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  1. The BR needs to be less easy to use and the TTK needs to be quicker, even if it's only for competitive play. But from the post, it seems they're committed to it as it is right now. Unfortunate but not surprising. This may be bold considering 343's history here, but I'm assuming the AR won't be spawning on the maps? Also, no radar and no grenade hit markers are huge.
  2. If Frosty is the future of Halo, then Halo is doomed. If it wasn't already of course.
  3. Reddit is a cesspool of bad ideas. I guess it isn't surprising they think the strafe needs to be nerfed.
  4. I've had a solid time with Infinite so far. The AR needs to just go away and leave me alone. The grav hammer is also annoying. Although hitting those morons with a repulser while they swing the hammer is kind of hilarious. But some of these other weapons are honestly fucking awesome. The Shock Rifle and Ravager are amazing. Hearing a lot of complaints about the sidekick which is interesting. Other than its effective range, I don't have too much of an issue with it. Getting kills spamming is near impossible because the gun lacks bullet magnetism. The amount of battles I've won by simply waiting the split second for the bloom to reset after spamming 3-4 shots, I wouldn't be able to count. Even more so because strafing in this game actually works. Its main issue is that it can't really be the main utility weapon because it lacks the range. I wish they'd give it more range because no matter how much the weirdos on twitter complain about no BR starts, the BR is once again way too easy to use. 4 shotting is a formality which is why I'm guessing the TTK is so slow with it. So yes, operation #GiveTheSidekickAScope has commenced.
  5. I like the rather simple designs of the maps, plus the lack of intrusive geometry. Moving around a Halo 5 map always felt like a chore. Bazaar is the weakest of the 3 maps but it's not really what I would call a bad map. It's just sort of okay. Also, the CSGO comparisons are lazy. It's a more compact version of District from Halo 2.
  6. Master Chief is considered a Demon by the Covenant.
  7. Different subgenre has different expectations. Also, Halo has a lot of baggage. Even from the perspective of someone who's never played it before. All I'm saying is we need to stop trying to come up with ways to recreate Halo 3's popularity. It just won't happen. And if it does, it'll be a lightning in a bottle scenario. Maybe the world is ready for a Halo type experience again. But probably not. Regardless, we won't know until after release. And probably long after that as well. Don't let Apex's current viewership numbers fool you. It was nowhere near 85k a year and half ago. It had the legs to survive the inevitable drop off it experienced.
  8. I agree the idea that "there was nothing to play" is complete nonsense. However, the console landscape was very different in 2007 regardless. Honestly, the main reason Halo 3 retained its popularity over its 3 year lifespan is because it had a very distinct advantage within the console gaming market. Community features. Forge, theater, and the file share system were absolutely pivotal to its popularity. Not just because it had those features, but because most other games on console didn't have them. As time has passed, it's been easier to share things like screenshots and videos, even for games that don't have those kinds of features built in. Level creation and modding are far more prominent with the rise of PC gaming. Community building in a landscape that lacked it was Halo 3's advantage. Halo will never have that kind of advantage again and therefore will never retain the kind of popularity that Halo 3 retained. The prime of Halo's popularity has been over for a long time as we know. But we just need to stop acting like it's possible to get Halo "back on top". It simply won't happen.
  9. Slide is also the other benefit. I can see sprint and slide being used for team pushes in certain scenarios. But for one player, it's more of a risk reward type of deal which I don't mind. And honestly the risk seems to outweigh the reward. Plus, as I said since the first gameplay reveal, the number one issue with it is fixed. And all the secondary issues that people complained about like map design being affected aren't really a thing either. Honestly, I don't know if I can handle another 10 years of people arguing about sprint when it's not really much of a factor anymore. Hell, the only reason it's in the game is because of one guy on the development team who's not even there anymore. It's pretty clear the team's heart wasn't really into sprint which is why the game plays well if you don't use it. This is without a doubt the best case scenario other than sprint not being in the game at all. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  10. TB is the legacy of the MLG forum kids. We won't go gentle into that good night. '08 kids are clearly the worst though.
  11. If the problem is inherent, that means it can't be fixed. But you can easily fix this issue. Power weapons should have a quicker spawn time in Slayer. Power ups will be used faster because players will most likely use them to get the next power weapon. But have power ups on a slower spawn time that way they won't decide every single battle for the power weapons. Of course, I'd say most of us have already thought power weapons should spawn quicker in general, but Slayer matches especially won't come to a standstill if power weapons are spawning in every minute. That also means Slayer matches will finish up faster. Plus, it makes the gametype more exciting to play and watch. Slayer is not inherently bad. It just needs some tinkering to make it work properly.
  12. There's this thing called restraint. Just because it sounds cool doesn't mean it's good for the game.
  13. For a campaign, if it's done well and it makes sense in the context of Halo, then sure. I'd like it. But when you add those abilities to mulitplayer? That's gonna be a hard no.
  14. That's Metroidvania design, but it's not the only way to do a semi-open world. You imply semi-open world and metroidvanias are indistinguishable. This would be false.
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