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  1. It's too expensive and this world is over populated as it is. Constantly expanding and killing off too much wild life. We need a population reduction, a big one. Billions of people on this planet, we're not "dying out"
  2. Australia is murdering 2 million cats. Your leaders should be executed for this inhumane atrocity.
  3. I've actually cut off former friends for their liberal views. I cannot relate to and want nothing to do with democratic voters. I consider myself an extreme conservative, but I'm not really religious and not something I bring up and rarely discuss. I believe in God, within my soul, and leave it at that. I had an experience once that confirms my belief. Just because there are holes in a man made bible and no concrete proof of existence, does not mean God doesn't. It's a lot deeper than that and hard to comprehend unless you've had a personal experience like I have. I'm with Rick where I don't care for pushy religious people or pushy atheists.
  4. And every piece of land has been conquered at one point or another.
  5. Conservatives are the greatest people on the planet. Conservatives are the hardest workers, have the highest morals and values, train at the gym like warriors, are debt free and usually minimalists, listen to real music(rock, not that rap crap), are the most logical & have common sense. Conservatives are sharp, charismatic and get things done. Conservatives are true leaders and red pilled alphas. Conservatives know that marriage is between a man and a woman. Conservatives know there are 2 genders. Conservatives set & reach goals and have mission & purpose in their life. The "changes" we are deathly afraid of are akin to the changes 343 made to Halo. Having our country flooded with 3rd world foreigners. Sending millions of jobs overseas through bad trade deals. Changes that are absolutely illogical and do not benefit our country one iota. I know full well this is the master plan of the globalist elites in their quest of a New World Order. Eliminate whites and mix all colors together for one race and lower the standard of living for affluent countries. Well guess what, whites built this country from the ground up and we ain't going out that easily. We will elect Donald J Trump again in 2020, who will go down as the greatest president of all time and we WILL make America Great Again. Rockefeller, Carnegie, and JP Morgan built this country so that future generations of real Americans could thrive, not so that we could give it all away to a bunch of 3rd world moochers.
  6. You're the Rush Limbaugh of Halo, but the Rachel Maddow of politics.
  7. Wait until you get cancer to get insurance. What are the odds of someone who lives extremely healthy getting cancer anyways? I'm guessing not very high.
  8. Universal healthcare in the US would be too expensive because we have too many fatties and illegals mooching off the system. Do I want to subsidize health care for irresponsible fatasses and illegal immigrants? Hell to the fucking no. Take control of your own health by working out, eating healthy and you won't need health insurance.
  9. The dims are like "vote for me because I'm not Trump", "Make America Suck Again", "we need open borders and open trade", "free healthcare and college for everyone!", "$1000 for every American each month". They want millions more illegals and refugees and at the same time they want to send millions of more jobs overseas with more terrible trade deals. Only a total dummy would vote democrat. Just the most absolute, immoral, illogical people on this planet.
  10. Obama still won despite not delivering on campaign promises. His first term was terrible, but he won because he more exciting than Mitt Romney. Trump is far more exciting than Bernie, Biden or anyone else that is running. The more exciting candidate always wins, which is why I predicted a Trump victory in 2016. On top of that, Trump has delivered on many campaign promises and is fighting every day for others. People will be even more excited to vote for Trump again in 2020. The democrat will win the popular vote again because of the mass illegal immigrant voting going on in California.
  11. That has no baring at all. Just like 2010 didn't stop Obama from winning in 2012. Trump will wipe the floor with Bernie, Biden or whichever loony leftist the dims run.
  12. You don't have to lick the screen to comprehend logic and common sense. He was exonerated. Get over it. And you better prepare yourself for a Trump victory in 2020 because it's happening.
  13. What part of "no collusion, no obstruction, complete and total exoneration" do you not understand?

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