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  1. My Xbox One is packed up and collecting dust until I'm satisfied with what MCC could be. On a new tag for 360 GT: Leoukas Custom/MM: Both Region: Texas Edit: In the process of looking for my Xbl mic
  2. I just watched the first 2 minutes of the H5 Beta reveal and then stopped the whole video midway. I'm not going to bash what I just witnessed, I simply will do the most rational thing and not play it. No need to get upset. Don't see this as someone giving up and expressing how they feel, its more so on the lines of at this point if they don't get it then they just don't get it. To the guys out there like me and feel the same way I do, it honestly doesn't matter what we say anymore, 343i still will do what they want. To the guys who are hopeful and can't wait to get their hands on H5, from the bottom of my heart I hope you all truly enjoy it. I guess this is the future of video games now.
  3. Am I wrong for having the feeling that 343i will drag their feet in regards to what the community would like (certain playlist, rankings, etc) to see after the release of MCC as time goes on? Right now my gut tells me that H2A (followed by the development of H5) is all they care about at the moment regardless of what they tell us.
  4. I don't smoke. Slight buzzed, I play better. Extremely unpredictable and reflexes are calmer. No scopes and quick scopes get better as well. Anything past buzzed and everything goes down hill from there. At that point I just turn off my xbox.
  5. Ditto, SSBM documentary is the perfect example of a well made documentary about a competitive game. Maybe in the near future for Halo, not sure how easy it would be to track down everyone who was relevant.
  6. Honestly I wouldn't mind a Halo documentary showing how far we have come up since H1. IMO, the Legends who made an impact in this game don't get enough credit.
  7. Only time will tell, right now the focus is on MCC. It's job is to bring back everyone whoever touched/love the game of Halo and allows them to relieve the good ol days. If we fail to maintain a solid population in MCC before the release of H5 then I'm not sure how H5 will hold up regardless of its success.
  8. Karma should be on the list, just watching his POV in H2 back in 07.......
  9. Just as I am excited for H1 & H2 making a comeback as most people on here, I may be wrong but my gut feeling tells me later on down the road after the release of MCC, I see a lot of people reverting back to playing H3. Which I don't think is necessary a bad thing based on your preference of Halo titles. Guess we'll see when that time comes. Side note: Out of all the titles regarding to the visuals of the game, I actually enjoyed the color scheme of H3, just something about it, easy on the eyes (at least for me).
  10. Has anyone else noticed that during the E3 demonstration gameplay video for H2 (Ghost POV) at 2:40 & 2:50 the sniper cursor expands during each shot like it did when first introduced in HR. Correct me if I'm wrong but I definitely don't remember this being a part of H2. Questions that need answers, would like to hear your thoughts on this. Below is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWl1kI9IJDI
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