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  1. Free healthcare would cost much more than 50T. Everybody and their mom would be going to the hospital for the most trivial things, causing long wait times and costing much, much more than insurance plans as usage would skyrocket. It's absolutely unsustainable.
  2. Apple beat quarterly rev estimates by over $3B. Microsoft beat by over $1B. Amazon smashed theirs too. This was all just last week. So, if everyone is living paycheck to paycheck, who is buying all these iphones, airpods, and surfaces?
  3. A Bernie Sanders' presidency would be absolute worst case scenario for America. It would result in the biggest stock market crash of all time and lead to the next Great Depression, which would be much worse than the first one. The national debt would skyrocket right away. The rest the world would declare a new reserve currency, which would lead to hyperinflation in the US. Massive increase in homelessness, massive waves of illegal immigration and refugees. Empty shelves at grocery stores. We would either have all-out chaos and anarchy, or millions rounded up in FEMA camps. Many hundreds, if not thousands of unintended consequences would result if Bernie beat Trump. Personally(and thankfully), I don't think he has a chance to beat Trump in the general election.
  4. Those are must haves that this country has had since the beginning of time and shouldn't be used as a gateway towards full-on socialism. Law enforcement is needed, especially in this day and age of low morals and values.
  5. I don't want to subsidize other people's health issues or be forced into paying for healthcare that I don't want and don't use. I also don't want to pay for other's college tuition. Trump 2020.
  6. Reach multiplayer is actually free. It's the campaign that is $10.
  7. For me, Jordan is not only the GOAT in basketball, but in all of sports history.
  8. Only way to solve climate change is human depopulation. Ironically, climate change might actually help us do that. World is way, way too overpopulated with humans, while we have killed off 50% of wildlife in the past 40 years.
  9. I evaluate every day. Trump doesn't even work out and he is in great health for his age, despite being a little overweight. Also key is that he doesn't drink, smoke, or do any drugs/opioids. And lol he doesn't have dementia. If he did, no way in hell could he perform those hour-plus long rally speeches...all without a teleprompter.
  10. I won't be. I'll never get cancer or any of that bullshit. That's for unhealthy and reckless living folks. I take care of myself a million times better than 99% out there. Everyone is crying about the cost of health care and how they're so victimized. I'm laughing all the way to the bank in perfect health while paying $0 for health insurance. Maybe if old ass Bernie Sanders would start hitting the gym instead of constantly screaming "Trump is racist!", he could lower his blood pressure and avoid those heart attacks. Not if you're a genius like me who is in total control of their health. The idiots are the ones who don't take care of themselves and are wasting thousands each year on health insurance. Health insurance, what a scam, what a joke.
  11. Government is at fault for allowing this country to be inundated with 3rd world immigrants. They are also at fault for signing trade deals which allowed millions of jobs to leave this country. Millions of uneducated, unskilled labor in. Millions of jobs out. What could possibly go wrong? Those two things are the biggest reasons I support Trump. One thing I do agree with you is that greedy billionaires share a huge part of blame in this. They are the ones who bought and paid the crooked politicians to sign the trade deals which enabled them to take advantage of cheap labor in 3rd world countries. And if these greedy billionaires aren't shipping the jobs overseas, they are brining in H1/H2 Visa Indians in to replace jobs once held by real Americans. I remember a few years ago when Disney replaced their IT workers with Visa immigrants and forced the Americans to train their replacements in order to receive a severance package. That was eye opening and from that point on, I would never give one penny to Disney and never even watched their fake Star Wars movies. So, yes, in that sense, I do blame billionaires for replacing American jobs with foreign labor. In the big picture, it has been absolutely devastating for this country. My self interest is making and saving as much money as possible. My self interest definitely is not paying higher taxes to subsidize diabetes, poor life choices, and 3rd world immigrants. Socialism is terrible. I work hard to make progress in my own life, not to subsidize other human beings. I have zero fault in other human beings problems, so why should I be taxed to support them? People need to be held accountable and responsible for their lives and their decisions, just as I am for mine. Bernie's politics would not help me at all. I don't have healthcare and I don't want or need it. I am fine with being responsible for myself. I don't want to be fleeced out of hundreds each month so that I can subsidize diabetes and other people's poor health choices. They won't have to. I don't need it. I workout every day and have a healthy/balanced diet. I'm in control of my own health, not some doctor and not some health insurance company.
  12. lol, higher taxes will not benefit me one iota. Screw Bernie Sanders and his socialist bullshit.
  13. You didn't have to. I know what you were thinking. My point is, who gives a fuck?

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