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  1. Halo created KoTH? That's not like a real thing, in real life? Nope Halo made it. >_<
  2. The NORM? lol i'd like to see your set up get even close to that.
  3. lol oh yeah? You can get a mouse, keyboard, AND MIC for free? Because thats its all free with the xb1
  4. If you build a pc you dont get anything for periherals. Yeah you can spend more on scufs but you dont get one in the first place on pc so.
  5. Well watch dogs was running at like 720p 30 fps or something like that.
  6. Halo 3 is a 7 year old game that is a awful example to pull from. But i see your point.
  7. lmao you can stop right there. A headset is not even close to the difference between someone getting ulta 60 fps to 30 fps on low
  8. The first investment would be a lot of money but yeah you probably would save money over the years. I mean it still is getting good games though so
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