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  1. Joseph Staten has been creative director at MS since 2014. He probably did his best to stay as far away from Halo as possible. Then MS hit him up and was like, "Okay man, I know you wouldn't touch Halo with a ten foot pole. But these dudes at 343 have absolutely no idea what they're doing. Go in there, lay down the law, and help complete this shit-show."
  2. As far as first-party games, pretty much nothing. Halo was it. I imagine this was Microsoft executives to the 343 higher ups when they came to the conclusion they had to delay it: I suspect there is going to be a huge restructuring at 343 after Infinite.
  3. And there it is. Infinite has been delayed to 2021. https://www.windowscentral.com/halo-infinite-launch-date-delayed-2021
  4. He's a game journalist most notable for calling out studios for their Crunch culture. His recent piece about the Crunch at Naughty Dog gained a lot of traction. Pretty sure he also did one on Rockstar Games. https://kotaku.com/as-naughty-dog-crunches-on-the-last-of-us-ii-developer-1842289962 https://kotaku.com/crunch-time-why-game-developers-work-such-insane-hours-1704744577 I wouldn't be surprised if his next piece is about the horrible management at 343 Industries.
  5. This. I was kind of alluding to this in one of my previous posts about 343 not holding a candle to CDProjektRED, Rockstar and Naughty Dog. But you hit the nail right on the head. Even with 5 years and a supposedly $500 million dollar budget, you NEED the right people who know how to make your engine sing. If you gave 343 the same amount of time and money as Naughty Dog had to try and replicate The Last of Us Part II, I guarantee you they couldn't do it. They just don't have the right people to even come close to replicating that. Do this on MCC whenever y'all get the chance: Transition from H4 to Halo: Reach and you can see Bungie runs LAPS around 343 when it comes to texture details. Halo 4 almost looks flat in comparison. Go ahead. Try it for yourself.
  6. I agree with you on this. That's a HUGE budget and Halo Infinite looking like it does is almost inexcusable. But you also need the talent to make games look like Cyberpunk 2077, RDR2, and TLOU2. And even with a big budget and huge number of employees at 343, we already know they can't hold a candle to those developers. Should Halo Infinite fail, I expect MS to do a pretty big restructuring of 343. Starting with replacing everybody at the top. But like I said, we need to see more and actually play it ourselves. Fingers are crossed, and expectations are set very low.
  7. I've been dumping on Halo Infinite since the gameplay reveal but in all honesty - I just think a lot of us are coming off of Red Dead Redemption 2 and just recently The Last of Us Part 2 and we have these high expectations that ALL big-budget, triple-A titles should look like that. Even though it should be noted that Rockstar Games and Naughty Dog have a huge history of running their employees into the ground with terrible work hours and high turnover rates. I might be talking out my ass on this one, but it looks to me like Halo Infinite has gone through some development hell. New engine, new creative director (Tim Longo left in 2019), etc. Infinite has a lot going for it. Open world, 60FPS, day-night cycle, cross gen. So some compromises will obviously be made to tailor to those aspects. With that said, the Halo community has been restless. We've been DYING for anything to quench our Halo thirst and 343 has somewhat let us down. Visually, at least. We need to see more. If the gameplay holds up at launch, then I'll be willing to let these graphics slide. We'll see.
  8. Someone said the environments looked like 343 hired a Minecraft user to build it and now I can't unsee it.
  9. This is a promotional screenshot from 343 themselves: This one someone made to compare the AR from Reach and Infinite:
  10. See, they had me in the first half with the menu. But once the demo actually started, yikes. Did anyone else get the impression that it looked almost... unfinished? Like the gameplay they showed off was from a build from 3 years ago and not 2020? 343 also carrying over their signature trademark of flat lighting and textures. The pop-in also didn't help. Guess I shouldn't expect much from a cross-gen, open-world, 60FPS title. But that was REALLY underwhelming. A big budget and new engine, and this is what we get? We need to see more. Cause that wasn't it, chief.
  11. Frank O'Connor pretty much shot down the hopes of Marty and Joseph Staten working on Halo Infinite. https://www.resetera.com/posts/9749937/ Halo community still taking massive L's.
  12. It surprises me that The Coalition is able to show us Gears Pop, Gears Tactics, AND some Gears 5 gameplay but we can't even get a glimpse of gameplay for Infinite. Especially since Halo is Xbox's flagship title and 343 is a much bigger studio compared to TC.
  13. I've been playing around for about an hour on the One X, and to me, aiming is more or less the same. Where the improvements are seen is in image quality. Halo 5 wasn't blurry on the One, but the fact it wasn't rendering at a native 1080p was noticeable. Now that it's rendering at 4K, image quality is vastly improved. Even if you're gaming on a 1080p monitor or TV, the down-sampled image quality does wonders and you'll definitely notice it when you actually play a game.
  14. After skimming through some reviews, seems most reviewers feel the campaign isn't all that. Should still be a solid campaign, just not breathtaking. Still excited to play through it though!
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