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  1. true time to play the waiting game it seems
  2. this sounds amazing i hope it gets more attention :3
  3. i would love to see team br's happen as a weekend playlist selection :3
  4. they need to really fix it some people die way to quickly when you respwan
  5. holy shatako my RNG level for gear is insane B)
  6. I have a quick question for finding all the skulls did anyone get anything for it besides the achievement? same goes for legendary solo
  7. if anyone needs a ninja runner and a good team player add me up its speedyswift44 i'll be play until 12 in the afternoon
  8. cleb match starts now this is gonna be good
  9. yoo quinn is calling out naded out on stream for 1v1 XDDD i need to see this
  10. is anyone watching fall of reach? im enjoying it so far so good almost done act 1

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