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  1. Ninja's fortnite event has more viewers than the entire H5 season combined.
  2. they're gonna restart the stream lol. i bet it never comes back
  3. come on over to the fgc, where we have plenty of events and lots of thuggery.
  4. Anyone else tired of the "breaking down the map" commercials?
  5. man im terrible at this game. old age is a killer.
  6. Add me, im down for some warzone/btb. Gotta get them req points.
  7. Anyone notice they added a little yellow dot to whoever has the most kills/assist, least deaths during the ingame scoreboard
  8. LOL reminds me of the banshee on ascension when it was team rifles.
  9. Heres a small clip i made showing 1 and 5 xboxdvr.com/imSabbath/a8ff0b81-03d3-432b-aece-2255d01ac53f
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