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  1. I bet people don't rate Lxthul because he's a Reach kid. Kid is insane I watched him last year before MCC kinda had a feeling he would rise to the top.
  2. People still support EA every year despite them pretty much admitting they don't care about the customer, people are sheep they like to be taken advantage of. One thing I've never understood is when a Developer posts on a forum(this is any forum not just TB) people come in there droves to plus rep them or just basically hound them like they are a celebrity I'll never understand the fascination people have with them.
  3. I thought Bungie wanted to keep it's playerbase and stop them from going to Halo/Cod/Battlefront. Great job ruining PvE and not knowing what they are doing with weapon balancing.. Reach bungie shining through here.
  4. Can the mods just ban this whole H1-H3 skill crap? I take a break from the forum and the first thing I see is the same old regurgitated nonsense from the same people having the same awful arguments time after time. Go outside.
  5. Calfreezing Same as forum name. I have not been on twitch in about 2 months hopefully I can find out what my old password was out from somewhere.
  6. Cauldron is easily one of the worst maps in the game what is it with Bungie and choosing terrible maps for Competitive play?
  7. Still skeptical and rightly so especially not just about 343i's inability to make a good game, BF:Hardline/TitanFall were both pretty hyped up and are now mere afterthoughts. I am still a bit wary of BO3 even though TreyArch are making it, just because of how poor the last 2 cod games have been. Always remain skeptical no matter what the game is,don't buy into hype.
  8. What I learned today 500 Dollar console can't run 2-4player co-op splitscreen ROLF.
  9. That is the main problem AR's are useless generally I remember a streamer using a blue AR the suros gb something and it was honestly amazing for a rare AR weapon now it's useless like all the AR's the regime is only viable in 6v6, I've watched the MDA that Fizzor uses and while it is pretty good it just can't stand up to the handcannons if both teams are of equal skill. Talk about dumbing the game down. Agreed I personally don't have a problem with everyone picking their own weapon provided they all had proper balancing and each class had one advantage that another didn't so you would atleast see strategy based on maps, now I just watch a stream and see ToO and I just see Hunters with the big 3 and the Snipe or shotty combo. Honestly is really boring to watch. So now the end game aspects of Destiny has come down to PvE LvL 34+35 Gallajorn only + PvP Thorn/Hawk/TLW It's honestly puzzling me.
  10. From what I gathered they nerfed AR's and now the Handcannons are extremely OP, and everyone has exotics too it's basically a TLW/Thorn/Shotty/Hunter only game now with cameo appearances from the snipers. Compared to launch it's a completely different game.
  11. I still don't believe H5 will surive past a few months, the casuals will still flock to BO3, some will go to games like Battlefront? and the rest back to Destiny, 343 have proven they can't provide a good incentive for people to get hooked to the game and it will show regardless of the game working.
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