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  1. Build the wall. Deport all illegals. End birthright citizenship.
  2. I don't care for custom games. I want jetpack nerfed or removed for Big Team.
  3. They need to nerf jetpack or better yet, remove it entirely.
  4. Millions of illegals have flooded into California, dummy. Many of which have a fake SSN and drivers license. Millions of them vote and what a shocker that they voted for Obama in 2012. Your point?
  5. driver licenses(California) and fake SSN Millions of illegals voted for Crooked H in 2016, mainly in California, which is why she won the popular vote.
  6. Liberals are to blame for global warming. They keep pumping out kids irresponsibly, thus exponentially adding to their carbon footprint. Global warming solution = ban all leftists from having children. Besides, they're all major debtors and can't afford kids without government support anyways.
  7. If 343 wants to sell less than a million copies, then make Halo Infinite like Halo 5. If 343 wants to sell many millions, make Halo Infinite with original formula(no thruster, no sprint, no bullshit). It's really that simple.
  8. That's exactly what I'm saying. You and the rest of the scum would be dealt with very quickly.
  9. The ironic thing about anarchists like you is that if your dream of all out anarchy would happen, you and your kind would be negatively impacted the most. Logical individuals would form together and wipe you out very quickly. There would be no government, police, or military to stop it from happening (since all law would be abolished under anarchy).
  10. If there is ever a war between conservatives and leftists/Antifa/anarchists, it will be the quickest war in history. You and your kind won't know what the fuck hit you.
  11. I don't care about his tax returns. He's fixing illegal immigration and bad trade deals, which is why I voted for him. The crooks are the previous presidents that allowed millions of jobs to ship overseas and allowed millions of 3rd worlders to flood in. I'm whatever you aren't, thank God.
  12. This is how us MAGA chuds handle Antifa scum like you
  13. Sorry Hard Way, but the H5 wraith is absolute ass. As far as physics and aesthetics, that thing is the worst vehicle 343 has made(they haven't made a good one yet). Reach wraith is God-tier, believe me, I know:) Also, I still think Reach has the best ghost, by far. And that scorpion, 80+ kills here we go:)
  14. I don't want sprint in Big Team or in Halo period.

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