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  1. TB is the legacy of the MLG forum kids. We won't go gentle into that good night. '08 kids are clearly the worst though.
  2. If the problem is inherent, that means it can't be fixed. But you can easily fix this issue. Power weapons should have a quicker spawn time in Slayer. Power ups will be used faster because players will most likely use them to get the next power weapon. But have power ups on a slower spawn time that way they won't decide every single battle for the power weapons. Of course, I'd say most of us have already thought power weapons should spawn quicker in general, but Slayer matches especially won't come to a standstill if power weapons are spawning in every minute. That also means Slayer matches will finish up faster. Plus, it makes the gametype more exciting to play and watch. Slayer is not inherently bad. It just needs some tinkering to make it work properly.
  3. There's this thing called restraint. Just because it sounds cool doesn't mean it's good for the game.
  4. For a campaign, if it's done well and it makes sense in the context of Halo, then sure. I'd like it. But when you add those abilities to mulitplayer? That's gonna be a hard no.
  5. That's Metroidvania design, but it's not the only way to do a semi-open world. You imply semi-open world and metroidvanias are indistinguishable. This would be false.
  6. I'll get back to you on that when I play it. Some shooters go semi-open world and suck. Others do it and end up doing it well. We'll see where Infinite falls.
  7. Not being able to shoot your gun is not "one thing". It's the main thing. Which was my entire point to begin with. Y'all just can't read apparently. Anyways, you did remind me of something though. I would really like to keep momentum mid jump if I decide to shoot, as long as I'm pushing the stick in the direction I originally jumped. That would be nice. Sprinting mid-air is stupid anyway. But with 343's track record, we'll have to wait another decade.
  8. All of that is fine. Or at least they can be fine if the developers knows what they're doing. Unable to shoot your weapon? That's only fine within the golden triangle of the franchise. Guns, grenades, melee. And vehicles or objectives if you wanna get cute. Anything outside of those that stops you from shooting your weapon is straight garbage. But if I'm able to press the right trigger and my gun shoots immediately while canceling sprint at the same time, problem solved.
  9. Uh, no there aren't. Having your gun pointed at the ground and not being able to shoot your weapon is the absolute worst part of sprint. "But map design!" Shooting your gun is the most important core part of Halo, especially in competitive play. So nah, map design is not more important than being able to do the most fundamental interaction in a Halo game.
  10. If headshot multipliers are a thing, then faster TTK will be based partially on skill which is obviously a good thing. Also, I haven't seen it 100% confirmed because I've been gone for a while but it really does look like there's no delay between canceling sprint and shooting your weapon. If that's the case, the main problem with sprint as a mechanic is fixed.
  11. They didn't really place it in context. Neutralizing enemy bases is a feature in Far Cry. Every enemy base is a box to be checked off rather than an organic gameplay experience. They could easily mean something along the lines of the original Crysis, which honestly sounds like the more proper comparison point here.
  12. I never cared enough about H5 to install it on PC. So I'm not the guy to answer that question.
  13. Played one match of H5 on Series X because I was curious. 10 minutes of hell. But for those who like playing it, I can confirm there's no heavy aim. Congratulations. It'll only take spending another $500 to get the fix you've been asking for.
  14. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Popular streamers' opinions about Halo are worth less than nothing.
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