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  1. I hereby declare this the default response to their nonsense. Very succinct. I'll make sure to quote you when this argument inevitably pops up again.
  2. 4v4 CE has always been underrated because 2v2 CE is Halo at its finest. But 4v4 is still a blast if you can put some good teams together.
  3. I've been gone for months and only returned last week. But apparently, she's still trying to pass herself off as a rational human being while simultaneously gas lighting Hard Way. Some things never change.
  4. It's simple. I don't believe these dudes for a second. PC players knew exactly what was gonna happen. Halo has been a console first shooter since 2001. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that perhaps aim assist was gonna be an issue. But let's be clear here. Aim assist by itself isn't the biggest offender. It's when you mix the strong aim assist with hitscan weapons that it becomes a joke.
  5. You know what really pisses me off? Plenty of fans have been criticizing Halo for having tons of aim assist for years. I mean, CE's aim assist is warranted because even with it, it's still incredibly difficult to consistently 3 shot people. But Halo 2, H2A, Halo 4, and Reach are all games with hitscan + strong aim assist. I've criticized the shit out of this kind of design for over a decade. But now keyboard + mouse players who play like trash whine like a bunch of fucking toddlers and 343 decides to "look into it". Whatever man.
  6. If you're on modern aiming, lowering the dead zones is a must. It felt pretty good after doing that. Did they tweak the LOD settings? Pretty sure I remember pop in, even in multiplayer, on the 360. Doesn't seem to be any here. Reach looking fresh to be honest. But regardless, let's be real here, Reach multiplayer is useless without ZBNS.
  7. I don't even think it's possible to turn it off. Which is weird, because it was in Titanfall 2.
  8. Snip3down pulling a 2gre/Walshy. Good for him. Also pretty crazy that he was the only player outright invited. The other teams were invited through their orgs.
  9. I live on the east coast but for whatever reason, west coast servers feel way better to me. I'm not complaining since I play with @RVG E Nomini most of the time and he lives out there. But it's just weird.
  10. You don't have to believe me. Doesn't change the fact that never in my life would I be serious about giving you an excuse for your ignorance. And stop challenging people to 1v1s. This isn't 2008.
  11. Because everyone except you and LEAST knows I wasn't being serious about brainwashing. Calm down, kiddo. Did you challenge Boyo to a 1v1?
  12. Or she was brainwashed by LEAST and her viewpoints are trash as a result.
  13. A projectile precision weapon that actually functions properly will always have a higher skill ceiling than whatever hitscan weapon you can name. We could argue about this all day. But chances are, TheIcePrincess and My Namez LEAST over there will probably pop a few blood vessels reading my posts. And I care about their health, so let's not do this for the millionth time.

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