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    NBA Thread

    This is sadly the phrase I used for the hype I had for MCC. Referencing the return of Halo, only to be disappointed again. This ultimately made me quit the series.
  2. Scavenger

    NBA Thread

    Doing a fantasy league and coming up short on managers. Looking for anyone to fill out my yahoo fantasy league. DM if you are interested. Draft is Sunday at 9pm est. Thanks
  3. I actually might think this is a good thing for Ogre 2. Him and Pistola seem to have a great relationship. Maybe this will revitalize Ola and have him return to Wizard form.
  4. I think I'm finally done with the series. I think its time to sell my xbox. 343 and Microsoft have taken a series I gave everything to and made me despise it so much. I think I'll build a pc. It was a good run.
  5. Same here this series has destroyed any hope I had for this console. Should of just bought my pc two years ago. Time to browse newegg.
  6. Getting the starting weapon balanced within the game is something that 343 just fails at. I personally feel burst weapons should NOT be the starting weapon. I favored the DMR in V7 because it it was simple. You either hit your shot or missed. No well part of my burst hit in the head but some hit in the body. Sorry that's randomness and I prefer to have that no in a Halo game. I really don't know what the starting weapon should be in H5 (personally hate the game, haven't played it since launch week) The 4 shot pistol seems like the way to go but getting headshots with that thing is very awkward (don't know if that is the right word for it). We will have to see.
  7. OT but I feel its relevant to Halo. We I was messing around with the new dashboard I found something very interesting. If you got to setting then ease of access you can map all the button on your controller. Very useful for anyone trying find the perfect button layout.
  8. I just refuse to play this game. Its nothing like Halo anymore. It should be called Spartan Arena. Most people are just in denial that the game is bad and hope that Halo is good again. People will figure it out soon and realize that we never wanted to be all this. Keep it simple with creative and clever thinking. That's all we ask for. I think the we should go backwards and head towards NBNS or H2. H3 sorry your registration is terrible
  9. Someone said to me that I'm mad that Halo 5 isn't a simple games like the others. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? Just because there is less features doesn't make it simple. Look at the simple Halo CE or H2. There is more depth in those games then 343 will have in 10 games. Halo 5 like someone earlier in this thread has complicated the sandbox so much that. 1 there are too many variables and the maps are made so horrible that predicting movement or having general map awareness/movement has fallen off a cliff. 2 Made it so the community can simple agree on what everything should be. (What forget that 343 runs everything. They choose the settings) Seriously if you want to call the old Halo simple then fine. I rather be simple then have a extra chromosome that Halo 5 has.
  10. It does have some impact on how they are designed, with certain jumps but a lot of the maps have tight corners/halls that people just abuse thrust with. I was a support of it in the beta but I have now grown to hate it with a burning passion.
  11. Hardcore is too much Halo 3. I don't really mind the bad Vista spawns in Halo 2. I'll take it over the feel of Halo 3. Please just separate the playlist.
  12. Literally all the maps are bad. Been through this too many times. Sprint,thruster,clamber combo destroy good map design. That should be fact by now.
  13. I will also be diving back into some Reach. I can't wait. Also if its true with Shadowrun making a return. Everyone should go buy that. Only 2 dollars from gamestop for a game that is still ahead of most shooters today.
  14. Cluttered? Coliseum's 3 clambers up to top snipe is extremely bad map design and is just lazy. Whoever thought of that needs to leave the Halo series and never return. Clamber to me is map makers getting lazy. They can't figure out smart ways to build maps so with all these abilities they can create easy routes that makes every map worse.
  15. Sprint is still bad. It might be nerfed but it still impacted all the terrible maps that are in the game. Thruster has now taken the place of sprint in being the get out of jail free card. This game feels closer to defeat reach then any other Halo besides 4.
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