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  1. They didn't really place it in context. Neutralizing enemy bases is a feature in Far Cry. Every enemy base is a box to be checked off rather than an organic gameplay experience. They could easily mean something along the lines of the original Crysis, which honestly sounds like the more proper comparison point here.
  2. I never cared enough about H5 to install it on PC. So I'm not the guy to answer that question.
  3. Played one match of H5 on Series X because I was curious. 10 minutes of hell. But for those who like playing it, I can confirm there's no heavy aim. Congratulations. It'll only take spending another $500 to get the fix you've been asking for.
  4. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Popular streamers' opinions about Halo are worth less than nothing.
  5. I know it probably wasn't fun for the other streamers, but watching Snipedown take a dump on them was hilarious. That was pretty much a pub stomping session. Whoever thought it was okay to put him in that thing should be reprimanded. Lol.
  6. The only digital version you'll be able to buy is the remake on the 360, but it's not backwards compatible on the Xbox One. I'm pretty sure it's not sold on PC digital stores anymore. You can probably still track down a physical copy of the remake or original version though.
  7. Do we count all the Star Wars video games that have been made? Because there's quite a few that are better than Alien: Isolation. But also, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay exists and is still amazing all these years later.
  8. I agree with this for the most part. Getting rid of it entirely without making the game feel like shit would be difficult. The closest any shooter on console has ever gotten to feeling truly great without aim assist is the Titanfall franchise.
  9. Larry doesn't know what a contraction is. Give him a break.
  10. I expect next gen graphics to be a main talking and discussion point on twitter, youtube, waypoint, etc. I don't expect it to be one here. But it is, which is why I said the reaction here has been backwards to what this forum usually gives a shit about. Or at least, that is what I meant. Satisfied?
  11. It's definitely the money. They want every single penny from Halo's sales. I doubt embarrassment has much to do with it.
  12. Lol. What? How the hell did you get that from my post?
  13. It hasn't. But at this rate, it very well might.
  14. I'm being dead serious when I say I'll take blocky simple geometry. Maybe then my grenades won't bounce off tiny random pieces of geometry into the opposite direction I intended because 343 wanted to blow me away with immersion. Maybe I'm just old but I do remember when complex geometry was actually a complaint on this forum. When their opinions are trash to begin with, I don't give a damn how many viewers they average. MCC's first impression was pretty solid. Then it was released a broken mess.
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