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  1. Highlight is an extremely solid player, great communication and smarts when it comes to halo…all around down to earth guy. Y'all would be trippin to not take this opportunity. on that note, good luck Alex….wish we could have gotten something together but you know my dilemma when it comes to halo tournaments lol.
  2. Myself and Highlight are a To2 looking for 2 more to complete our roster. We are just looking for a team for the PGL ladders for now, then to move onto H5 if picked up for competitive play. I have been to several events in my halo days starting from H3, so I know the ropes. If interested shoot me a msg on XBL and a f/r. GT: unPhaRe
  3. Reliable is a solid pick up for Denial. Back in the H3 days I saw him as one of the most underated AM players and his snipe is off the chain. Hated life getting matched up against GMM back in Raleigh 2010 for my WBR3 match lol. Definitely excited about Pure's roster as well. HK has been a great support player since H3. On another note, bring back my bro ReVamp. Always would come in with a heavy underated roster and shine, always placing Top 32 and Top 24.
  4. forever missing the old H3 rosters. would love to see the dominating 09 Triggers Down come back. Pistola, Heinz, Hysteria, SK....that is wherever SK is these days.
  5. thats at e3....i'm talking about on live lol
  6. Been a year and a half since the last time I stepped on halo...last event i ever attended was Providence 2012 for Reach lol. I really fell off the wack when MLG dropped Halo, still unaware of any competitive sites...Just picked up an xbox a few days ago with Halo 4, but it doesn't have any competitive playlists which is starting to bug me already, hate playing with AR's and them stupid weapons. On that note, which game is majority of the community playing?

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