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  1. This has already been suggested. Bad idea tbh.
  2. Clear the cache if it still doesn't show it, I think they updated it! It shows the Beyond icon for me!
  3. I agree man, a overall media section would be nice.
  4. I would like a "looking for editor" section if somebody needs something edited and somebody's willing to help/pick up the project.
  5. This is a known fix and already has been reported! It's being worked on.
  6. Slayher


    I said the same thing man! Love the site so far, glad your a player since CE! Try creating a post in the Halo section and make a AUS/NZ customs post. Welcome to Beyond Forums!
  7. Slayher


    Welcome to Beyond Forums Matthew! Glad your a player from CE and been in the scene since 07-08, compete in a AGL one day?
  8. Welcome to Beyond Forums Yahtzee! Glad you'll be entering AGL Knoxville! Hope to see you on stream, be a winner! Haha
  9. Hola SickStory! I think I follow you on twitter! Welcome to Beyond Forums!
  10. Slayher


    Welcome to Beyond Forums Chunk! I know you, we cool it's Slayher!
  11. Welcome to Beyond Forums Dave! Followed you on twitter and sub'd to you on YouTube!
  12. Welcome to Beyond Forums Pre! I'm 15 also man, I would say Halo 4 ISN'T the best time to enter Halo 2/3 were the days!
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