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  1. Is there a definitive Halo esports calendar for the near future? Are there any other announced events like another Dreamhack or UGC?
  2. Reach was still very popular but it was clearly a step down from Halo 3. There's a lot of reasons why that step happened, not all of it because of stuff like bloom and sprint. I do think with performance upgrades, TU settings, and better servers, we will be playing the best version of Reach possible though, and that's good enough for me. If MCC does for Reach what it did for Halo 3, I think Reach will be remembered more fondly.
  3. I've been concerned ever since they asked us "What kind of games do you feel have good aiming?" It's a good way to sound clueless. That being said, I do think the aiming will be fixed by release, simply because it needs to be. Fingers crossed.
  4. Halo Infinite is a long way away, but I'm hopeful we will get a good experience out of it. I've liked everything I've heard so far, which obviously isn't much. I'd love if 343 completed some of the ideas it tried to flesh out in Halo 5. - Standard Starts. I would LOVE for there to only be one setting that encompasses all Arena gametypes. To keep the settings uniform, I'm willing to even adopt the current HCS radar if it means getting a strong starting weapon off of every spawn. I'm fine with automatics in the mix as long as they don't overwhelm the extra difficulty of headshot weapons. - Powerups. I sorta like 343 announcing power weapon spawns. I'd be okay with that mechanic coming back. I didn't think that way my entire Halo career, but I think in terms of general matchmaking, it's more skillful to fight over a weapon everyone knows is spawning, rather than just remembering what time it comes up. I also liked 343 putting more powerups on the map compared to recent Halo games. I think if they return to a passive activation for OS and Camo, rather than an activation button, I could get used to that in a good way. - Pistol. I think they did a decent job in giving us a healthy starting weapon in Halo 5. Besides the horrid aiming, the gun wasn't overly easy to use compared to the BR/DMR combos we've had recently, and it certainly was accurate enough to get the job done. If they build on that and give us a weapon that's a little tougher on magnetism, coupled with a base speed boost, I think I can get behind that. - Arena/Warzone split. I think this was the best decision they made in Halo 5. Giving players a grandiose and fun sandbox to use vehicles, custom weapons, and stuff like that in was brilliant. It was fun, especially Warzone Assault. I loved the action in that mode, and I would love it to return again. However for the default Warzone gametype they need to address how badly matches snowball. It's a detriment. If they end up giving Arena and Warzone different settings with movement and such, I wouldn't be upset. Unfortunately Halo 5 became unenjoyable for me each time I played it consistently. The reasons varied. One was the aiming. It took me so long to warm up with the shit aiming, it almost made me dread getting back into the game after I took like a week off from playing, so eventually I just don't come back. Secondly, the art style. Halo 5 was a bad looking game. The maps were very monotonous, the spartan models were terrible... lots of things to dislike. The visuals actively turned me off. The other big reason was thrust. Dear god do I hate thrust. I understand it can be a skillful manuever, and I understand it forces good players to miss shots. But goddamn do I hate how thrust fits into my control scheme, and I hate what it does to game flow. If there is one thing that could turn me off to Halo Infinite faster than anything else, it's seeing a thrust in a trailer. I pray that they just do away with the mechanic and instead up the default movement capabilities and let people miss shots the old fashioned way. Anyways, as we get details on Halo Infinite, I can't wait to get in here and over analyze things like we used to in the old days. Hopefully 343 learns from the notable failures and almost successes of Halo 5, and it gives us a better game in the long run.
  5. I'm having fun with the game. It's not perfect but it's definitely something positive. It makes me wonder "What if?" of course, but I guess better late than never. I don't think anything short of having Halo: Reach added to the collection will really make a dent in my disappointment with 343, but this is a start. I still think the only reason we even got this corrective patch was because Infinite was not remotely on schedule for their typical 3 year release window. This patch is only here to bridge the gap between Halo 5 and Infinite, and I think the addition of Reach would make that possible for me. Here's hoping.
  6. Yeah I'm just not a music guy. I made a Halo Montage a while back with some music to it, and it worked, but I just didn't feel anything this time. I kinda just like throwing clips together. That's how all my videos are for the games I play, I'm a plane Jane.
  7. Thanks guys. And yeah I really miss the colorful medals and stuff that really popped out at you. Halo 4 is a big of a slog with that. I had a lot more halo 4 clips but didn't use them because they really start to look identical.
  8. This was my first thought. I mean, would I play it? Sure, but I'd really hope that 343 doesn't go chasing trends. The next Halo game just needs to do what Halo does best. It doesn't need to bring in other game's elements.
  9. This video was made from clips I accrued ever since I started playing 10 years ago. I hope a few out there enjoy the variety in games that it covers.
  10. The AR will always have a use. It will always have mechanics when paired with close quarters map geometry that will give it an edge over headshot weapons. What halo 5 did to exacerbate that advantage was to give people sprint and thruster to get in close, to make maps with tons of narrow areas, and to introduce radar to the main line game to encourage people to sit like trap door spiders with their automatics. That's the big problem here in my view. Not the AR being able to compete in its niche, I didn't even have a problem with the headshot bonus really. I had a problem with the surrounding sandbox.
  11. I agree, I just think they want this sandbox where results are equal at times, but effort isn't. They want autos to win at close range, which makes sense, but... How do I say this nicely... If you want people that traditionally use ARs to be able to compete with people that use pistols and BRs, you sorta need to upend the balance of the game. Once you do that and make the AR brain dead powerful at close range, like they did, then you get good players using ARs, and that creates cancer of your gametypes and maps allow for it. There needs to be a lesson learned from Halo 5, and how it balanced autos incorrectly.
  12. I think a staple of 343 balance going forward is going to be automatics being more effective against precision weapons. I don't think Halo 5 was an isolated incident in that regard. 343 wants BR start and AR start people to coexist, like they tried with Halo 5. It didn't quite work the way they wanted. But you can bet from here on out, they will be doing their best to flirt with that line again. Nerfing BR and pistol is that idea in action. We can never have what we want in terms of precision weapons. I'm hoping that halo 5 serves as a beta for Halo 6 where 343 takes the right lessons from the last 3 years, but I doubt they will.
  13. Oh wow. Yeah I'm glad the BR spread was reverted, but the RRR being shorter than the pistol? That's a tad silly. I believe they made a change to spread out the burst, in terms of ROF, and I agree with that in principle, but I'm not sure how the slam dunk change to the BR wasn't just to lower reticle magnetism. Just make it a little harder to aim, and space out the burst a little. Lower range seems wonky.
  14. A Halo 3 remake might sound redundant to some, because it does hold up well in MCC, but it would have given Halo a spark in this drought between 5 and 6. Lots of people would be down to play a spruced up Halo 3. I'm guessing they're gonna announce a different holdover game this year, whether it's VR, a Battle Royale or whatever, but I doubt whatever they release would get as much buzz as a Halo 3 remaster.
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