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  1. Frank O'Connor pretty much shot down the hopes of Marty and Joseph Staten working on Halo Infinite. https://www.resetera.com/posts/9749937/ Halo community still taking massive L's.
  2. It surprises me that The Coalition is able to show us Gears Pop, Gears Tactics, AND some Gears 5 gameplay but we can't even get a glimpse of gameplay for Infinite. Especially since Halo is Xbox's flagship title and 343 is a much bigger studio compared to TC.
  3. I've been playing around for about an hour on the One X, and to me, aiming is more or less the same. Where the improvements are seen is in image quality. Halo 5 wasn't blurry on the One, but the fact it wasn't rendering at a native 1080p was noticeable. Now that it's rendering at 4K, image quality is vastly improved. Even if you're gaming on a 1080p monitor or TV, the down-sampled image quality does wonders and you'll definitely notice it when you actually play a game.
  4. After skimming through some reviews, seems most reviewers feel the campaign isn't all that. Should still be a solid campaign, just not breathtaking. Still excited to play through it though!
  5. Indeed. 343 have about 3 months to get things sorted out before launch. The footage analyzed was also something put together before E3 so there's that.
  6. All that and they still can't hit locked 60FPS all while cutting split-screen also? 343 certainly has their work cut out for them. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=167122840&postcount=531 ^ Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite them in the ass. God speed 343. lol
  7. Yes. Guerilla Games is a Sony subsidiary. It seems like every year Sony's press conferences always crashes GAF. Microsoft press conferences rarely get that amount of hype. If MS would have shown Quantum Break, Scalebound, and Crackdown that would have been lit. But I guess they had to save some for Gamescom.
  8. Jesus... Bethesda thought of everything. November 10th, 2015!
  9. Samsung stepped up their game this year. The S6 is definitely in the cards for me. I'll sit on this one though and make my decision when my contract is up. Thank you very much for the heads up though, Spartan. Much appreciated!
  10. The reception for the HTC One M9 isn't what I hoped it would be. The camera seems to be taking the biggest hit in all of the reviews. My contract ends in July and I want to upgrade from my M7. Sprint is offering the M8 for free... Ugh, I don't know. How the hell can you mess up developing a camera three times in a row? HTC am disappoint. Galaxy S6? Hmmm...
  11. You know, I'm always a "gameplay > graphics" kind of man. But my God does this game look ugly at times. Played on Orion and I swear it looked like I was playing a Playstation 2 game. Of course being a beta for what is likely a really early version of the game, I'll keep my head up till I see the final product.
  12. Happened to me last night. Gotta love them Halo physics. http://xboxdvr.com/SkaSide%2018/850f1dec-af5a-4cc2-86fe-ce6d99ac5ab1
  13. Haven't kept up with TMCC (or Halo in general for that matter). Is 343 still resetting the ranks or what?

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