiplayer in the past 3 games has sucked so terribly.
  18. If 343 were smart, Infinite would be Halo 3.5, which is what millions want and have wanted for years. Screw the H5 pathetic fanbase. Bring back the glory days of real Halo.
  19. They've had so many employees who are completely incompetent and at the same time they were hiring people who hated Halo. It really seemed like they were out to ruin Halo on purpose and milk the "Halo" moniker as much as possible before Microsoft ends the franchise. The MCC updates have been a pleasant surprise, and by far the best thing 343 has done since taking over the franchise. As far as Infinite goes, I will only buy it if it's original formula with no armor/spartan abilities or sprint or whatever game breaking gimmicks they come up with.
  20. Halo 5 is so bad, tied for the worst Halo with Halo 4. When Infinite comes out, nobody will ever touch it again. Halo 3 on the other hand is one of the greatest video games of all time and is far and away the most played game on MCC.
  21. Do you actually enjoy Halo 5 or are you just playing it because it's the newest Halo game?
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