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  1. Thanks... seems really weak. Hope they put more support into it when H5 drops. Can't believe how fast reddit has forgotten about MCC. All aboard the H5 hype train
  2. What's in it? Do they have patch notes somewhere?
  3. Been out of the loop for maybe 2 months now... did they ever get a new patch out for MCC?
  4. I waited 13 years for the announcement of MCC, $600 wasn't going to stop me. I actually bought my broke friend an XB1 too so he could play with me, so I've spent over $1K. I think a lot of people wouldn't have an XB1 right now if it weren't for MCC, whether they play other games or not. I'm sure there were a lot of people on the fence between XB1 and PS4 and chose XB1 because of the MCC announcement. heytred said it himself, these games are released to ship consoles, not discs. And whether it's $600 or $60, it's still a problem. $600 to me might be what $60 is to another person. We got screwed.
  5. I think it's pointless to argue what 343 should have done or should be doing. They are going to do what they are going to do. They know we all hate them for releasing MCC in the state that it is. The thing that CAN change is how 343 interacts with us. I would feel a lot better about MCC if they just told me what is going on. What issues they are aware of, what issues the next CU will fix, approximately when the next CU will land, etc. It's gotten to the point where the weekly update doesn't mention MCC at all. Even if they confirmed that no one is working on MCC until H5 is out, that would be better than nothing. I am a little disturbed how much happier I am just because heytred has been posting, and he's not even speaking on behalf of 343. That is how desperate I (we?) have become.
  6. It IMPROVES their reputation if the game actually works. How many times have we seen broken releases and everyone asking why didn't they just fucking delay it? If MCC was announced for 2016 I would be just as pumped as I was when they announced it for 2014. Oh god... MCC came out in 2014
  7. Really? I disagree. I think 343 would gain a lot of respect by not only Halo fans, but every gamer, if they would put on the brakes and fix their shit before rushing out an unrelated title. In a world where developers are constantly releasing broken shit and everyone is frustrated, I think it would be a great move for 343 to put their foot down and prove they care about the quality of the product instead of just caring about the release date.
  8. Putting your affiliation with 343 completely aside, how does this plan make the most sense to you? Take my situation for example- I paid $640 to play Halo MCC and MCC alone. I will not be purchasing Halo 5 or any other Xbox game for the lifetime of XB1. I pay 60$ a year to play one game, and that game is completely broken (though granted, it has gotten a lot better since launch). As a customer, how is it supposed to make sense that a company who sold me a product is putting their resources into a completely separate product that isn't even out yet, instead of fixing the one I paid $600+ for? From a business perspective, it makes sense. 343 doesn't make jack shit off of MCC while they will make a ton off of H5 sales. I understand that 343 probably can't survive another catastrophe like MCC (sadly, they probably could). But as a customer, it's ridiculous to forgive a company for releasing a fucked up game just because they are putting effort into something you don't care about. This is all assuming it is the game plan of course (and we all know it is).
  9. Same here and every game has been insanely laggy as well. I have 90down and 8up. I have only played a handful of games in the last 2 months and since it takes me 10 minutes to turn on my Xbox and have it actually work I just can't find the motivation to play anymore
  10. The twist is that there have been dedis the whole time, they just suck ass
  11. I havent played a game where my bullets work since before the broken pistol patch
  12. Legend just waited an hour searching w/ Bizarre, finally got a game and it's a 3v1
  13. Anyone else feel that H1 has been laggy after the last patch, especially the pistol? I know there is the whole EZ/autoaim pistol thing but I swear my pistol just does not hit correctly in most of my games. Before the no-autoaim patch, it seemed to register a lot better. I can't tell if it's because there was more autoaim before but it definitely doesn't feel like it. It feels like lag. Before I thought it was just my connection having trouble, but I have been noticing the same thing happening to streamers lately. It seems like you have to rely on sniping to get any kind of consistent registration. It's also easy to tell who is hosting because the host can instantly 3 shot you, as if all of their bullets hit your face at once. Terribly frustrating. I do remember one of the patches saying that off-host players did "more damage" and they fixed that bug. Maybe that was it? Before this patch, there was just too much compensation for the off-host player? I agree that off-host before was too easy, but now it seems so inconsistent compared to hosting. I feel like hosting has a huge advantage in this patch, where before it was actually a disadvantage. It might be that 343 will never find a good balance to compensate off-host players after they moved H1 to XBL... :/ Also I've been playing a lot less recently, so maybe I just suck
  14. Maybe it's just a generational thing. When I was younger it was always a blast to sleep over at a friend's playing split screen XBL til 6am on Friday nights, now maybe kids don't really do that anymore. It's sad to see it go but it's not like this game would have been good anyway.
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