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  1. epic troll man. Lol. I mean, you are trolling right?
  2. read my last sentence again. you. are. an. idiot. Plain and simple. just stop.
  3. They are closer than any of the others. Halo 3 had fucking bubble shield, a hammer, and a very complex set of weapons. Competitive halo 2 had BR, shotgun, snipe, rockets. I'm not going to argue with you since you have No idea what you're talking about.
  4. Hey man we have a pretty big halo 1 /2 crew in Albuquerque. Hit me up if interested in lanning sometime
  5. It means halo 3 kids are salty that they suck at everything. I didn't take second in the shit talking award in 05 for nothing
  6. Houston 05 - 5/6 - team halo 101 St. Louis 05 - 5/6 - dipjuice Vegas 05 - 7/8 - don't remember name Nashville 05 - 7/8 - shovel face pro Seattle 05 - 7/8 - don't remember name Anaheim 05 - 7/8 - don't remember name I can't even respond to anything else because you won't understand. Everyone has their opinion
  7. Luck and randomness? You mean skill? There is no way you played ce. This literally blows my mind at how dumb it is. Like unbelievable
  8. I had 2 top 5 and 4 top 8 finishes for halo 2 MLGs and this statement is 100% accurate. There is no skill cap in halo 1 where as in any other halo everyone could 4 shot consistently.
  9. You're a ******. If you think anyone in the world gets three shots consistently you're an idiot. It's not as easy as you think, there is zero luck involved in pistol skill especially when you're going to be pinging anywhere from 50-100. CE spawn system is a thing of beauty once you get to know it, random spawns takes a giant amount of skill out of a game. Until you have played any sort of halo at a decently high competitive level you shouldn't really talk about it. Your ignorance level is through the roof however.
  10. I will agree that 3 would prob fall closer to 2 but mostly IMO
  11. I don't understand what you don't get. You literally explained my logic in your post. 0/10 ********.
  12. Not trolling. Did you even play halo 1 or 2? You can't possibly tell me that halo 3 is even close to either of those. The only reason 3 was so popular was because it was the first one on 360. Awful just like you
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